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/************************************************************************* / /************************************************************************* / //------------------------------ RORPATI.H ----------------------------// /************************************************************************* / /************************************************************************* / /************************************************************************* / /************************************************************************* / //------------------------- Header iles ------------------------------// /************************************************************************* / /************************************************************************* / #include<iostream.h> #include<fstream.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<string.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<time.h> #include<conio.h> #include<dos.h> /************************************************************************* / /************************************************************************* / //-------------------------- Class efinition -------------------------// /************************************************************************* / /************************************************************************* / /************************************************************************* / //------------------------------ rorepati -----------------------------// /************************************************************************* / class crorepati { private: char name[9]; int help; int question_count; int question_number; int asked_question[15]; public: crorepati(); int show_walk_off(); int show_fifty_fifty(); int show_audience_call(); int show_phone_a_friend(); int confirm_selected_answer(); int confirm_selected_option(); void get_name(); void play_game(); void show_answers(); void show_waiting(); void show_welcome(); void show_openning(); void show_top_ten(int); void show_main_screen(); void dial_phone_number(); void show_next_question(); void show_option(int,int=6); void show_prize_cheque(int); void show_congratulations(); void show_score_card(int=-1); void clear_score_card(int=0); void show_better_luck(int=0); void show_selected_option(int); void show_crorepati_logo(int=0); void show_choice_bar(int,int=0,int=0); void show_question_wise_winning_amount(int); void ascending_order(int [],int [],char [11][9]); void show_text(char *,int,int,int,int,int,int=0); }; /************************************************************************* / //------------------------------- &A.H --------------------------------// /************************************************************************* / #ifndef Q&A_H #define Q&A_H char questions[80][90]= { "Where is the biggest library of the World?", "How many times the heart of a normal human being beats in a day?", "In which country there are no snakes?", "In which country there are no bears?", "Where is the biggest Museum of the World?", "Where is the biggest Railway Station of the World?", "The name of the biggest library of the World is ____ Library.", "What is the average age of the Berger tree?", "When did the first movie was played in Pakistan?", "What was the pay of the first Governer General of the Pakistan?", "What is the meaning of the word 'dillay-dally'?", "What is the meaning of the word 'fire-water'?", "Which one is the official language of the United States?", "What is the name of the Capital of the UAE?", "Which one is the official language of the Switzerland?", "What is the height of the Mount Everest?", "Which European city is known as the eastern gateway of that continent?", "What is the old name of Jakarata,the Indonesian capital?", "Who was the Roman god of the seas?", "Which city is considered the Mecca of the Hinduss?", "Where is Pundit Laal Nahru burried?", "If you landed on 'Dun Dum' Airport,where would you be?", "Which country has a sea between its two parts?", "In what part of the World is the animal known as the Kola bear found?", "Who invented the Thermometer?", "Where did cock fighting originate?", "Which is the coldest place of the World?", "Which is the oldest University of the World?", "Of what country is Sofia the capital?", "Where is the largest airport of the World?", "Where is the World's longest railway station?", "Which country manufactures the motors vehicles known as `Red Flag'?", "Which country is called the land of the mid-night sun?", "Who discovered Australia?", "Where is the 'golden-gate Bridge'?", "Where were thr first modern Olympics held?", "If you landed on the Heathrow airport, where would you be?", "`Sabena' is an airline compnay,to what country does it belong?", "Who discovered Radium?", "Of what country is `Caracas' the capital?", "If you landed on the Patenga airport, where would you be?", "How many republics from the USSR?", "Who was the first man to reach the North Pole?", "What is the modern name of Mesopotamia?", "Who discovered NewZealand?", "Who was the first man to reach the South pole?", "In which country there is the largest's Asian lake?", "Which country is the original set-up of Shakespear's famous tragedy `Hamlet'?", "Which one is the second largest wall in the World?", "Which is the Asian's largest river?", "Which country has a mapel leaf on its flag?", "Of what country is `Managua' is the capital?", "Which country is known as the `Playground of Europe'?", "Which country manufactures the Ferrari sport cars?", "Which Asian city is known as `Venice of the East'?", "Who was the first man into space?", "Which is the World's second largest island?", "Which is the World's biggest coffee producing country?", "Who invented the Helicopter?", "Which is heaviest of all the gases?", "What part of the World is called the roof of the World?", "On which sea is the `Haji's Port',Jeddah?", "Where is the 'gold river'Yukon?", "Which is the World's biggest sugar cane producing country?", "Which city is known as the `city of Mosques'?", "Which country is known as the `land of the thousands lakes'?", "Who invented the bi-cycle?", "Which has the lowest boiling point in gases?", "Where is the biggest square in the World?", "Where are the head quarters of the International court of Justice?", "Which Pakistani has had the honour of receiving the Lenin Prize for Literature?", "Which European country's flag has a yellow cross on a white background?", "Where is the Gobi desert?", "Who invented the Barometer?", "Where is the biggest Zoo of the World?", "Where did Alexander the Great die?", "What is Paediaphobia the fear of?", "In the animal kingdom, which of the following is a bi-valve mollusc?", "Which alcoholic liqueur is named after the largest island in the Dutch Antilles?", "What type of bird is an Egret?" }; char answers[80][4][16]= { {"UAE","USA","UK","USSR"}, {"1005000 times","100750 times","203500 times","85500 times"}, {"Zambia","Turkey","NewZealand","SriLanka"}, {"NewZealand","Zambia","Brazil","Australia"}, {"UK","USA","Australia","China"}, {"Tokyo","NewYork","Washington","Sydney"}, {"British Public","St. Jones","Congress","National"}, {"1450 years","7500 years","4500 years","5000 years"}, {"1948","1947","1952","1950"}, {"Rs. 10","Rs. 1","Rs. 100","Nothing"}, {"attracting","kind of sport","waste time","kind of dance"}, {"hot water","soda water","petrol","alcoholic drink"}, {"None","English U.S","German","English U.K"}, {"Dubai","Abu Dhabi","Sharjah","Fujayrah"}, {"Italian","French","None","English"}, {"39,002 ft","22,004 ft","30,302 ft","29,002 ft"}, {"Istanbul","Qahira","Bagdhad","Damishq"}, {"Shamboore","Batavia","Cathay","Hirat"}, {"Starn","Venus","Neptune","Herqulees"}, {"Dehli","Aagra","Banglore","Benaras"}, {"None","Dehli","Aagra","Banglore"}, {"New York","Calcutta","Karachi","Tokyo"}, {"Indonesia","West Indies","Turkey","Thailand"}, {"India","Kenya","West Indies","Australia"}, {"Galileo","Richard Nixon","Thomson","Al-Razi"}, {"Greek","Ancient China","Spain","Hindustan"}, {"Tibet","Greenland","Verkhoyansk","Mexico"}, {"UET","Al-Noor","Cambridge","Al-Azhar"}, {"Bulgaria","Kenya","Marakish","Naigeria"}, {"London","New York","Riyaz","Washington"}, {"New York","London","Sonepur(India)","Tokyo"}, {"Germany","America","France","China"}, {"Norway","Japan","Iceland","Ireland"}, {"John Cabot","Harrison","Lord Nelson","Mr Bonn"}, {"Washington","Sydney","California","Tokyo"}, {"Olympia","Germany","England","Athens"}, {"Landon","New York","Calcutta","Maxico"}, {"Italy","Belgium","England","Norway"}, {"Adolk Hitler","Alghieri Dane","Madame Curie","Samuel Colt"}, {"Scotland","Holland","Uzbekistan","Venezuela"}, {"Chittagong","Karachi","Bangalore","Dhaka"}, {"11","16","9","13"}, {"William Edward","John Hawkins","Robert Peary","Abel Tasman"}, {"Afganistan","Kwait","Iran","Iraq"}, {"Abel Tasman","Jhon Hawkins","Robert Peary","James Cooke"}, {"Robert Peary","Roald Amundsen","S.t. Homer","Arthin Willams"}, {"Pakistan","India","Russia","China"}, {"England","Russia","America","Germany"}, {"Hadrian's Wall","Great Wall","Berlin Wall","None"}, {"Sindh","Yangtze-Kiang","Ganga","Farat"}, {"Zambia","Greenland","Canada","Italy"}, {"Italy","Canada","France","Nicaragua"}, {"Switzerland","France","Brazil","England"}, {"France","Italy","Japan","America"}, {"New Dehli","Dubahi","Bangkok","Hongkong"}, {"Neil Armstrong","James cook","W.W. Mckinly","Yuri Gagarin"}, {"Greenland","Australia","West Indies","Maldevies"}, {"Nepal","Brazil","Srilanka","Buttan"}, {"James Hard","B.J. Thomson","Igor Sikorsky","W.M. Mckinley"}, {"Helium","Chlorine","Oxygen","Nitron"}, {"Tibet","Kohamalia","Mount Everest","K2"}, {"Arabian Sea","Red Sea","Black Sea","North Sea"}, {"China","Japan","Canada","Chilli"}, {"Pakistan","America","Nepal","Cuba"}, {"Dacca","Multan","Mecca","Dubai"}, {"Canada","Finland","Greenland","Holland"}, {"Raoul Salan","Mark Twain","Mac Millan","E.S.Garduer"}, {"Oxygen","Chlorine","Nitrogen","Helium"}, {"Moscow","Mexico","London","Beging"}, {"Beging","The Hague","Washington","New York"}, {"Allama Iqbal","Isfaq Ahmed","Faiz Ahmed Faiz","Bano Qudsia"}, {"Scotland","Spain","Norway","Sweden"}, {"Mongolia","Egypt","Turkey","Iran"}, {"Galileo","Torricelli","William Somsst","C.R.Attle"}, {"France","England","USA","Australia"}, {"Rome","Greek","Gaul","Babylon"}, {"Children","Feet","Peas","Abuse"}, {"Limpet","Clam","Barnacle","Starfish"}, {"Schnapps","Bacardi","Curacao","Maldiva"}, {"Crow","Goose","Duck","Heron"}, }; #endif /************************************************************************* / //------------------------ crorepati() --------------------------------// /************************************************************************* / crorepati::crorepati() { for(int i=0;i<=8;i++) name[i]='

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