Special Limited Time Web Developers CD Offer

Special - Web Developers CD-ROM

Why spend thousands of rupees having someone build you a custom template??
Or why spend up to 1000 rupees for a single pre-made template?
With this you can chose from thousands of them!

CONTENTS OF THE CD - There is lot of content in the CD. The page may take some time to load. Please be patient.

Item 1- OVER 2500+ Premium Templates
Item 2- Vol. 1 Templates 13 Unique Grunge/Band Styles )
Item 3- 300+ FAST Loading Templates Simple/Elegant/Classic Styles
Item 4- 33 Professional Scripts
Item 5- FREE Search Engine Submission Software
Item 6- FREE Domain Appraisal Software
Item 7- 232 Company Logos Good Quality/ Easy To Edit
Item 8- 100 FREE Logos
Item 9- HTML Encryption Software!!
Item 10- HTML WYSIWYG Software!!
Item 11- Over 850 Java, ASP, PHP, DHTML, FLASH Scripts
Item 12- 20000+ Clip art, Buttons, Bullets, lines
Item 13- 5000+ Fonts
Item 14- 4000+ Animations for websites
Item 15- 7000+ Background Images


All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!

With The FULL Editable Flash Files!!. fla's
and others even include CSS files, Sub-Pages and a few FULL SITES!!



All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!


8 Totally Unique Web Template Designs In a Variety of Styles
THESE SELL FOR UP TO $29.95 here on EBAY!!!

1 Page Tempate

6 Page Template

5 Page Template

6 Page Template

6 Page Template

1 Page Template

1 Page Template

1 Page Template
These pixs are low resolution and the templates are a much higher quality.

5 FREE Bonus Web Templates

4 Page Template

3 Page Template

1 Page Template

1 Page Template

12 Page Template


All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!

300+ Fast Loading Templates!!! Simple/Elegant/Classic Styles BACK TO TOP OF PAGE
When Speed is of the essence use one of these great templates!


All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!


Banner Exchange Script -
Banner Exchanges still produce traffic for web sites, and that's just what they were designed to do. Now, you can own one, and better yet, sell it for a profit!


yourBay Online auction Script   -
Of course, that's not really the name of it but I think you get the idea. Open your own online auction (and sell the products you download here) or sell the script itself! It's really an excellent script.

Website Hosting  Script-
If you're considering leasing out a portion of your web server to other webmasters, then you may want to look at this script. With features like users can delete files, rename files, upload files and register for space combined with admin abilities to delete/add users and set user space allotments, this script may answer your needs. And you can resell it!


Postcard Script  -
With features like option to pick which picture you want to send, add your own comment, preview the card prior to sending, recipient receives an e-mail notifying them of the postcard, and even more, it's hard to go wrong with this one!

Popup Exit Exchange  Script -
With a user friendly administrative interface, you can customize rejection e-mails, set the exchange ratio of your choice, e-mail individual, multiple or all members, ban an IP adress or an entire IP address range, and much more! This baby even comes with an advanced onboard search engine, making the search of your database, a breeze! On top of that, you can sell the sites you make or the script!


Affiliate Master Script-
Once you have a product to sell there is no better way to sell it than starting an affiliate program for it. And when you have an affiliate program, why not automate it? That's the purpose of this quality script. Nicely done.

Thumbnail Gallery Post Script-
This is one of the scripts we bought, along with the rights to it. This script has created an automatic TGP service that automatically adds the approved galleries once per day and easily manages newly submitted galleries, this script will update your daily galleries and even post your previous submitted galleries. Built in codes to co-brand other webmasters who want to integrate your TGP listing and Add URL page to their page instantly and very easy. Note: This script was written for 'adult-services' type site to utilize. However, I really feel that a photographer or online art gallery could put this to use. It retails for $75.00 elsewhere.


Automatic PICTURE POST Script -
Picture Post service is one of the biggest traffic builders in service, because the content is updated daily and most visitors will return again and again. Popular Picture Post sites are getting 1-3 million visitors a day and common Picture Post sites are getting 30 thousands to 1 million visitors a day. Because Picture Post services must be updated daily, the time of reviewing and inserting of submitted pictures needs a lot of effort and it's very time consuming. An AUTOMATIC Picture Post service that automatically adds the approved pictures everyday and easily manages newly submitted pictures. This script will update your daily picture post and even post your previous submitted pictures. It retails for $75.00 elsewhere.

Stealth Cloaker  Script-
The idea behind STEALTH CLOAKER is that you have two types of entrance pages on your web site. You have the kind you want search engines to see and the kind you want everyone else to see. You show the web surfer a different page than the search engine. That's a simplified version of what this script does. The possibilities behind this script are limited only by one's imagination.


Server Info Script -
This is one of those useful little scripts that is simple to install and worth every bit of it's 1 kb size. Install it and then surf to it in your browser. It will provide you with all of your server info on a single page. Ideal if you host web space. Provide a link to the page this script produces and all information anyone needs to install a script is right there!

Bandito  Script-
Are you familiar with leechers? Leechers are other web site owners who host downloads, yet do not want to tie up valuable web server space to upload said downloads, to their own servers. So, they link directly to your downloads from their sites. Install Bandito and the leecher (if he even bothers testing the download) will immediately be redirected to a site or URL of your choice. Let your imagination run rampant as to what fun could await!


Doorways Script-
Do you have a product that would sell well on a 'doorway page'? Install this script and be able to offer your customers/visitors the opportunity to create a single doorway page, easily and on your server (you can dump it anytime). I've not installed but it comes with a single .cgi script and an e-mail .dat file. Seems simple enough!

eZine Manager Pro  Script -
This one would definitely have some potential, provided that you run your own eZine of course! For those that do, it appears to be a detailed, multi-page .php script that could be just what you're looking for!


Pass-O-Matic Script-
So, you're in need of a simple, yet effective script that will permit you to offer registration, for password protected entry into one particular directory? This is one such script that claims to do the trick. I've seen it in action so I know it works. In .cgi format, it's simple in operation. Rarely do you see such a simple (two files) script offer registration as well.

PryTracker  Script-
This scripts main purpose is to let visitors and yourself know that someone has tried to enter a directory that you don't want them to have access to. Most servers require that your directory files are not exposed. PryTracker will e-mail you the details of an unauthorized visitor trying to take a peek at your directories. The script also writes the attempts to the PryTracker.txt file, just incase your e-mail is not working! Two files make this a simple but extremely useful script!


SpamCruncher Script-
Sick and tired of the dreaded spam bots and the spammers who utilize them? Install this very small, one-file script and despair no longer! Effective tool in combatting the single largest nuisance since the invention of the internet!

Free Serve  Script -
Are you familiar with FFA (Free For All) pages? Ever wanted one for yourself or better yet, one that you could sell? Here ya are!


ProForma Script-
This is a nice little formmail script that you can use for your own site or to resell! Features autoreply so that your visitors who contact you receive an automatic reply, just like you responded immediately!

MultiHost Script-
Allows you to have more than one domain name per IP address or virtual hosting account. It also allows webmasters to have sub-domains of their domain name.


SiteShield Script-
WebSite Shield is a script that you can use to completely protect your web site. This script will do the following:
» Disable right click and context menu
» Protect your valuable content, source code, links, and images
» Disable drag & drop
» Disable text selecting and copy & paste
» Disable offline viewing of your webpage
» Hides the URLs of your links
» Disable printing of your webpage
» Keeping your page out of frames
» Disable taking screenshots of your webpages

Browser Buddy Script -
Easy to use Javascript that puts Browser Buddy on any of your webpages, making it easy for users to bookmark your site, print out pages, search your site and more.

User can move the Browser Buddy to anywhere on your page. Users can close the Browser Buddy and easily bring it back by double clicking anywhere on your page. Easy to install, copy code into body of your page and upload 2 images with the page.


ClickBank Total Protection Script -
As you are no doubt aware, if someone knows what they are doing, they can get by your ClickBank purchase page and go directly to where your product can be downloaded, without paying you a dime. It is also a fact that when you make it difficult to do something, a thief will usually head out in search of easier prey. Well, that's what this little script is all about! Check out just some of the features!


  • This System will verify whether your buyer is forwarded from ClickBank after payment.
  • Order Details including the ClickBank Receipt # will be displayed on your Thank-You page.
  • This System will collect the Name & Email address of your buyer.
  • A Sales Report will be sent to you Instantly.
  • A Thank-You message to your buyer without any delay.
  • Adds the buyer to your AutoResponder System, so that follow-up emails will be sent to promote your other products.
  • The whole system is fully Automated.
  • Not browser dependent. No matter what browser is used.
  • Unlimited usage: You can create any number of Thank-You Pages.

ClickBank Search Script -
This is a proven money maker and....get a load of this....you will have the opportunity to purchase the Master Resell Rights to this top selling script! That's right, you can download it here, use it and be done with it, if that's as far as you want to go. However, if you like it and wished you could sell it with transferable resell rights, we have included that very opportunity in the README file! Ok, sounds great but what does the script do?

What the script does:
The ClickBank Search Script will allow you to set up a search engine on your existing site or you can build a site around this script. The search engine is written to search those merchants listed with ClickBank. When someone, using the search script, clicks through and makes a purchase from one of these merchants, your ClickBank account is credited with a percentage or 'finders fee' of the sale! Works like a charm!


Internet Connection Speed Checker Script-
This script is sweet! I want to write a lot about it but truthfully, it's so small, I would have to 'garnish' what I say to make all the words appealing. To install, simply upload the file to your server...and you're done! Put one on your site today!

CoolEmail Script-
Have you ever had the desire to offer your site visitors the opportunity to send e-mail, directly from your site? You've got to admit, it's a nifty way to keep'em returning! This small but effective script is written in Javascript and PHP, making it a whiz to install on your site. Simply upload all of the files to your server, then browse to composemail.htm, where you create and send your messages. It doesn't get any easier!


Site FireWall Script-
This PHP script is a completely web based solution to protect your website, with features such as:

  • Blocking spam email address searchers
  • Blocking individual IP addresses, or IP address ranges that you specify
  • Disable right click and context menu
  • Protect your valuable content, source code, links, and images
  • Disable drag & drop
  • Disable text selecting and copy & paste
  • Disable offline viewing of your webpage
  • Disable taking screenshots of your webpages
  • ...and much more!

PHP Error 404 Catcher Script -
This is a cool script! This script will 'catch' your site's 404 or 'Page Not Found' error and display a custom page, designed by you, to your visitor! This page will provide information on the broken link and a list of pages available on your website or link to your main page. You can completely customize the ugly 404 page replacement page with your own content, a list of links of your website, your logo, and more! Also PHP Error 404 Catcher will send you an email with a complete report of the broken link, that includes information such as date/time, the IP address of the user, the browser user agent of the user, the URL of the page that was not found, and the refferer page that has the broken link.


Site Arrive Check Script-
This script will make all links on your website, that link to other websites, to automatically open in a new window instead of replacing your existing website. Just one line of code to install on your WebPages! Easy and efficient...just the way we like them!


Shopping Cart Script-
Ever found yourself or a client in need of a quality, easy to install shopping cart script? Well, look no futher!


  • Complete shopping cart solution written in Java Script. compatible with any HTML editor and can be inserted in any website.
  • The cart will calculate the total order including tax from the customer and send it to you by email. (Can change tax percentage easily to work with any country.)
  • Your sales orders can be sent to either to your web site or your email (your choice).

Autoresponder Script -
I don't know of a single eCommerce wesite owner who can't use an autoresponder! This one is simple to use and even comes with an admin section, that will permit you to build an autoresponder membership site around it!! If you already own a membership site, of any kind, you can install this script and offer your members access to their own autoresponder! Talk about a super promotion!

  Ultimate AdTraker -
Track your ads, downloads, affiliate links and more!


  • Track hits by using different URL's for each ad campaign
  • Password Protected Admin area
  • Complete Statistics



Traffic PHP -
Are you familiar with AutoHits? If so, this script will enable you to open an almost identical membership site!


  • Basic or Pro Accounts
  • FAQ's written how you want them
  • Buy credits (great income)
  • Extremely high-control admin area
  • Members can report sites that aren't acceptable
  • Fully customizable
  • Easily approve or disapprove sites
  • MySQL Backend

All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!

Easy to use Web Site Submission software. 
Works with all current major search engines!



All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!

Domain Name Appraisal Software gives an estimate
of what you domain names could be worth!

This software even prints out a certificate valuing your domain name!


All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!



All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!



  Resell Rights INCLUDED!
  Encrypt your entire site or just one page!
  Prevent your pages from being printed!
  Disable "Right Clicking"!
  Prevent off-line viewing!
  Disable "Drag & Drop"!
  Prevent "Text-Selection"!
  EASY to use!

Make your site only accessible from a referrer.
The Html Encryptor can quickly and effectively encrypt your entire website or just one page.

Create backups as you encrypt and preserve your precious Meta Tags and Coding to edit later!

Keep others from viewing your source code!

Prevent printing, offline viewing, caching, disable right clicking, text selection, hide your links, and you can even choose what you want it to say in the status bar!



You receive this handy and useful HTML editor that you can REBRAND with YOUR LOGOS and Domain Name!  If you run a site you can now offer visitors the ability to do some HTML editing on-line!


This CD-ROM is jam packed with over largest collection of PC compatible fonts ever assembled. This huge selection of truetype and postscript fonts is neatly categorized by letter for easy access! Use in your serious multimedia presentation or just clown around by adding a new dimension to your PC.

All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!

24,000+ Clip art, Animations, Buttons, Bullets, lines BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

Whether you are creating a personal Web site, greeting cards, or a professional newsletter,24,000+ Clip art, Animations, Buttons, Bullets, lines will provide you with the variety and quality you need to make a dazzling first impression. No matter what project you are working on, the multitude of images found in this definitive collection will be invaluable to the success of your finished project.


All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!


7000+ Background Images BACK TO TOP OF PAGE
7000 Background images for making any website, any graphics program, photo stock, and personal use! Compatible with all Graphics programs MAC or PC! Get in on this while you can.

850+ Scripts BACK TO TOP OF PAGE


All these for Only Rs. 990. Order the CD Now!