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Title Macsi - space fighting game.
Author Macsi PÚter
Author Email pufirizs [at]
Description Macsi - space fighting game.
Category Pascal » Pascal Projects
Hits 374694
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{ Description: space fighting game } program game; uses crt; var x,y,position,a,b,d,enemy,bullet,n,life:integer; c:char; wrd:array[1..14] of char; procedure data; begin clrscr; textmode(co80); for n:=1 to 1000 do begin a:=random(80); b:=random(25); d:=random(13); textcolor(d); gotoxy(a,b); writeln('.'); end; gotoxy(1,8); textcolor(14); Writeln('The year is 4090 A.D ......':54);delay(500); writeln('The Dark Force from planet Xoro has wreaked havoc in the universe......':77);delay(500); writeln('You''r mission is to command the Rebel forces and Save the universe...':77);delay(500); writeln('You fly an Apache equipped with caesium lasers ...':63);delay(500); writeln('the most powerful weapon in the universe ...':57);delay(500); writeln('You are the only person that stands between the Dark Force and...':71); writeln('the rest of the Universe....':52); gotoxy(27,20); textcolor(11); writeln('Get ready for take off'); delay(1200); for n:=100 to 900 do begin sound(n); delay(10); nosound; end; end; procedure start; begin clrscr; textmode(co40); textcolor(4); gotoxy(14,12); delay(900); for n:=1 to 12 do begin write(wrd[n]); delay(50); sound(300); delay(100); nosound; end; delay(1000); textmode(co80); textcolor(11); gotoxy(20,10); writeln('Hit enter to start the game'); gotoxy(20,11); writeln('Hit space for help'); c:=readkey; if c=#13 then data; if c=#32 then begin textmode(co80); textcolor(4); gotoxy(20,10); writeln('To quit from the game press Esc'); gotoxy(20,11); writeln('To pause the game press P'); gotoxy(20,12); textcolor(11); writeln('To move your ship right press ', #26 ); gotoxy(20,13); textcolor(11); writeln('To move your ship left press ',#27); gotoxy(20,14); textcolor(4); writeln('To shoot press Z'); gotoxy(20,20); delay(1000); textcolor(20); writeln('SO SAY YOUR PRAYERS AND HIT ENTER'); readln; data; end; end; procedure hit; begin gotoxy(10,2); writeln('Take that..Heee...Heee':20); delay(550); randomize; repeat n:=random(80); x:=n; y:=1; until (n>=25) and (n<=55) ; enemy:=enemy-1; sound(500); delay(20); nosound; sound(550); delay(20); nosound; sound(600); delay(20); nosound; end; procedure dead; begin sound(1000); delay(400); nosound; textmode(co40); textcolor(9); gotoxy(15,10); writeln('GAME OVER'); delay(1500); readkey; end; procedure win; begin clrscr; textcolor(11); gotoxy(1,10); writeln('Congratulations........':51); writeln('You have saved the Universe from chaos and destruction..':66); writeln('As a reward for your courage and guts the Universe has ':66); writeln('made you its supreme Commander...':55); for n:=1 to 6 do begin sound(1100); delay(100); nosound; sound(1000); delay(80); nosound; sound(900); delay(60); nosound; sound(800); delay(40); nosound; end; readln; end; BEGIN {read the title} wrd[1]:='S';wrd[2]:='A';wrd[3]:='T';wrd[4]:='A';wrd[5]:='N';wrd[6]:='I'; wrd[7]:='C' ;wrd[8]:=' ';wrd[9]:='W';wrd[10]:='A';wrd[11]:='R';wrd[12]:='S'; start; {initialize all the values} x:=40; y:=1; position:=45; enemy:=20; bullet:=0; life:=10; repeat if y>23 then y:=1; clrscr; for n:=1 to 100 do {creates the flickering dots on the screen} begin randomize; a:=random(78); b:=random(25); textcolor(15); gotoxy(a,b); writeln('.'); end; textcolor(11); gotoxy(59,2); writeln('Dark Force=',enemy); gotoxy(59,3); for n:=1 to life do {displays the your status in terms of those little hearts} begin textcolor(4); write(#3); end; textcolor(1);{creates the enemy} gotoxy(x,y); writeln('( )'); gotoxy(x,y+1); textcolor(20); writeln(' o o'); gotoxy(x,y+2); textcolor(11); writeln(' O '); textcolor(14); {creates the gun} gotoxy(position,25); writeln(#15); delay(60); y:=y+1; if keypressed then {check for keyboard input} begin c:=readkey; if c=#27 then halt; if c='p' then readln; if c= 'z' then begin sound(900);delay(30);nosound; if position=(x+2) then hit; end; if c=#0 then begin c:=readkey; if ord(c)=77 then position:=position+1; if ord(c)=75 then position:=position-1; end; end; if y=23 then life:=life-1; until (enemy=0) or (life=0); if (enemy=0) and (life>0) then win; if (life=0) then dead; END.

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