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Title Virus Joke Program
Author Sohan Vineet Alva
Author Email dj_shawn2003 [at]
Description This is not exactly a virus .... but good enough to fool someone..... and keep him/her beating around the bush

Category C++ » Virus & Trojans
Hits 434270
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Code : //*****************************************************// //virus program mimmic -created by Sohan Alva class XII// //*****************************************************// #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<dos.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<process.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<fstream.h> void ffool(); //FUNCTION WHICH GIVES THE FINAL MESSAGE void main() { clrscr(); for(int i=0;i<=100;i++) { textcolor(YELLOW+BLINK); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("VIRUS LOADING"); gotoxy(39,15); textcolor(GREEN); cout<<i<<"%"; delay(75); clrscr(); } delay(100); clrscr(); fflush(stdout); gotoxy(20,12); cout<<" 'TOURNIQUET' VIRUS CREATED BY PROCRAETORIAN"; gotoxy(20,14); cout<<" SAY GOOD BYE TO YOUR PC IN "; for(int j=5;j>=0;j--) { gotoxy(48,14); cout<<j<<" SECONDS"; delay(1000); } ofstream f1;"c:/windows/All Users/desktop/procraetorian.sys"); ofstream f3("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/blast.sys"); ofstream a2("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/mslaugh.exe"); ofstream s2("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/backdoor.sys"); ofstream g2("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/spin32_war.sys"); ofstream h2("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/russpatr.sys"); ofstream j2("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/torr_sys32.sys"); ofstream k2("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/xxx.sys"); ofstream l2("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/i.txt"); ofstream sm("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/am.txt"); ofstream d1("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/your.txt"); ofstream d2("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/worst.txt"); ofstream d3("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/night.txt"); ofstream d4("c:/windows/All Users/desktop/mare.txt"); clrscr(); lowvideo(); cout<<" 1.HARD-DISK CORRUPTION :"; delay(4000); cout<<"completed"; cout<<" 2.MOTHER BOARD CORRUPTION :"; delay(4000); cout<<"completed"; cout<<" 3.INSTALLING CYBERBOB.DLL -->WINDOWS/COMMAND :"; delay(4000); cout<<"completed"; cout<<" PROCRAETORIAN.SYS SUCCESSFULLY PLANTED"; delay(3000); rename("VIRUS.EXE","C:WINDOWSStart MenuProgramsStartUpVIRUS.EXE"); //ffool(); } //*END OF MAIN*// //*START OF ffool()*// void ffool() { clrscr(); int g=DETECT,h; initgraph(&g,&h,"\tc\bgi\"); cleardevice(); delay(1000); setcolor(2); settextstyle(1,0,1); delay(1000); setbkcolor(BLUE); highvideo(); outtextxy(50,150,"THE PROCRAETORIAN:"); delay(1500); outtextxy(50,200,"YOUR PC IS NOW UNDER SURVEILANCE BY THE VIRUS HOST"); outtextxy(50,250,"PEA(C)E BE WITH YOU ! ! !"); getch(); delay(4000); closegraph(); exit(0); } //*END OF ffool()*//

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