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Title Graphic simulation of the n_Queen problem using Backtracking.
Author Abhishek H Dwivedi
Author Email yarrows [at]
Description This C code will solve the n-Queen problem using the
backtracking approach.The object of this problem is to place n Queens in
an nXn chess-board, such that none of them can threaten each othe in one
move.It graphically shows the movement of queens, as the algorithm runs.It
momentarily whenever a solution is found, for the user to view it. It
resumes to find other solutions on hitting a key at this juncture.When the
queen of the 1st row reaches the last column, and since there is no row
behind it to backtrack to, the program exits.The user can exit the program
by hitting any key,during the normal running of the program.

Parameters :None.The user will be asked to enter the size of the
chess-board(eg. Enter 8 if you want to solve for an 8X8 chess-board).
Category C++ » Algorithms
Hits 332676
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#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<math.h> #include<dos.h> int diag45[12],sol[12],n,chess[12][12],r1,c1,num=0,i,x1,x2,y2,y1; int num1,num2,m=0,x3; void main() { int gd=DETECT,gm,x,y; void queens(int,int); clrscr(); printf("Enter the size of the chess board (12 is the limit) "); scanf("%d",&n); initgraph(&gd,&gm,"c:\tc\bgi"); x=getmaxx(); y=getmaxy(); setcolor(WHITE); x1=y1=0; x2=x/n; y2=y/n; if(x2>=10) { if(x2>y2) x2=y2; else y2=x2; for(i=0;i<=n;i++) { delay(250); line(x1,y1,x1,y); if(i==1) num1=x1/2; x1=x1+x2; //y1=y1+y2; //x2=x2+x/n; //y2=y2+y/n; } x1=x1-x2; x3=x1; for(i=0;i<=n;i++) { delay(250); line(x1,y1,0,y1); //x1=x1+x2; if(i==1) num2=y1/2; y1=y1+y2; //x2=x2+x/n; //y2=y2+y/n; } x1=(x/n)/2; y1=(y/n)/2; } /* if(x2>10)*/ else { x2=y2=10; for(i=0;i<=n;i++) { delay(250); line(x1,y1,x2,y2); x1=x1+10; } for(i=0;i<=n;i++) { delay(250); line(x1,y1,0,y1); y1=y1+10; } x1=5; y1=5; } delay(250); for(i=0;i<n;i++) sol[i]=32767; for(i=0;i<n;i++) {for(int j=0;j<n;j++) {chess[i][j]=j; }} for(int j=0;j<n;j++) diag45[j]=sol[j]=32767; //sol[1]=1; //int c1=0; //while(c1!=7) //{ num1=x1; queens(0,c1); //c1++; //} setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(x3,y1,"All solutions are over "); printf(" Total number of solutions is %d ",num); getch(); } void queens(int r,int c) { delay(10); int d45,d135,atck=0; if(r>(n-1)||c>(n-1)) printf("Nonsensical condition reached "); if(m==1) { setcolor(BLACK); setfillstyle(1,BLACK); fillellipse(x1+((c-1)*x2),y1+(r*y2),7,7); } m=0; setcolor(WHITE); setfillstyle(1,WHITE); fillellipse(x1+((c)*x2),y1+(r*y2),6,6); delay(350); //printf("r is %d ; c is %d ",r,c); //getch(); /*delay(100); printf("r is %d ; c is %d ",r,c);*/ d45=r-c; for(i=0;i<r;i++) { r1=abs(r-i); c1=abs(c-sol[i]); if((chess[r][c]!=sol[i])&&(d45!=diag45[i])&&(r1!=c1))//This condition continue; //checks for an else //attack { atck=1; break; }} //If the queen is safe :- if(atck!=1) { //setcolor(WHITE); //pieslice(x1+(c*num2*2),y1+(r*num1*2),0,360,4); sol[r]=c; diag45[r]=r-c; if(r==(n-1)) { //printf(" A possible solution is : "); //for(i=0;i<n;i++) //printf("%d ",sol[i]); //printf(" "); num++; getch(); if(c==(n-1)) { //sol[r-1]=sol[r-1]+1; setcolor(BLACK); setfillstyle(1,BLACK); fillellipse(x1+((n-1)*x2),y1+((n-1)*y2),7,7); m=1; //queens(r-1,sol[r-1]); } else { m=1; queens(r,c+1); }} //*********// else { /*for(i=0;i<r;i++) printf("%d ",sol[i]);*/ sol[r+1]=0; queens(r+1,0); if(c!=(n-1)) queens(r,c+1); else { setcolor(BLACK); setfillstyle(1,BLACK); fillellipse(x1+((c)*x2),y1+(r*y2),6,6); printf(""); }}} //If an attack is taking place :- else { setfillstyle(1,BLACK); setcolor(BLACK); fillellipse(x1+(c*x2),y1+(r*y2),6,6); if(r!=0) { if(c!=(n-1)) queens(r,c+1); else { m=1; setbkcolor(RED); delay(100); setbkcolor(BLACK); printf(""); }} else { if(c!=(n-1)) printf(""); // else // printf("All solutions are over ! "); } }} ForwardSourceID:NT0000740A ----- Forwarded by Amit M/BLR/TCS on 09/30/2004 09:52 AM ----- <> 09/28/2004 06:00 PM Please respond to <> To <> cc <> Subject *** SourceCode: New Code Added *** (Add this code in the Language with following Id) Language Id:1 ScriptName: program to implement who command Content Type:1 Type :37 New Category: Author :raja mukesh Author Description:program to implementing who command using system calls Parameters : Code : #include<stdio.h> #include<sys/utsname.h> #include<utmp.h> int main(void) { struct utmp *n; char *a; int i; setutent(); n=getutent(); while(n!=NULL) { if(n->ut_type==7) { printf("%-9s",n->ut_user); printf("%-12s",n->ut_line); a=ctime(&n->ut_time); printf(" "); for(i=4;i<16;i++) printf("%c",a[i]); printf(" ("); printf("%s",n->ut_host); printf(") "); } n=getutent(); } } ForwardSourceID:NT0000741E ----- Forwarded by Amit M/BLR/TCS on 09/30/2004 09:52 AM ----- <> 09/29/2004 05:41 AM Please respond to <> To <> cc <> Subject *** SourceCode: New Code Added *** (Add this code in the Language with following Id) Language Id:2 ScriptName: Inventory Management System Content Type:1 Type :3 New Category: Author :Vivek Patel Author Description:This software is designed to manage your inventory system, with a facility of adding, modifying, deleting, viewing, searching, and analyzing a item stored in an inventory. This all functionality is very well comprised using Graphics Outlet for user to go on with it!!! Parameters : Code : /**************************************************************/ /****************INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM*******************/ /**************************************************************/ /**************************************************************/ /*Programmed by : Vivek Patel**********************************/ /*For Bugs Free feel to contact********************************/ /*Website :*****************************/ /*Email :**************************/ /**************************************************************/ #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<iomanip.h> #include<fstream.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<dos.h> #include<string.h> #include<stdio.h> #include <time.h> fstream inoutfile; //Menu Global Item #define pixTOrc(x) (8*(x-1)) //convert pixel into row and col format #define INC 5 //Increment Distance Between Menu Items #define ROW 15 //Row Value for Menu Item #define COL 8 //Column Value for Menu Item // To display the Inventory Main menu options typedef char option[15]; option mainMenu[]= { "New Record", "Display", "Search", "Updation", "Deletion", "Analysis", "Exit" }; /*-------------------Inventory Class--------------------*/ class Inventory{ char itemNo[2],itemName[20]; int qty; double price,amt; public: char *getno(){return itemNo;} char *getitem(){ return itemName;} double getamt(){return amt;} void getdata(); void showdata(int,int); void showspecific(); void alterspecific(char *,char *); }; void Inventory :: getdata(){ gotoxy(30,12); cout<<"Enter Item Number : ?"; cin>>itemNo; gotoxy(30,14); cout<<"Enter Item Name : ?"; cin>>itemName; gotoxy(30,16); cout<<"Enter Quantity : ?"; cin>>qty; gotoxy(30,18); cout<<"Enter Price : ?"; cin>>price; amt = price * qty; } void Inventory :: showdata(int x,int y){ gotoxy(x,y); cout.setf(ios::left,ios::adjustfield); cout<<setw(3)<<itemNo; cout.setf(ios::left,ios::adjustfield); cout<<setw(13)<<itemName; cout<<setw(4)<<qty; cout.setf(ios::right,ios::adjustfield); cout.setf(ios::showpoint); cout.setf(ios::fixed,ios::floatfield); cout<<setprecision(2)<<setw(8)<<price; cout.setf(ios::right,ios::adjustfield); cout.setf(ios::showpoint); cout.setf(ios::fixed,ios::floatfield); cout<<setprecision(2)<<setw(15)<<amt; } void Inventory :: showspecific(){ gotoxy(30,13); cout<<"--Search Item Found--"; gotoxy(30,15); cout<<"Item No : "; cout.setf(ios::left,ios::adjustfield); cout<<itemNo; gotoxy(30,17); cout<<"Item Name : "; cout.setf(ios::left,ios::adjustfield); cout<<itemName; gotoxy(30,19); cout<<"Quantity : "; cout<<qty; cout.setf(ios::right,ios::adjustfield); cout.setf(ios::showpoint); cout.setf(ios::fixed,ios::floatfield); gotoxy(30,21); cout<<"Price : "; cout<<setprecision(2)<<price; gotoxy(30,23); cout<<"Amount : "; cout.setf(ios::right,ios::adjustfield); cout.setf(ios::showpoint); cout.setf(ios::fixed,ios::floatfield); cout<<setprecision(2)<<amt; } void Inventory :: alterspecific(char itmno[2],char itmname[20]){ strcpy(itemNo,itmno); strcpy(itemName,itmname); gotoxy(30,16); cout<<"Enter Quantity : ?"; cin>>qty; gotoxy(30,18); cout<<"Enter Price : ?"; cin>>price; amt = price * qty; } /*---------------Inventory Codes End------------------*/ /*--------------Menu and all other functions Code--------------*/ //Displays Graphic text in delaying fashion void displayMe(int x,int y,const char *ch,int delayTime){ char d[2]; int len=strlen(ch); for(int i=0;i<=len;i++) { d[0]=ch[i]; d[1]='

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