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Title Graphics Hangman
Author Email ianandpoonu [at]
Description This is a graphics hangman with both human vs human and cpu
human playing options. A very flexible game with lots of friendly user
interfaces. It is easy to handle.
while copying some of the long sentences are broken and rest is placed
the next line.
this may cause compilation errors. So please
join the parts to avoid compilation errors.

Category C++ » Games
Hits 24283
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#include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<string.h> #include<dos.h> #include<graphics.h> int select(int mult) { union REGS inregs, outregs ; int bli=1,use=1,key=34,i; settextstyle(2,0,5); while(key!=28) { if(bli>0) { use=bli; setfillstyle(1,0); bli=0-bli; } else if(bli<0) { use=0-bli; setfillstyle(1,8); bli=0-bli; } floodfill(221,111+use*40,15); delay(100); if(bli<0) { key=kbhit(); if(kbhit()) { inregs.h.ah = 0 ; int86(22, &inregs, &outregs) ; key=outregs.h.ah; } } if((key==72)&&(use>1)) { bli=use-1; } if((key==80)&&(use<mult)) { bli=use+1; } } if(bli<0) bli=0-bli; return(bli); } void main() { int driver=DETECT,mode; initgraph(&driver,&mode,""); clrscr(); int score,cho,b[15],ana,hang,num,guess,remain,count=-1,mica; char a[15],h,le='?',ques[41][15]={"kuwait","giraffe","zebra","elephant","ostrit ch","mangoose","donkey","baseball","rugby","crocodile","camel","chimpanzee ","dolphin","scorpion","tarantula","rattlesnake","alligator","greatdain"," alsation","dalmatian","bulldog","boxer","srilanka","indonesia","norway","v ietnam","cameroon","zimbabwe","mexico","argentina","panama","singapore","s weden","portugal","austria","switzerland","yugoslavia","greece","woodpecke r","viper"}; char clue[40][30]={"a country","a wild animal","a wild animal","a wild/domestic animal","a wild bird","a wild animal","a domestic animal","a game","a game","a reptile","a wild/domestic animal","a wild animal","a sea mammal","an arthropod","an arthropod","a snake","a reptile","a dog","a dog","a dog","a dog","a dog","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a country","a bird","a snake"}; char option[3][20]={"Human v/s human"," Human v/s cpu"," Exit"}; char cue[30],loop; char d[15],inpu; randomize(); guess=int(rand()%1000); remain=guess%40; do { for(int i=0;i<15;i++) { d[i]='_'; a[i]='?'; } mica=0; loop='y'; score=0; ana=1; hang=0; strcpy(cue," "); cleardevice(); setcolor(15); rectangle(0,0,639,479); setfillstyle(1,8); floodfill(100,100,15); settextstyle(3,0,4); setcolor(15); outtextxy(230,70,"HANG MAN"); rectangle(10,400,630,470); settextstyle(2,0,5); for(i=0;i<120;i+=40) { rectangle(220,150+i,390,180+i); setviewport(221,151+i,389,179+i,1); clearviewport(); setviewport(0,0,639,479,1); outtextxy(247,157+i,option[i/40]); rectangle(240,155+i,370,175+i); } outtextxy(30,380,"About the game:-"); outtextxy(20,420,"This game is very familiar to you. We will be hiding a word and you have to find"); outtextxy(30,440,"it by guessing each of it's letters, a clue will be provided."); cho=select(3); if(cho==1) { cleardevice(); setcolor(15); rectangle(0,0,639,479); setfillstyle(1,8); floodfill(100,100,15); count++; b[count]=40; outtextxy(120,150,"Now one of you who is going to guess, type in your word"); outtextxy(180,170,"(a single word < 13 words).I will hide it for you."); setbkcolor(8); i=0; h=0; while(h!=13) { gotoxy(3,2); h=getche(); a[i]=h; gotoxy(3,2); cout<<" "; i++; } a[i-1]='<num;j++) { cout<<" "<<d[j]; } gotoxy(28,26); if(hang==1) { line(540,150,540,170); } else if(hang==2) { circle(540,190,20); } else if(hang==3) { line(540,210,540,250); } else if(hang==4) { line(540,220,520,240); line(540,220,560,240); } else if(hang==5) { line(540,250,520,270); } else if(hang==6) { line(540,250,560,270); } if((hang>=6)) { setviewport(41,374,599,402,1); clearviewport(); setviewport(0,0,639,479,1); outtextxy(50,380,"you couldnot find the word,now I will fill the blanks"); if(d[mica]=='_') { for(long double gh=0;gh<39999999;gh++); d[mica]=a[mica]; } mica++; continue; } else if(ana>num) mica=num+1; if((ana<=num)&&(hang<=5)) { setviewport(41,374,599,402,1); clearviewport(); setviewport(0,0,639,479,1); outtextxy(50,380,"enter your guess :-"); gotoxy(28,25); cin>>le; if((le==a[0])||(le==a[1])||(le==a[2])||(le==a[3])||(le==a[4])||(le==a[5])| |(le==a[6])||(le==a[7])||(le==a[8])||(le==a[9])||(le==a[10])||(le==a[11])| |(le==a[12])||(le==a[13])) { for(int j=0;j<num;j++) { if(le==a[j]) { d[j]=a[j]; ana++; a[j]='1'; } } } else hang++; } else ana++; }while((mica-1)!=num); ret: setviewport(41,374,599,402,1); clearviewport(); setviewport(0,0,639,479,1); outtextxy(50,380,"Press n to know your score!!"); loop=getche(); if(loop!='n') goto ret; cleardevice(); rectangle(0,0,639,479); rectangle(370,100,620,350); rectangle(40,373,600,403); rectangle(20,100,270,350); setfillstyle(1,8); floodfill(1,1,15); line(450,150,450,300); line(420,300,480,300); line(450,150,540,150); line(540,150,540,170); circle(540,190,20); line(540,210,540,250); line(540,220,520,240); line(540,220,560,240); line(540,250,520,270); line(540,250,560,270); setviewport(41,374,599,402,1); clearviewport(); setviewport(0,0,639,479,1); outtextxy(50,380,"Want to try again(y/n)"); if(ana>=num) { outtextxy(50,150,"You Win!"); } else { outtextxy(50,150,"You Lose!"); } outtextxy(50,202,"Your Point is "); gotoxy(25,14); score=0; for(i=0;i<num;i++) { if(a[i]=='1') { score++; } } cout<<(score*100)/num; outtextxy(50,255,"The Answer is "); gotoxy(12,20); cout<<ques[b[count]]; inpu=getche(); }while(inpu=='Y'||inpu=='y'); cleardevice(); outtextxy(80,150,"This game is developed by Anand ts. Watch out! coming soon"); outtextxy(170,175,"from the same developer `THE ACE'!"); for(long double mas=0;mas<=99999999;mas++); exit(0); } 5,"75%"); bar(590,209,604,204); rectangle(590,209,604,204); outtextxy(590,194,"5%"); } else if(correct_answer==3) { bar(498,209,512,204); rectangle(498,209,512,204); outtextxy(498,194,"5%"); bar(530,209,544,190); rectangle(530,209,544,190); outtextxy(527,180,"15%"); bar(560,209,574,199); rectangle(560,209,574,199); outtextxy(559,189,"10%"); bar(590,209,604,138); rectangle(590,209,604,138); outtextxy(584,118,"70%"); } setcolor(11); settextstyle(7,0,2); if(correct_answer==0) outtextxy(51,384,"A)"); else if(correct_answer==1) outtextxy(331,384,"B)"); else if(correct_answer==2) outtextxy(51,433,"C)"); else if(correct_answer==3) outtextxy(331,433,"D)"); } return flag; } /************************************************************************* / //---------------------- show_score_card() ----------------------------// /************************************************************************* / void crorepati::show_score_card(int count) { setcolor(9); line(478,45,620,45); for(int i=0;i HTTP sta

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