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Title Game Pack in C++.
Author Email bose79 [at]
Description uses only functions
Category C++ » Computer Graphics
Hits 366261
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#include<string.h> #include<math.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<dos.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<iostream.h> #include<process.h> #include<time.h> void main(); int temp_life; int i=8,j=18,a[20][20],ri,rj,max=2,speed=2,op_graph=0; int score=0,nbox=5,life=5,level=1; clock_t start, end; void draw(int); void drawbox(int); void decr(); void genbox(); void shotbox(int); void strt(); void putscore(int); void lifebox(int ); int global=9;int open_times=0,prev_card=0,comp=0; void card(int left,int top,int right,int bottom) { int x,y; long int er=0; if(global==9) er=2000; else er=200; for (long double g=0;g<er;g++) { x=random(right); y=random(bottom); if(x<left) { g--; continue; } if(y<top) { g--; continue; } int colors=random(15); if(colors==1||colors==10) { g--; continue; } setcolor(BLACK); setfillstyle(SOLID_FILL,colors); bar3d(x-4,y-4,x+4,y+4,1,1); } } void open(int left[],int top[],int right[],int bottom[],int game[],int z) { sound(900); delay(16); nosound(); int x; global=909; for(int j=left[z],k=top[z],l=right[z],i=bottom[z];j<=right[z];j++) { setfillstyle(SOLID_FILL,BLACK); bar(j+1,k,l+1,i+1); setcolor(WHITE); rectangle(j+1,k,l+1,i+1); sound(j*20); delay(5); nosound(); } int number=game[z]; char string[5]; setcolor(BLACK); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,1); outtextxy(left[z]+25,top[z]+35,itoa(number, string, 10)); if(open_times==0) prev_card=z; if(open_times==1) if(game[z]==game[prev_card]) game[prev_card]=game[z]=-100; open_times++; if(open_times==2) for(int k=0,t=19,b=99;k<4;k++,t+=120,b+=121) //displaying cards for(int i=0,l=55,r=125;i<4;i++,l+=150,r+=150) { sound(1000); delay(60); nosound(); if(k==0 && i==0) delay(90); card(l,t,r,b); open_times=0; } } void menu(int a,int b,int c,int d,int e) { setcolor(a); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,7); outtextxy(22,100,"1. BRICKS"); setcolor(b); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,7); outtextxy(22,200,"2. PAIRS II"); setcolor(c); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,4); outtextxy(15,300,"3. HELP"); setcolor(d); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,4); outtextxy(15,350,"4. CREDITS"); setcolor(e); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,4); outtextxy(15,400,"5. EXIT"); } void open_graph() { int x_center = 320, y_center = 240, rad = 220; int z,k,x[10],y[10]; setcolor(4); for(int xi=30;xi>4;xi--) { sound(xi*20); settextstyle(GOTHIC_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,xi); outtextxy(xi,220,"Gaming begins here......"); delay(320); cleardevice(); } setcolor(10); for (z=0;z<10;z++) { x[z]=x_center+rad*cos(36*z*3.14159/180); y[z]=y_center+rad*sin(36*z*3.14159/180); } for (z=0;z<10;z++) for (k=0;k<10;k++) { sound(k*200); delay(50); line(x[z],y[z],x[k],y[k]); nosound(); } for(int h=0;h<500;h++) { sound(h*9); setfillstyle( random(12),random(15) ); bar3d(random(640),random(480),random(640),random(480),random(30), random(18)); } op_graph++; } void loading() { cleardevice(); setcolor(13); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,0); setusercharsize(2, 1, 1, 1); outtextxy(138,198,"LOADING"); //LOADING setcolor(13); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,0); setusercharsize(2, 1, 1, 1); setcolor(BLUE); rectangle(119,199,421,231); rectangle(118,198,422,232); setcolor(10); for(int ii=120;ii<=420;ii++) { line(ii,200,ii,230); sound(ii+1500); delay(10); nosound(); } } void gameover() { cleardevice(); settextstyle(GOTHIC_FONT,0,10); cout<<"a"; for(int g=0;g<450;g++) { sound(g*10); delay(3); setcolor(LIGHTRED); if(g%20==0) {cleardevice();setcolor(12);} outtextxy(70,g,"game over"); nosound(); } main(); } void main() { int gdriver = DETECT, gmode; initgraph(&gdriver, &gmode, "c:\tc\bgi"); cleardevice(); if(op_graph==0) open_graph(); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,0); for(int si=1;si<10;si++) { sound(si*850); setcolor(LIGHTCYAN); setusercharsize(si,1,si,1); outtextxy(13,150,"GAME PACK"); delay(250); nosound(); cleardevice(); } randomize(); setfillstyle(3,RED); bar3d(0, 0,639,479, 0, 0);//background setcolor(WHITE); settextstyle(4,HORIZ_DIR,7); outtextxy(220,25,"MENU"); char lion; int move=5; lion=getch(); while(lion!=27) { if(lion==13) break; if(lion=='P') move++; if(lion=='H') move--; if(move<1)move=5; if(move>5)move=1; if(move==1) menu(10,8,8,8,8); if(move==2) menu(8,10,8,8,8); if(move==3) menu(8,8,10,8,8); //7 gray 14-yellow if(move==4) menu(8,8,8,10,8); if(move==5) menu(8,8,8,8,10); lion=getch(); sound(1700); delay(7); nosound(); } cleardevice(); if(move==5) exit(0); if(move==1) { //bricks video game shooting prg. loading(); int gd=DETECT,gm; initgraph(&gd,&gm,"D:\CPP\TC\BGI"); setcolor(10); outtextxy(500,75,"score :"); outtextxy(500,150,"level :"); outtextxy(500,225,"Life"); lifebox(10); putscore(10); strt(); } /* PAIRS II */ if(move==2) { int a[8],game[16],i=0,z=8,k,flag,temp,t,b,l,j=0,u=0,o=0,p=0; int left[16],top[16],right[16],bottom[16]; randomize(); loading(); for(int ii=0;ii<=640;ii++) line(ii,0,ii,480); setcolor(1); for(ii=0;ii<=640;ii++) line(0,ii,640,ii); setcolor(3); for(ii=640;ii>=0;ii--) line(ii,0,ii,480); setcolor(BLUE); for(ii=640;ii>=0;ii--) line(0,ii,640,ii); setcolor(RED); for(ii=0;ii<=640;ii++) { sound(ii*5); line(640,ii,ii,480); delay(5); nosound(); } setcolor(0); for(ii=0;ii<=640;ii++) { sound(ii*5); line(0,ii,640,480); delay(2); nosound(); } //selecting 8 nos (1-100)without repeating randomize(); a[0]=random(100); while(i!=8) { redo: temp=random(100); flag=1; for(k=0;k<=i;k++) if(a[k]==temp){flag=5;break;} if (flag==5) goto redo; else { a[i++]=temp; game[z++]=temp; } } //randomly filling the 8 nos from an array without repeating int r=0; while(r!=8) { label: temp=a[random(8)]; flag=1; for(k=0;k<=r;k++) if(game[k]==temp){flag=5;break;} if (flag==5) goto label; else game[r++]=temp; } setfillstyle(11,RED); setcolor(YELLOW); bar(0, 0,638,478);//backgrond for(k=0,t=19,b=99;k<4;k++,t+=120,b+=121) //displaying cards for(i=0,l=55,r=125;i<4;i++,l+=150,r+=150) { left[j++]=l; top[u++]=t; right[o++]=r; bottom[p++]=b; sound(i*200); card(l,t,r,b); } nosound(); for(int you=1;you<=20;you++) { if(you%2) setcolor(LIGHTGREEN); else setcolor(RED); for(k=0,t=15,b=103;k<4;k++,t+=120,b+=121) //high light cursor for(i=0,l=50,r=130;i<4;i++,l+=150,r+=150) for(int we=1;we<=5;we++) { sound(we*900); rectangle(l-we,t-we,r+we,b+we); nosound(); } delay(100); } setcolor(0); char ch=getch(); int pntr=0,turn=1; while(ch!=27) { if(ch=='M') pntr++; if(ch=='K') pntr--; if(ch=='H') pntr=pntr-4; if(ch=='P') pntr+=4; if(pntr>=17) pntr=pntr-16; if(pntr<1) pntr=pntr+16; int m=1; if(open_times==1) if(pntr-1==prev_card) { ch=getch(); continue; } int var_new34=9; if(game[pntr-1]==-100) var_new34=0; end: for(k=0,t=15,b=103;k<4;k++,t+=120,b+=121) //high light cursor for(i=0,l=50,r=130;i<4;i++,l+=150,r+=150) { setcolor(BLACK); if(m==pntr) { setcolor(LIGHTGREEN); if(game[pntr-1]==-100) setcolor(LIGHTRED); } for(int we=1;we<=5;we++) rectangle(l-we,t-we,r+we,b+we); m++; } if(var_new34) if(ch==13) open(left,top,right,bottom,game,pntr-1); //open card int y=0; for(int wer=0;wer<16;wer++) if(game[wer]==-100) y++; if(y==16) gameover(); ch=getch(); sound(2500); delay(6); nosound(); } if(ch==27) main(); } if(move==3) { char ctrl; do { char help_topic[]=" *******************HELP********************* USERS MANUAL 1. PAIRS II The general outline of the game is as follows. * It is basically a card game. * One can flip and see only two cards at a time simultaneously in the given set of cards. * One has to match the cards in the given set. * One wins the game if all the matches are made correctly. * This game is a time-trailed game i.e. one's score becomes invalid if it exceeds the tine limit. * To navigate one can use the arrow keys. * To open the card you can hit enter. " ; char help_brick[]=" BRICKS The general outline is as follows. *It is a brick game. *It consist of a shooting box and we have to shoot the bricks. *To move the shooting box right press the right direction key and to move left press the left direction key. *To shoot press the up direction key. *Basically there are 5 levels in the game. *You can win each level when u reach the score of 2500. *When u hit each brick you get 25 points. *But if the bricks touch the shooting box or if it touches the ground one of your life is lost. *In total there are 5 lives."; textcolor(10); for(int i=0;i<strlen(help_topic);i++) { sound(i*20); cout<<help_topic[i]; delay(15); nosound(); } int cv; for(i=0,cv=2000;i<strlen(help_brick);i++,cv--) { sound(cv*2); cout<<help_brick[i]; delay(15); nosound(); } ctrl=getch(); }while(ctrl!=27&&ctrl<28&&ctrl>25); if(ctrl==27) main(); } if(move==4) { cleardevice(); setcolor(LIGHTGREEN); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,0); setusercharsize(1,1,1,1); outtextxy(160,25,"DEVELOPED BY"); setcolor(LIGHTGREEN); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,6); outtextxy(320,250,"&"); setcolor(LIGHTGREEN); rectangle(1,1,638,478);//background for(int ab=5,bc=420;ab<350;ab++,bc--) { sound(ab*620); setfillstyle(6,BLACK); bar(5, 130,637,250); bar(9,350,635,450); setcolor(random(15)); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,6); outtextxy(ab,150,"PRADEEP"); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,6); outtextxy(bc,350,"SHAHIR"); sound(bc*2000); delay(1); nosound(); } sleep(1); main(); } }//void main's block void strt() { int op; setcolor(0); line(60+i*25,j*25,60+rj*25,ri*25); for(ri=0;ri<19;ri++) for(rj=0;rj<16;rj++) a[ri][rj]=0; randomize(); genbox(); drawbox(12); start=clock(); op=getch(); while(1) { while(!kbhit()) { end = clock(); if((end - start) / CLK_TCK > speed) { decr(); start=clock(); } } while(kbhit()) { op=getch(); switch(op) { case 77: draw(0); if(i<15) i++; draw(10); break; case 75: draw(0); if(i>0) i--; draw(10); break; case 72: shotbox(i); break; case 27:main(); } } } } void draw(int color) { int c; c=getcolor(); setcolor(color); setfillstyle(INTERLEAVE_FILL,color); bar(50+25*i,j*25,75+25*i,j*25+25); rectangle(50+25*i,j*25,75+25*i,j*25+25); setcolor(14); rectangle(50,0,450,475); setcolor(c); } void genbox() { int x; for(x=0;x<nbox;x++) { rj=rand()%16; if(a[0][rj]==1) x--; a[0][rj]=1; } } void decr() { if(max<17) { drawbox(0); for(ri=max;ri>=0;ri--) for(rj=0;rj<16;rj++) a[ri+1][rj]=a[ri][rj]; for(rj=0;rj<16;rj++) a[0][rj]=0; genbox(); drawbox(12); } else { printf("a"); lifebox(0); --life; lifebox(10); if(life==0) gameover(); else {drawbox(0);strt();} } } void drawbox(int c) { setcolor(c); for(ri=0;ri<18;ri++) for(rj=0;rj<16;rj++) if(a[ri][rj]==1) { max=ri; setfillstyle(INTERLEAVE_FILL,c); bar(50+rj*25,ri*25,50+rj*25+25,ri*25+25); if(c!=0) setcolor(14); rectangle(50+rj*25,ri*25,50+rj*25+25,ri*25+25); } setcolor(14); rectangle(50,0,450,475); } void shotbox(int rj) { int ri,r; drawbox(0); for(ri=18;ri>=0;ri--) if(a[ri][rj]==1) {a[ri][rj]=0; file://for(r=18;r>=ri;r--) setcolor(13); line(60+i*25,j*25,60+rj*25,ri*25); sound(480); delay(25); nosound(); putscore(0); if(score%100==0 && score!=0 ) { putscore(0); level++; putscore(10); if(speed==1) if(nbox==5) nbox=7; else if(nbox==7) nbox=9; else if(nbox==9) nbox=11; else { setcolor(10); drawbox(12); cout<<"a"; cleardevice(); gameover(); main(); } else speed--; putscore(0); score++; putscore(10); strt();break;} else{ score++; putscore(10); break;}} drawbox(12); setcolor(0); line(60+i*25,j*25,60+rj*25,ri*25); } void putscore(int color) { char str[20]; int c; c=getcolor(); setcolor(color); itoa(score*25,str,10); outtextxy(550,75,str); itoa(level,str,10); outtextxy(550,150,str); setcolor(c); } void lifebox(int color) { int i,c; c=getcolor(); setcolor(color); for(i=1;i<=life;i++) { setfillstyle(INTERLEAVE_FILL,color); bar(500,250+i*25,525,275+i*25); if(color) setcolor(14); rectangle(500,250+i*25,525,275+i*25); } setcolor(c); }

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