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Title Snakeman
Author Manish Jain
Author Email manishjainin [at]
Description It is a snake game same as in Nokia Mobile Phones. It is a very very interesting game. I bet you would love it. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
Category C++ » Games
Hits 497040
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//80*48 #include<fstream.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<process.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<time.h> #include<dos.h> #include<string.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<bios.h> #include<conio.h> #include<iomanip.h> unsigned key; int len=0,count=0,foodtype=0,d,m,food_flag=0,j=0,i=0,display_count=10, hscore_pos=0,x_index=0,y_index=0,mx,my,maze=1,speed=100; long score=0,ti_elap=0,ti_rem=15,tot_ti=15,ti_init; char *main_menu[]={{"1. Play"},{"2. Options"},{"3. Instruction"}, {"4. Hi-Score"},{"5. Exit"}}; char *game_menu[]={{"1. Mazes"},{"2. Level"},{"3. Back to Main menu"}}; char *maze_menu[]={{"1. Open"},{"2. Box"},{"3. Twisted"}, {"4. Return to Main menu"}}; char *level_menu[]={{"1. Beginner"},{"2. Intermediate"},{"3. Expert"}, {"4. Return to Main menu"}}; char *m_m[]={"P","O","I","H","E"}; char *g_m[]={"M","L","B"}; char *mm[]={"O","B","T","R"}; char *lm[]={"B","I","E","R"}; int maze3_x[][14]={{2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15}, {25}, {30}, {37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50}}; int maze3_y[][14]={{30}, {2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15}, {27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40}, {20}}; void showfood(); void end(); void show_game_menu(); void show_main_menu(); enum{UP=1,RIGHT=2,DOWN=3,LEFT=4}DIRECTION,Pre_Dir; struct { unsigned x:7 ; unsigned y:7 ; }coordinate[1000],tail,head,food; inline void initialise() { d=DETECT; initgraph(&d,&m,"e:\tc\bgi"); cleardevice(); mx=getmaxx(); my=getmaxy(); } void RESET() { len=count=foodtype=food_flag=i=j=hscore_pos=x_index=y_index=0; display_count=10, speed=100; score=ti_elap=0;ti_rem=tot_ti=15; head.x=head.y=tail.x=tail.y=food.x=food.y=0; for(i=0;i<1000;i++) coordinate[i].x=coordinate[i].y=0; } void showoff_food() { gotoxy(food.x,food.y); cout<<" "; food.x=food.y=0; showfood(); } int showfoodtimer(int fo_fl) { if(fo_fl==1) { if(ti_rem<=0) { showoff_food(); ti_rem=15; food_flag=0; } else { ti_elap=((biostime(0,0L)-ti_init)/(speed/16)); ti_rem=(tot_ti-(ti_elap)); gotoxy(7,46); if(ti_rem<10) cout<<"0"<<ti_rem; else cout<<ti_rem; } } else { gotoxy(7,46); cout<<" "; } return 0; } void showfood() { int flag=0; re: food.x=random(49)+2; food.y=random(39)+2; for(i=0;i<len;i++) { if(food.x==coordinate[i].x && food.y==coordinate[i].y) goto re; } if(maze==3) { for(i=0;i<4;i++) { for(j=0;j<14;j++) { if(food.x==maze3_x[i][j]) flag=1; } for(j=0;j<14;j++) { if(food.y==maze3_y[i][j] && flag==1) goto re; } } } gotoxy(food.x,food.y); textcolor(RED); cprintf("@"); } void showbigfood() { re1: food.x=random(49)+2; food.y=random(39)+2; for(int j=0;j<len;j++) { if(food.x==coordinate[j].x && food.y==coordinate[j].y) goto re1; } textcolor(YELLOW); gotoxy(food.x,food.y); cprintf(""); } void exit() { delay(50); textmode(4); gotoxy(10,8); cout<<"Exiting the program"; delay(2000); exit(0); } void border() { setcolor(GREEN); rectangle(2,2,mx-2,my-2); setcolor(RED); rectangle(4,4,mx-4,my-4); setcolor(GREEN); rectangle(6,6,mx-6,my-6); settextstyle(4,0,5); outtextxy(180,40,"SNAKEMAN"); setcolor(YELLOW); line(165,88,440,88); setcolor(RED); line(165,90,440,90); } void intro_graphics() { clrscr(); initialise(); border(); settextstyle(3,0,3); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(130,200,"Programmed By:"); settextstyle(1,0,3); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(330,200,"Manish Jain"); outtextxy(150,235,""); outtextxy(150,275," +91 9896455735"); settextstyle(1,0,4); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(120,360,"Press any key to play"); getch(); } void showtime() { char datebuf[9]; char timebuf[9]; _strdate(datebuf); _strtime(timebuf); gotoxy(30,45); cout<<" DATE TIME"; gotoxy(30,46); cout<<datebuf<<" "<<timebuf; } inline void showscore() { gotoxy(15,45); cout<<"SCORE"; gotoxy(16,46); cout<<score; } char *return_maze() { switch(maze) { case 1: return ("OPEN"); case 2: return ("BOX"); case 3: return ("TWISTED"); } return "OPEN"; } void init() { DIRECTION=Pre_Dir=RIGHT; gotoxy(60,30); cout<<"M A Z E"; gotoxy(60,32); cout<<return_maze(); gotoxy(5,45); cout<<"Timer"; randomize(); _setcursortype(_NOCURSOR); showtime(); showscore(); tail.x=10; tail.y=10; for(int i=10;i<15;i++) { coordinate[len].x=i; coordinate[len].y=10; gotoxy(coordinate[len].x,coordinate[len].y); cout<<char(223); len++; } head.x=14; head.y=10; textcolor(BLUE); for(i=1;i<=50;i++) { j=1; gotoxy(i,j); cprintf(""); gotoxy(i,j+40); cprintf(""); } for(i=1;i<=41;i++) { j=1; gotoxy(j,i); cprintf(""); gotoxy(j+50,i); cprintf(""); } showfood(); } void show_snake(int DIRECTION) { gotoxy(head.x,head.y); textcolor(GREEN); switch(DIRECTION) { case UP : if(Pre_Dir==LEFT) cprintf(""); else cprintf(""); break; case RIGHT: if(Pre_Dir==DOWN) cprintf("?"); else cprintf("?"); break; case DOWN : if(Pre_Dir==RIGHT) cprintf(""); else cprintf(""); break; case LEFT : if(Pre_Dir==UP) cprintf("?"); else cprintf("?"); break; } } inline void showoff() { gotoxy(tail.x,tail.y); cout<<" "; } inline void SOUND() { sound(1500); delay(55); nosound(); } void gameover() { sound(1220); delay(500); nosound(); initialise(); border(); settextstyle(1,0,5); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(130,180,"GAME OVER"); settextstyle(1,0,5); setcolor(BLUE); outtextxy(140,250,"SCORE"); gotoxy(48,16); char *s; ltoa(score,s,10); outtextxy(325,250,s); settextstyle(4,0,5); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(65,350,"Wish to continue:(Y/N):"); char ch=getche(); if(ch=='y'||ch=='Y') { outtextxy(510,350,"Y"); getch(); RESET(); initialise(); show_main_menu(); } else if(ch=='n'||ch=='N') { outtextxy(510,350,"N"); free(maze_menu); free(main_menu); free(level_menu); free(game_menu); free(m_m); free(mm); free(lm); free(g_m); exit(); } } void loadmaze() { if(maze==3) { textcolor(WHITE); for(i=1;i<15;i++) { gotoxy(i+1,30); cprintf("?"); gotoxy(25,i+1); cprintf("?"); gotoxy(36+i,20); cprintf("?"); gotoxy(30,26+i); cprintf("?"); } } } void game() { init(); loadmaze(); sleep(2); while(1) { if(bioskey(1)) { key=bioskey(0); int s=key>>8; if(s==1) exit(); else if(s==72) //If UP arrow key is pressed { if(DIRECTION==4 || DIRECTION==2) { Pre_Dir=DIRECTION; DIRECTION=UP; } } else if(s==80) //If DOWN arrow key is pressed { if(DIRECTION==4 || DIRECTION==2) { Pre_Dir=DIRECTION; DIRECTION=DOWN; } } else if(s==77) ////If RIGHT arrow key is pressed { if(DIRECTION==1 || DIRECTION==3) { Pre_Dir=DIRECTION; DIRECTION=RIGHT; } } else if(s==75) ////If LEFT arrow key is pressed { if(DIRECTION==1 || DIRECTION==3) { Pre_Dir=DIRECTION; DIRECTION=LEFT; } } } if(DIRECTION==2) //Right Key head.x++; else if(DIRECTION==1) //Up Key head.y--; else if(DIRECTION==4) //Left Key head.x--; else if(DIRECTION==3) //Down Key head.y++; if(maze==1) //OPEN maze { if(head.x>50) head.x=2; else if(head.x<=1) head.x=50; if(tail.x>50) tail.x=2; else if(tail.x<=1) tail.x=50; if(head.y>40) head.y=2; else if(head.y<=1) head.y=40; if(tail.y>40) tail.y=2; else if(tail.y<=1) tail.y=40; } else if(maze==2) //BOX Maze { if(head.x>50 ||head.y>40 ||head.x<2 ||head.y<2) gameover(); } else if(maze==3) //TWISTED or SPIRAL Maze { for(i=2;i<16;i++) { if((head.x==25 && head.y==i)||(head.x==i && head.y==30) ||(head.x==35+i && head.y==20)||(head.x==30 && head.y==25+i)) { gameover(); } } if(head.x>50) head.x=2; else if(head.x<=1) head.x=50; if(tail.x>50) tail.x=2; else if(tail.x<=1) tail.x=50; if(head.y>40) head.y=2; else if(head.y<=1) head.y=40; if(tail.y>40) tail.y=2; else if(tail.y<=1) tail.y=40; } for(int i=0;i<len;i++) { if(head.x==coordinate[i].x && head.y==coordinate[i].y) { gameover(); } } show_snake(DIRECTION); if(head.x==food.x && head.y==food.y) { count++; if(ti_rem>5) score+=(foodtype*8)+2+(foodtype*((ti_rem*3)/2)); else score+=(foodtype*8)+2; ti_rem=15; SOUND(); food.x=food.y=0; if(count==5) { showbigfood(); food_flag=1; ti_init=biostime(0,0); showfoodtimer(1); foodtype=1; count=0; } else { showfood(); food_flag=0; foodtype=0; } len++; } else { tail.x=coordinate[0].x; tail.y=coordinate[0].y; showoff(); for(int k=0;k<len-1;k++) { coordinate[k].x=coordinate[k+1].x; coordinate[k].y=coordinate[k+1].y; } } coordinate[len-1].x=head.x; coordinate[len-1].y=head.y; delay(speed); showtime(); showscore(); showfoodtimer(food_flag); gotoxy(64,14); cout<<"X-Cor Y-Cor"; gotoxy(65,15); cout<<head.x<<" "<<head.y; } } void get_level_choice() { get: int cho=bioskey(0); cho=cho>>8; switch(cho) { case 2: case 48: case 28: case 79: speed=125; show_main_menu(); break; case 3: case 23: case 80: speed=90; show_main_menu(); break; case 4: case 18: case 81: speed=55; show_main_menu(); break; case 5: case 19: case 75: show_game_menu(); break; default: goto get; } } void get_maze_choice() { get: int cho=bioskey(0); cho=cho>>8; switch(cho) { case 2: case 28: case 24: case 79: maze=1; show_main_menu(); break; case 3: case 48: case 80: maze=2; show_main_menu(); break; case 4: case 20: case 81: maze=3; show_main_menu(); break; case 5: case 19: case 75: show_game_menu(); break; default: goto get; } } void getlevel() { cleardevice(); border(); settextstyle(1,0,5); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(50,140,"L E V E L"); settextstyle(3,0,5); for(i=0;i<4;i++) { setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(67,190+(45*i),level_menu[i]); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(130,190+(45*i),lm[i]); } get_level_choice(); } void getmaze() { cleardevice(); border(); settextstyle(1,0,5); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(50,140,"M A Z E S"); settextstyle(3,0,5); for(i=0;i<4;i++) { setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(67,190+(45*i),maze_menu[i]); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(130,190+(45*i),mm[i]); } get_maze_choice(); } void get_gm_choice() { get: int cho=bioskey(0); cho=cho>>8; switch(cho) { case 2: case 50: case 28: case 79: getmaze(); break; case 3: case 38: case 80: getlevel(); break; case 4: case 48: case 81: show_main_menu(); break; default: goto get; } } void show_game_menu() { cleardevice(); border(); settextstyle(1,0,5); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(50,140,"G A M E M E N U"); settextstyle(3,0,5); for(i=0;i<3;i++) { setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(67,190+(45*i),game_menu[i]); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(130,190+(45*i),g_m[i]); } get_gm_choice(); } void play() { cleardevice(); restorecrtmode(); textmode(64); game(); } void options() { show_game_menu(); } void instruction() { cleardevice(); border(); setcolor(RED); settextstyle(1,0,5); outtextxy(50,140,"I N S T R U C T I O N S"); settextstyle(3,0,3); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(60,190,"1. Move the snake using Arrow Keys -> "); outtextxy(60,230," UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT"); outtextxy(60,270,"2. Eat food (@,) and make snake grow longer."); outtextxy(60,300,"3. You will get 2 points for (@) and"); outtextxy(60,330," more points for Bonus food()"); outtextxy(60,365,"4. Don't let it hit the walls or its tail"); settextstyle(4,0,4); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(140,425,"Press any key to Continue"); getch(); show_main_menu(); } void hiscore() { cleardevice(); border(); setcolor(RED); settextstyle(1,0,5); outtextxy(50,140," H I S C O R E"); settextstyle(3,0,3); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(60,220,"Sorry! This feature is not available in this version "); outtextxy(60,270,"For further details, Contact : "); setcolor(GREEN); outtextxy(60,310,""); outtextxy(60,345," Mobile no.: +91 9896455735 "); settextstyle(4,0,4); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(140,425,"Press any key to Continue"); getch(); show_main_menu(); } void get_mm_choice() { get: int cho=bioskey(0); cho=cho>>8; switch(cho) { case 2: case 25: case 28: case 79: play(); break; case 3: case 24: case 80: options(); break; case 4: case 23: case 81: instruction(); break; case 5: case 35: case 75: hiscore(); break; case 6: case 18: case 76: exit(); break; default: goto get; } } void show_main_menu() { cleardevice(); border(); settextstyle(1,0,5); setcolor(GREEN); outtextxy(60,130,"M A I N M E N U"); settextstyle(3,0,5); for(i=0;i<5;i++) { setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(67,180+(35*i),main_menu[i]); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(130,180+(35*i),m_m[i]); } get_mm_choice(); } void end() { initialise(); for(j=0;j<=2;j++) { setcolor(RED+j); circle(mx/2,my/2,150+j*2); } settextstyle(4,0,5); outtextxy(mx/2-65,my/2-20,"The End"); getch(); closegraph(); restorecrtmode(); exit(0); } //MAIN FUNCTION void main() { intro_graphics(); show_main_menu(); }

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