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  • graphical & musical calander (Mini Project)
       490450 Hits Since Jan 2004
  • Orbit Program in C++.
       365355 Hits Since Jan 2004
       Author: Prashant Kumar Singh
    This is a graphics program in which three balls move in three concentric oval orbit without ever col... (description truncated) Read More
  • Job Sequencing with Deadlines while Maximizing Profits
       376874 Hits Since Jan 2004
       Author: Santosh Kumar Gupta
    This program makes a sequences of jobs with given deadline and profits for maximum profit.
  • Message Transfer In Cluster Computing
       367493 Hits Since Jan 2004
       Author: Nautin
    In this article improved version of new networking protocol for distributed or parallel computations... (description truncated) Read More
  • Using Shannon's algorithm for code assignment to characters of varying probabilities.
       366209 Hits Since Jan 2004
       Author: Abhishek H. Dwivedi
    This code gives the binary codes to each of the characters having different probabilities of occuren... (description truncated) Read More
  • Graphic Simulation for Shortest & 2nd shortest path in a Weighted Graph using Dijkstra's Algorithm.
       377821 Hits Since Jan 2004
       Author: Abhishek .H. Dwivedi
    This program is used as a simulation for routing packets between routers. There are 2 subnets, one o... (description truncated) Read More
  • Merge Sort
       370723 Hits Since Jan 2004
       Author: Eng. Abder-Rahman
    This is a C++ program that uses MERGE SORT to sort a specific list(Array).
  • Binary Search Tree Program.
       411885 Hits Since Jan 2004
       Author: Gautam Arjun
    Binary Search Tree operations
  • Graphic simulation of the n_Queen problem using Backtracking.
       376830 Hits Since Jan 2004
       Author: Abhishek H Dwivedi
    This C code will solve the n-Queen problem using the backtracking approach.The object of this probl... (description truncated) Read More
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