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Title Graphic Simulation for Shortest & 2nd shortest path in a Weighted Graph using Dijkstra's Algorithm.
Author Abhishek .H. Dwivedi
Author Email yarrows [at]
Description This program is used as a simulation for routing packets between routers. There are 2 subnets, one of whose weights will have to be entered by the user(positive only).The user will be asked for the source and destination nodes, for which he has a choice of 0 to 7 ONLY.(These are the numbers alotted to the nodes).

The graphic part will show a green colored line drawn from the source to the destination, that indicates the shortest path. This is calculated by Dijkstra's algorithm. If one more packet is desired, a second shortest path is chosen to avoid traffic.

This is indicated by the red colored path. Finally, the user enters source and dest for subnet 2(0 to 7 ONLY).The destination from 1st subnets forwards the packet to the source of 2nd subnet, and from there by the shortest path to the destnation of the 2nd subnet.
Category C++ » Algorithms
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#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<dos.h> float sum=0,w=0,s,wn,v[8],td=0,e,i,j,n,w1[8],j1[8],arr[8],arr1[8],e1,count,d2,y1 ; float var,a[8][8],d[8],p[8],n1,c,c1,w2; void main() { int gd=DETECT,gm; clrscr(); void draw(float,float); void dijkstra(float s,float e,float v1[8],float d1[8],float p1[8],float a1[8][8],float n); void ssp(); void path(); void initial(); printf("There are 8 routers in each subnet "); n=8; for(i=0;i<n;i++) { for(j=0;j<n;j++) { a[i][j]=32767; }} printf("Enter the weight between 0 & 1 : "); scanf("%f",&a[0][1]); a[1][0]=a[0][1]; printf("Enter the weight between 0 & 3 : "); scanf("%f",&a[0][3]); a[3][0]=a[0][3]; printf("Enter the weight between 1 & 5 : "); scanf("%f",&a[1][5]); a[5][1]=a[1][5]; printf("Enter the weight between 1 & 2 : "); scanf("%f",&a[1][2]); a[2][1]=a[1][2]; printf("Enter the weight between 2 & 4 : "); scanf("%f",&a[2][4]); a[4][2]=a[2][4]; printf("Enter the weight between 2 & 3 : "); scanf("%f",&a[2][3]); a[3][2]=a[2][3]; printf("Enter the weight between 3 & 7 : "); scanf("%f",&a[3][7]); a[7][3]=a[3][7]; printf("Enter the weight between 4 & 5 : "); scanf("%f",&a[4][5]); a[5][4]=a[4][5]; printf("Enter the weight between 4 & 7 : "); scanf("%f",&a[4][7]); a[7][4]=a[4][7]; printf("Enter the weight between 5 & 6 : "); scanf("%f",&a[5][6]); a[6][5]=a[5][6]; printf("Enter the weight between 6 & 7 : "); scanf("%f",&a[6][7]); a[7][6]=a[6][7]; printf("Enter source and destination node from network 1 "); scanf("%f %f",&s,&e); clrscr(); initgraph(&gd,&gm,"c:\tc\bgi"); setcolor(WHITE); fillellipse(20,100,7,7);fillellipse(85,50,7,7); fillellipse(150,100,7,7);fillellipse(85,150,7,7); fillellipse(320,100,7,7);fillellipse(385,50,7,7); fillellipse(450,100,7,7);fillellipse(385,150,7,7); w1[0]=20;w1[1]=85;w1[2]=150;w1[3]=85;w1[4]=320; w1[5]=385;w1[6]=450;w1[7]=385; j1[0]=100;j1[1]=50;j1[2]=100;j1[3]=150;j1[4]=100;j1[5]=50; j1[6]=100;j1[7]=150; initial(); setcolor(GREEN); for(i=0;i<n;i++) { v[i]=32767; d[i]=32767; p[i]=0; } w=s; d[s]=0; v[s]=s; td=0; dijkstra(s,e,v,d,p,a,n); path(); c=w1[e]; c1=j1[e]; printf("One more packet ?(Type 1 if yes) "); scanf("%f",&count); path(); if(count==1) ssp(); path(); w=e; setcolor(GREEN); count=0; printf("Enter source and destination node from network 2 "); scanf("%f %f",&s,&e); a[0][1]=2; a[0][3]=6; a[1][2]=2; a[1][5]=7; a[2][3]=1; a[2][4]=2; a[4][5]=3; a[5][6]=3; a[4][7]=2; a[6][7]=2; a[3][7]=4; a[1][0]=2; a[3][0]=6; a[2][1]=2; a[5][1]=7; a[3][2]=1; a[4][2]=2; a[5][4]=3; a[6][5]=3; a[7][4]=2; a[7][6]=2; a[7][3]=4; setcolor(WHITE); fillellipse(20,400,7,7);fillellipse(85,350,7,7); fillellipse(150,400,7,7);fillellipse(85,450,7,7); fillellipse(320,400,7,7);fillellipse(385,350,7,7); fillellipse(450,400,7,7);fillellipse(385,450,7,7); w1[0]=20;w1[1]=85;w1[2]=150;w1[3]=85;w1[4]=320; w1[5]=385;w1[6]=450;w1[7]=385; j1[0]=400;j1[1]=350;j1[2]=400;j1[3]=450;j1[4]=400;j1[5]=350; j1[6]=400;j1[7]=450; initial(); setcolor(GREEN); for(i=0;i<n;i++) { v[i]=32767; d[i]=32767; p[i]=0; } w=s; d[s]=0; v[s]=s; td=0; line(c,c1,w1[s],j1[s]); delay(2000); dijkstra(s,e,v,d,p,a,n); path(); if(count==1) ssp(); path(); getch(); } void dijkstra(float s,float e,float v1[8],float d1[8],float p1[8],float a1[8][8],float n) { while((p1[e])==0) { for(i=0;i<n;i++) { if((a1[w][i]+td)<d1[i]&&i!=w&&a1[w][i]!=32767) { d1[i]=a1[w][i]+td; d2=d1[i]; v1[i]=w; }} sum=32767; for(i=0;i<n;i++) { if(d1[i]<sum&&i!=s&&p1[i]!=1) { sum=d1[i]; wn=i; }} p1[wn]=1; td=d1[wn]; w=wn; } } void draw(float w,float v1) { float s,x,y; s=(j1[v1]-j1[w])/(w1[v1]-w1[w]); if(s<0) s=s*-1; x=w1[w]; y=j1[w]; moveto(x,y); if(x==w1[v1]) { while(y!=j1[v1]) { if(y>j1[v1]) { line(x,y,x,y-1); delay(10); y=y-1; } else { line(x,y,x,y+1); delay(10); y=y+1; }}} if(y==j1[v1]) { while(x!=w1[v1]) { if(x>w1[v1]) { line(x,y,x-1,y); delay(10); x=x-1; } else { line(x,y,x+1,y); delay(10); x=x+1; }}} if(x<w1[v1]&&y<j1[v1]) { while(x!=w1[v1]) { line(x,y,x+1,y+s); delay(10); x=x+1; y=y+s; }} if(x>w1[v1]&&y>j1[v1]) { while(x!=w1[v1]) { line(x,y,x-1,y-s); delay(10); x=x-1; y=y-s; i=i+1; }} if(x>w1[v1]&&y<j1[v1]) { while(x!=w1[v1]) { line(x,y,x-1,y+s); delay(10); x=x-1; y=y+s; i=i+1; }} if(x<w1[v1]&&y>j1[v1]) { while(x!=w1[v1]) { line(x,y,x+1,y-s); delay(10); x=x+1; y=y-s; i=i+1; } }} void ssp() { d2=y1=32767; setcolor(RED); e1=e; for(i=0;i<n;i++) { arr1[i]=v[i]; arr[i]=v[i]; } while(e1!=s) { var=a[e1][arr1[e1]]=a[arr1[e1]][e1]; a[e1][arr1[e1]]=a[arr1[e1]][e1]=32767; for(i=0;i<n;i++) { v[i]=32767; d[i]=32767; p[i]=0; } w=s;d[s]=0; v[s]=s; td=0; dijkstra(s,e,v,d,p,a,n); if(d2<y1) { y1=d2; for(i=0;i<n;i++) arr[i]=v[i]; } a[e1][arr1[e1]]=a[arr1[e1]][e1]=var; e1=arr1[e1]; }} void path() { while(w!=s) { if(count==0) { draw(w,v[w]); w=v[w]; } else { draw(w,arr[w]); w=arr[w]; }}} void initial() { line(w1[0],j1[0],w1[1],j1[1]); line(w1[0],j1[0],w1[3],j1[3]); line(w1[1],j1[1],w1[5],j1[5]); line(w1[1],j1[1],w1[2],j1[2]); line(w1[2],j1[2],w1[4],j1[4]); line(w1[2],j1[2],w1[3],j1[3]); line(w1[3],j1[3],w1[7],j1[7]); line(w1[4],j1[4],w1[5],j1[5]); line(w1[4],j1[4],w1[7],j1[7]); line(w1[5],j1[5],w1[6],j1[6]); line(w1[6],j1[6],w1[7],j1[7]); }

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