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Title Hangman Game
Author Manish Jain
Author Email manishjainin [at]
Description This is a beautiful and very interesting computer game. Please have a look over it. If you find anything good in it, please comment and rate it.
Category C++ » Games
Hits 506087
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//A HANGMAN Game Program Dated: 14 NOV 2005 /* Developed By: Manish Jain 1103143 3rd yr M.M.E.C. Mulana +91 9896455735 */ //HEADER FILES #include<fstream.h> #include<bios.h> #include<time.h> #include<dos.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<conio.h> #include<mouse.h> #define SMILE 1 #define SAD 0 //VARIABLES AND FUNCTIONS DECLARATION unsigned key; char firstrow[]={'Q','W','E','R','T','Y','U','I','O','P'}; char secondrow[]={'A','S','D','F','G','H','J','K','L'}; char thirdrow[]={'Z','X','C','V','B','N','M'}; char *main_menu[]={{"1. PLAY"},{"2. INSTRUCTIONS"},{"3. HI-SCORE"},{"4. EXIT"}}; char *categories[]={{"1. MOVIES"},{"2. SPORTS"},{"3. MOVIE STARS"},{"4. PLACES"}}; char *m_m[]={"P","I","H","E"},*c_m[]={"M","S","A","P"}; int blankpos_x[]={25,50,75,100,125,150,175,200,225,250,275,300,325,350,375,400 }; int blankpos_y[]={80,150,300,340},cat_pos_x[]={130,130,314,130}; char string[50],name[25],category[20],checklist[50],hitlist[50]; char wr_guesses[10],ch,datebuf[9],timebuf[9]; int button,x,y,corx,cory,len=0,d,m,mx,my,i,j,k,count_s=0,count_f=0,hcount=0,fl ag=0,hlflag=1,spaces=0; int hlcount=0,prflag=0,hngmnflag=0,dispflag=0,gameflag=0; int tcolor=GREEN,acolor=RED; void drawsetup(); void game(); void play(); void initgraphics(); void show_main_menu(); void getoption(); //FUNCTION TO INITIALISE ALL THE VARIABLES void init() { hlcount=0,prflag=0,hngmnflag=0,dispflag=0,gameflag=0; tcolor=GREEN,acolor=RED; len=0,count_s=0,count_f=0,hcount=0,flag=0,hlflag=1,spaces=0; strcpy(hitlist,""); strcpy(checklist,""); strcpy(wr_guesses,""); } //CLASS RECORD TO READ RECORD FROM THE FILES class record { char word[50]; public: void input() { gets(word); } void output() { puts(word); } char *returnword() { return word; } }rec,out; //BORDER FUNCTIONS TO BORDER EACH PAGE void border() { setcolor(GREEN); rectangle(2,2,mx-2,my-2); setcolor(RED); rectangle(4,4,mx-4,my-4); setcolor(GREEN); rectangle(6,6,mx-6,my-6); settextstyle(4,0,5); outtextxy(180,40,"HANGMAN"); setcolor(YELLOW); line(175,88,420,88); setcolor(RED); line(175,90,420,90); } //FUNCTION TO DISPLAY THE VERY FIRST SCREEN OF THE PROGRAM void FIRSTSCREEN() { clrscr(); initgraphics(); border(); settextstyle(3,0,3); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(130,200,"Programmed By:"); settextstyle(1,0,3); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(330,200,"Manish Jain"); outtextxy(150,235,""); outtextxy(150,275," +91 9896455735"); settextstyle(1,0,4); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(120,360,"Press any key to play"); getch(); } //FUNCTION TO SHOW INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USERS void instruction() { cleardevice(); border(); setcolor(RED); settextstyle(1,0,5); outtextxy(50,140,"I N S T R U C T I O N S"); settextstyle(3,0,3); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(60,190,"1. Fill the Blanks with the suitable word."); outtextxy(60,230,"2. The word should belong to the category"); outtextxy(60,270," selected by you."); outtextxy(60,300,"3. You will be given 8 chances to fill it up."); outtextxy(60,330,"4. Man on the Hanger describes your attempts "); outtextxy(60,365,"5. Your wrong guesses are shown there."); settextstyle(4,0,4); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(140,425,"Press any key to Continue"); getch(); show_main_menu(); } //FUNCTION TO CHOOSE ONE FROM THE OPTIONS GIVEN USING MOUSE void chooseoption() { cleardevice(); border(); settextstyle(1,0,5); setcolor(GREEN); outtextxy(50,140,"C A T E G O R I E S"); settextstyle(3,0,5); for(i=0;i<4;i++) { setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(67,190+(45*i),categories[i]); setcolor(RED); rectangle(50,210+(45*i),60,220+(45*i)); outtextxy(cat_pos_x[i],190+(45*i),c_m[i]); } getoption(); } //FUNCTION TO CHECK THE CATEGORY SELECTED BY THE USER int getcategory(int x,int y) { //Check for category "Movies" if((x>=10&&x<=80)&&(y>=200 &&y<=240)) { strcpy(category,"Movies"); return 1; } //Check for Category "Sports" if((x>=10&&x<=80)&&(y>=255 &&y<=280)) { strcpy(category,"Sports"); return 1; } //Check for Category "Actors" if((x>=10&&x<=80)&&(y>=285 &&y<=310)) { strcpy(category,"Actors"); return 1; } //Check for Category "Places" if((x>=10&&x<=80)&&(y>=315 &&y<=350)) { strcpy(category,"Places"); return 1; } return 0; } //FUNCTION TO GET OPTION FROM THE USER USING MOUSE OR KEYBOARD void getoption() { showmouseptr(); restrictmouseptr(10,200,80,400); while(1) { getmousepos(&button,&x,&y); if((button&1)==1) { corx=x; cory=y; if(getcategory(corx,cory)==1) break; } int cho=bioskey(0); cho=cho>>8; switch(cho) { case 2: case 50: case 28: case 79: strcpy(category,"Movies"); return; case 3: case 31: case 80: strcpy(category,"Sports"); return; case 4: case 30: case 81: strcpy(category,"Actors"); return; case 5: case 25: case 75: strcpy(category,"Places"); return; default: break; } } } //FUNCTION TO SHOWFACE (SMILING OR SAD) void showface(int expr) { setcolor(RED); circle(390,50,25); setcolor(WHITE); ellipse(378,45,0,360,3,4); ellipse(402,45,0,360,3,4); if(expr==SMILE) arc(390,55,235,305,13); else arc(390,80,55,120,13); } //PRINTING HIGH SCORE WITH THE NAMES OF THE SCORERS void hiscore() { cleardevice(); border(); setcolor(RED); settextstyle(1,0,5); outtextxy(50,140," H I S C O R E"); settextstyle(3,0,3); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(60,220,"Sorry! This feature is not available in this version "); outtextxy(60,270,"For further details, Contact : "); setcolor(GREEN); outtextxy(60,310,""); outtextxy(60,345," Mobile no.: +91 9896455735 "); settextstyle(4,0,4); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(140,425,"Press any key to Continue"); getch(); show_main_menu(); } //GETTING THE CHOICE FROM THE USER FOR THE MAIN MENU void get_mm_choice() { get: int cho=bioskey(0); cho=cho>>8; switch(cho) { case 2: case 25: case 28: case 79: play(); break; case 3: case 23: case 80: instruction(); break; case 4: case 35: case 81: hiscore(); break; case 5: case 18: case 75: exit(0); break; default: goto get; } } //MAIN MENU OF THE PROGRAM void show_main_menu() { cleardevice(); border(); settextstyle(1,0,5); setcolor(GREEN); outtextxy(60,130,"M A I N M E N U"); settextstyle(3,0,5); for(i=0;i<4;i++) { setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(67,180+(35*i),main_menu[i]); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(130,180+(35*i),m_m[i]); } get_mm_choice(); } //DISPLAY THE CHARACTER AT ITS APPROPRIATE POSITION WITH DESIRED COLOR void display(char ch,int pos,int color) { char c[2]; c[0]=ch; c[1]='\0'; setcolor(color); outtextxy(blankpos_x[pos%16]+15,blankpos_y[pos/16],c); } //DRAWING THE MAN ON THE HANGER PARTS BY PARTS AS PER CORRECTNESS OF GUESSES void drawhangman(int count_f) { setcolor(RED); if(hngmnflag==1) { switch(count_f) { case 1: circle(500,150,10); hngmnflag=0; break; case 2: line(500,160,500,170); hngmnflag=0; break; case 3: ellipse(500,192,0,360,15,20); hngmnflag=0; break; case 4: line(500,213,490,218); hngmnflag=0; break; case 5: line(500,213,510,218); hngmnflag=0; break; case 6: line(500,170,480,180); hngmnflag=0; break; case 7: line(500,170,520,180); hngmnflag=0; break; case 8: setcolor(acolor); outtextxy(100,340,"MERCY CHANCE"); delay(1000); setcolor(getbkcolor()); outtextxy(100,340,"MERCY CHANCE"); hngmnflag=0; break; } } } //ASKING USER IF HE WISHES TO PLAY AGAIN void asktocontinue() { setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(40,340,"Wish to Play again:(Y/N):"); get: char ch=getch(); if(ch=='y'||ch=='Y') { outtextxy(440,340,"Y"); getch(); play(); } else if(ch=='n'||ch=='N') { outtextxy(440,340,"N"); getch(); exit(0); } goto get; } //CHECK THE KEY PRESSED AND TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION void check(char ch) { flag=0; hlflag=1; prflag=0; for(i=0;string[i]!='\0';i++) //CHECKING CHARACTER IN THE STRING { if(ch==string[i]) //If char is present in the string { prflag=1; for(j=0;j<hlcount;j++) { if(ch==hitlist[j]) //if char is present in the list of pressed characters { hlflag=0; break; } } if(hlflag==1) { setcolor(tcolor);flag=1;display(ch,i,GREEN);count_s--; } else break; } } if(prflag==0) //If the character is not present in the string { for(j=0;checklist[j]!='\0';j++) { if(ch==checklist[j]) return; } checklist[count_f++]=ch; wr_guesses[count_f-1]=ch; display(ch,32+(count_f),RED); hngmnflag=1; } else if(prflag==1 && flag==1) //If the character present is repeated hitlist[hlcount++]=ch; if(count_s==0) //GAME CLEARED { setcolor(acolor); outtextxy(100,265,"\nGame Cleared"); gameflag=1; //DRAWING A SMILING FACE TO SHOW GAME CLEARED showface(SMILE); asktocontinue(); } else if(count_f>8) //GAME OVER { setcolor(acolor); outtextxy(100,265,"\nGame Over"); gameflag=1; setcolor(RED); for(i=0;string[i]!='\0';i++) { dispflag=0; for(j=0;j<hlcount;j++) { if(string[i]==hitlist[j]) { dispflag=1; break; } } if(dispflag==0) //Display Remaining Characters display(string[i],i,RED); } //DRAWING A SAD FACE TO SHOW GAME OVER showface(SAD); asktocontinue(); getch(); exit(0); } drawhangman(count_f); } void matchkey(int s) //GENERATING THE ASCII OF THE KEY PRESSED { if(s>=16 && s<=25) ch=firstrow[s-16]; else if(s>=30 && s<=38) ch=secondrow[s-30]; else if(s>=44 && s<=50) ch=thirdrow[s-44]; else if(s>=2 && s<=10) ch=(char)(47+s); else if(s==11) ch=(char)48; check(ch); } //SHOW DATE AND TIME void showtime() { _strtime(timebuf); setcolor(GREEN); settextstyle(1,0,3); setviewport(340,18,460,60,1); outtextxy(10,2,timebuf); delay(50); clearviewport(); settextstyle(1,0,4); } //DRAW THE HANGER FOR MAN TO BE HANGED void drawhanger() { setcolor(WHITE); line(500,125,500,140); line(500,125,525,125); line(525,125,525,220); } //DRAW THE SETUP FOR THE GAME void drawsetup() { hidemouseptr(); cleardevice(); setcolor(BLUE); rectangle(8,8,mx-8,my-8); setcolor(RED); rectangle(9,9,mx-9,my-9); line(10,381,mx-10,381); line(10,341,468,341); line(10,301,468,301); line(10,65,330,65); setcolor(GREEN); rectangle(10,10,mx-10,my-10); line(10,380,mx-10,380); line(10,340,468,340); line(10,300,468,300); line(10,66,330,66); bar(468,10,472,380); bar(188,10,192,66); bar(328,10,332,66); settextstyle(1,0,3); _strdate(datebuf); outtextxy(220,10,"DATE"); outtextxy(200,30,datebuf); settextstyle(8,0,7); outtextxy(50,360,"H A N G M A N"); setcolor(YELLOW); outtextxy(48,360,"H A N G M A N"); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(46,360,"H A N G M A N"); settextstyle(2,0,4); outtextxy(46,446,"c"); //COPYRIGHT SYMBOL circle(48,453,4); settextstyle(3,0,3); outtextxy(56,435," Fantasatic Four (P) Ltd. 2003-07"); settextstyle(3,0,4); setcolor(BLUE); outtextxy(500,18,"Player"); settextstyle(3,0,2); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(510-(strlen(name)*2),55,name); setcolor(GREEN); settextstyle(1,0,5); outtextxy(40,13,category); drawhanger(); } //FUNCTION GAME-MAIN FUNCTION WHERE FUNCTIONING OF GAME STARTS void game() { strcat(category,".man"); fstream f1(category,ios::in|ios::nocreate|ios::binary); randomize(); int num=(random(150))%99+1; f1.seekg(num*sizeof(rec));*)&rec,sizeof(rec)); strcpy(string,rec.returnword()); len=strlen(string); setcolor(GREEN); settextstyle(1,0,4); for(i=0;string[i]!='\0';i++) { //DISPLAYING THE BLANK SPACES('_') FOR EACH CHARACTER if((string[i]>=48 &&string[i]<=57) ||(string[i]>=65 &&string[i] <=90) || (string[i] >=97 &&string[i] <=122)) { outtextxy(blankpos_x[i%16],blankpos_y[i/16]," _ "); count_s++; } else { //DISPLAYING THE COMMA(',') FOR EACH SPACE outtextxy(blankpos_x[i%16],blankpos_y[i/16]," , "); spaces++; } } setcolor(RED); outtextxy(50,300,"\nPRESS ANY KEY TO PLAY"); getch(); setcolor(getbkcolor()); outtextxy(50,300,"\nPRESS ANY KEY TO PLAY"); setcolor(GREEN); //ACCEPTING KEYSTROKE UNTILL THE CONDITION IS SATISFIED while(count_s>=0 && count_f<=8) //INITIALLY count_s=len i.e.(LENGTH of word) { //and count_f is no. of wrong guesses if(bioskey(1)) { key=bioskey(0); int s=key>>8; if(s==1) { getch(); exit(0); } else if(s==28) continue; else matchkey(s); } if(gameflag!=1) showtime(); setviewport(0,0,mx,my,1); } } //FUN //FUNCTION TO INITIALISE GRAPHICS void initgraphics() { d=DETECT; initgraph(&d,&m,"..//bgi"); mx=getmaxx(); my=getmaxy(); } void play() { init(); chooseoption(); drawsetup(); game(); } //FUNCTION TO INPUT NAME OF TEH USER void getuser() { cleardevice(); cout<<"\n\nEnter your Name:"; gets(name); if(strlen(name)<1) strcpy(name,"USER"); } //WELCOMING THE USER void welcomeuser() { cleardevice(); setcolor(GREEN); border(); settextjustify(CENTER_TEXT,CENTER_TEXT); settextstyle(3,0,8); outtextxy(mx/2,150,"WELCOME"); setcolor(WHITE); settextstyle(1,0,7); outtextxy(mx/2,my/2,name); setcolor(RED); settextstyle(5,0,5); outtextxy(mx/2,380,"\nPRESS ANY KEY TO PLAY"); settextstyle(5,0,5); outtextxy(mx/2-1,380,"\nPRESS ANY KEY TO PLAY"); settextstyle(5,0,5); outtextxy(mx/2+1,380,"\nPRESS ANY KEY TO PLAY"); settextjustify(LEFT_TEXT,TOP_TEXT); getch(); show_main_menu(); cleardevice(); } //MAIN FUNCTION- THE PROGRAM STARTS HERE void main() { init(); FIRSTSCREEN(); getuser(); welcomeuser(); }

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