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Title Slider - This program shows how many diferent colors a vga can show in dos mode using C++
Author Kirti Dhruva
Author Email dmwinc2000 [at]
Description Slider - This program shows how many diferent colors a vga can show in dos mode using c++.
Category C++ » Computer Graphics
Hits 367144
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:/****************************************************************/ /* This is a small program to illustrate the different */ /* colors that can be generated with a VGA in 256 Color */ /* mode or a IBM-8514 graphics adapter in dos.This program */ /* uses a grphical interface for ease. */ /* This little program can prove to be a great */ /* for those who waana know the right amount intensities */ /* to be used for red, green and blue to make a particular */ /* shade. */ /****************************************************************/ /* Compiled with Turbo C++ Version 3.0 */ /* Date:4th december,2002 */ /* Name of the programmer: KIRTI DHRUVA */ /* Nationality:Indian(delhi) */ /* Email */ /****************************************************************/ /* Legal Warning: */ /* 1. You can redistribute this utility untill this */ /* file is kept intact. */ /* 2. Redistribution should be free of cost. */ /* 3. You can use this code in your program by mentioning */ /* my name in the that program. */ /* 4. This ultility can not be sold under any circumtances */ /* without the authors permission. */ /****************************************************************/ /* CONTROLS: */ /* esc=exit */ /* up arrow=focus up */ /* down arrow=focus down */ /* left arrow=move focused slider towards left */ /* right arrow=move focused slider towards right */ /* 1=wild mode on (random events occurs) */ /* 2=wild mode off */ /****************************************************************/ #include<iostream.h> //for cin,cout,etc. #include<graphics.h> //for graphics functions. #include<conio.h> //for getch(). #include<stdio.h> //for sprintf(). #include<stdlib.h> //for randomiz(),random(),etc. class slider { static const xst;//its const as all three sliders have same x-coord. static int count;//counts the no. of object being created. int yst; //to assign diff y co-ord. using count. int x; //actual x-coordinate of the button that moves on slider. public: slider() //zero arg. constructor just to make compiler happy. { }; slider(int a)//one arg construstor. { count++; //This function accepts value for each slider. yst=count*40; //and before assigning the values it validates if(a>=65) //them b/w 1 and 64 but the actual value that a=64; //that gets assigned to the var. x is one less if(a<1) //than the value supplied to the constructor. a=1; x=4*(a-1); } void makeslider() //it draws slider. { setcolor(WHITE); line(xst,yst,xst+256,yst); setfillstyle(1,WHITE); rectangle(xst+x,yst-10,xst+x+4,yst+10); } void slideright() //it shifts the slider one pos. right { if(x>248) return; setcolor(getbkcolor()); setfillstyle(1,getbkcolor()); rectangle(xst+x,yst-10,xst+x+4,yst+10); x+=4; makeslider(); } void slideleft() //it shifts the slider one pos. left { if(x<4) return; setcolor(getbkcolor()); setfillstyle(1,getbkcolor()); rectangle(xst+x,yst-10,xst+x+4,yst+10); x-=4; makeslider(); } friend void showcol(slider r,slider g,slider b); }; //this function had to be a friend func. so that it can pass three objects //to the function setrgbpalette(). void showcol(slider r,slider g,slider b) { char arr[30]="

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