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Title Library File for Mouse Activation & Usage
Author Atul Prakash
Author Email varta [at]
Description Here is a library of functions,KEYMOUSE.C, for MOUSE activation and usage.A simple but powerful programme DEMO.C also is included To show the use of the given Library File : KEYMOUSE.C, to some extent!
The rest remains waiting for you to explore further!!
Category C » Games and Graphics
Hits 317636
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Note:Two files are being given in this single file.Separate them first of all. Instructions: 1.Copy and patse keymouse.c at c: 2.Copy and paste demo.c at c: or at some other drive 3.Compile and Run demo.c Note: The two files are being typed in a single file and are separated by dashes.Make separate files breaking the two portions of this file and name them as suggested.Now they are ready for use. ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- /*The first file :keymouse.c*/ /*Header File for keyboard and mouse*/ /*-header files------------------------------*/ #include<dos.h> /*-variables---------------------------------*/ union REGS i,o; /*-function(1)-------------------------------*/ /*it waits for keyhit & gives the ascii-scan codes of the keyhit*/ readKey(int *ascii, int *scan) { i.h.ah=0x00; int86(0x16,&i,&o); *scan=o.h.ah; *; }/*End of readKey()*/ /*-function(2)-------------------------------*/ /*what does it do exaxtly ?:*/ watchKey(int *ascii, int *scan) { i.h.ah=0x01; int86(0x16,&i,&o); *scan=o.h.ah; *; }/*End of watchKey()*/ /*-function(3)-------------------------------*/ /*resets mouse and gets status*/ /*if successful returns zero*/ initMouse() {; int86(0x33,&i,&o); return(; }/*End of initMouse()*/ /*-function(4)-------------------------------*/ /*shows mouse pointer*/ showMouse() {; int86(0x33,&i,&o); }/*End of showMouse()*/ /*-function(5)-------------------------------*/ /*hides mouse pointer*/ hideMouse() {; int86(0x33,&i,&o); }/*End of hideMouse()*/ /*-function(6)-------------------------------*/ /*gets mouse position and button status*/ /* value of *button meaning 0 left button pressed 1 right button pressed 2 centre button pressed */ getMousePos(int *button,int *x,int *y) {; int86(0x33,&i,&o); *button=o.x.bx; *; *y=o.x.dx; }/*End of getMousePos()*/ /*-function(7)-------------------------------*/ /*sets mouse position */ setMousePos(int x,int y) {;; i.x.dx=y; int86(0x33,&i,&o); }/*End of setMousePos()*/ /*-function(8)-------------------------------*/ /*sets horizontal limits for pointer*/ setMouseHoriz(int minX,int maxX) {;; i.x.dx=maxX; }/*End of setMouseHoriz()*/ /*-function(9)-------------------------------*/ /*sets vertical limits for pointer*/ setMouseVert(int minY,int maxY) {;; i.x.dx=maxY; }/*End of setMouseVert()*/ /*-function(10)------------------------------*/ /*restricts mouse pointer within the rectangular range*/ restrictMouse(int left,int top,int right,int bottom) { setMouseHoriz(left,right); setMouseVert(top,bottom); }/*End of restrictMouse()*/ /*-function(11)------------------------------*/ /* It returns 1 if the mouse cursor is within the given range. Otherwise it returns 0. It also returns *button, that is the button of mouse pressed. */ isMouseIn(int left,int top,int right,int bottom,int *button) { int x,y; getMousePos(button,&x,&y); if(x>=left && x<=right && y>=top && y<=bottom) return(1); else return(0); }/*End of isMouseIn()*/  ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- /*The second file:demo.c*/ /*Demonstration of Mouse*/ #include<c:keymouse.c> #include<graphics.h> #include<alloc.h> main() { int x,y,click,test,test1,toggleC=0,togS=0,TOGS=1,togB=0,toggleCC=0,TOGB=1; int togF=0,TOGF=1,area,togBuff=0,togM=0,togR=0,TOGR=0,togRR=0; int togMM=0,togMMM=0,prevx,prevy,jerk=0,togFLG=0; int rpopx,rpopy; char *buff,*buff1; int gd=DETECT,gm; initgraph(&gd,&gm,"c:\tc\bgi"); cleardevice(); /*------------------------------------------*/ /*background window*/ setfillstyle(1,3); bar(0,0,getmaxx(),getmaxy()); /*------------------------------------------*/ /*foreground window*/ setfillstyle(1,7); bar3d(10,10,getmaxx()-10,getmaxy()-10,0,0); setcolor(14); /*------------------------------------------*/ /*title bar*/ setcolor(14); setfillstyle(1,1); bar3d(12,12,getmaxx()-12,32,0,0); outtextxy(22,18,"Mouse Illustration"); setcolor(14); setfillstyle(1,1); bar3d(getmaxx()-32,15,getmaxx()-15,29,0,0); setcolor(14); outtextxy(getmaxx()-26,19,"X"); /*------------------------------------------*/ /*file menu*/ setfillstyle(1,9); setcolor(14); bar3d(14,34,70,50,0,0); outtextxy(26,38,"file"); /*------------------------------------------*/ /*check box*/ setcolor(0); setfillstyle(1,15); bar3d(52,112,62,122,0,0); setcolor(15); line(62,112,62,122); line(52,122,62,122); /*------------------------------------------*/ /*button*/ setcolor(0); setfillstyle(1,7); bar3d(52,132,120,152,0,0); setcolor(15); line(52,132,52,152); line(52,132,120,132); setcolor(0); outtextxy(60,137,"intro"); /*------------------------------------------*/ /*mouse activation*/ initMouse(); setMousePos(50,50); showMouse(); /*------------------------------------------*/ /*Demo of mouse*/ while(1) { /*-reading mouse----------------------------*/ getMousePos(&click,&x,&y); /*-determining if the mouse is moved--------*/ if(prevx!=x || prevy!=y) { jerk=1; } else jerk=0; /*-storing the laest mouse position---------*/ prevx=x; prevy=y; /*------------------------------------------*/ /*-the cross button of the title bar--------*/ test=isInRange(x,y,getmaxx()-32,15,getmaxx()-15,29); if(test==1 && click==1) break; /*-file menu--------------------------------*/ test=isInRange(x,y,14,34,70,50); if(test==1 && click==1 && TOGF==1) { hideMouse(); setcolor(9); outtextxy(26,38,"file"); setcolor(14); outtextxy(25,37,"file"); setcolor(7); rectangle(14,34,70,50); /*washing the right click popup*/ if(togR==1) { putimage(rpopx,rpopy,buff1,COPY_PUT); free(buff1); togR=0; } /*drop down menu*/ if(togM==0) { if(togBuff==0) { area=imagesize(14,52,130,220); buff=malloc(area); getimage(14,52,130,220,buff); togBuff=1; } setcolor(14); setfillstyle(1,9); bar3d(14,52,130,220,0,0); setcolor(14); outtextxy(20,62,"Author"); outtextxy(20,82,"Exit"); togM=1; } else /* togM==1*/ { putimage(14,52,buff,COPY_PUT); free(buff); togBuff=0; togM=0; } showMouse(); togF=1; TOGF=0; } if(togM==1) { test=isInRange(x,y,17,60,124,72); if(test==1 && togMM==0) { hideMouse(); setcolor(9); rectangle(17,80,124,92); setcolor(14); rectangle(17,60,124,72); showMouse(); togMM=1; } test=isInRange(x,y,17,80,124,92); if(test==1 && togMM==0) { hideMouse(); setcolor(9); rectangle(17,60,124,72); setcolor(14); rectangle(17,80,124,92); showMouse(); togMM=1; } if(jerk==1) togMM=0; } test=isInRange(x,y,14,52,130,220); if(test==1 && click==1 && togM==1) { hideMouse(); putimage(14,52,buff,COPY_PUT); free(buff); showMouse(); togM=0; togBuff=0; } if(click==0 && togF==1) { hideMouse(); if(togBuff==1) { test=isInRange(x,y,14,52,130,220); test1=isInRange(x,y,14,34,70,50); if(test!=1 && test1!=1) { putimage(14,52,buff,COPY_PUT); free(buff); togBuff=0; togM=0; } } setcolor(9); outtextxy(25,37,"file"); setcolor(14); outtextxy(26,38,"file"); setcolor(14); rectangle(14,34,70,50); showMouse(); togF=0; TOGF=1; } if(click==1 && togBuff==1) { hideMouse(); test=isInRange(x,y,14,52,130,220); test1=isInRange(x,y,14,34,70,50); if(test!=1 && test1!=1) { putimage(14,52,buff,COPY_PUT); free(buff); togBuff=0; togM=0; } showMouse(); } if(click==2 && togBuff==1) { hideMouse(); putimage(14,52,buff,COPY_PUT); free(buff); togBuff=0; togM=0; showMouse(); } /*-right click popup--------------------------------*/ if(click==2 && togR==0) { hideMouse(); if(x<20) x=20; if(y<52) y=52; if(x+100>getmaxx()-20) x=(getmaxx()-20)-100; if(y+100>getmaxy()-20) y=(getmaxy()-20)-100; setMousePos(x,y); hideMouse(); area=imagesize(x,y,x+100,y+100); buff1=malloc(area); getimage(x,y,x+100,y+100,buff1); setfillstyle(1,9); setcolor(14); bar3d(x,y,x+100,y+100,0,0); showMouse(); outtextxy(x+20,y+10,"About"); outtextxy(x+20,y+30,"Exit"); showMouse(); rpopx=x; rpopy=y; togR=1; } if(togR==1) { test=isInRange(x,y,rpopx+5,rpopy+7,rpopx+95,rpopy+20); if(test==1 && togMMM==0) { hideMouse(); setcolor(9); rectangle(rpopx+5,rpopy+26,rpopx+95,rpopy+40); setcolor(14); rectangle(rpopx+5,rpopy+7,rpopx+95,rpopy+20); showMouse(); togMMM=1; } test=isInRange(x,y,rpopx+5,rpopy+26,rpopx+95,rpopy+40); if(test==1 && togMMM==0) { hideMouse(); setcolor(9); rectangle(rpopx+5,rpopy+7,rpopx+95,rpopy+20); setcolor(14); rectangle(rpopx+5,rpopy+26,rpopx+95,rpopy+40); showMouse(); togMMM=1; } if(jerk==1) togMMM=0; } if(click==1 && togR==1) { hideMouse(); putimage(rpopx,rpopy,buff1,COPY_PUT); free(buff1); test=isInRange(x,y,rpopx+5,rpopy+26,rpopx+95,rpopy+40); if(test==1) break; test=isInRange(x,y,rpopx+5,rpopy+7,rpopx+95,rpopy+20); if(test==1) { setcolor(14); rectangle(45,175,150,415); outtextxy(50,180,"This is a"); outtextxy(50,200,"proramme to"); outtextxy(50,220,"show the"); outtextxy(50,240,"mouse & "); outtextxy(50,260,"window"); outtextxy(50,280,"features."); setfillstyle(1,9); bar3d(70,370,120,390,0,0); outtextxy(85,375,"ok"); } showMouse(); togR=0; } /*-file menu: code of submenus-------------------*/ if(click==1) { hideMouse(); test=isInRange(x,y,17,60,124,72); if(test==1) { setfillstyle(1,7); bar3d(170,60,595,450,0,0); outtextxy(180,70,"Atul Prakash"); outtextxy(180,90,""); toggleCC=0; } test=isInRange(x,y,17,80,124,92); if(test==1) { break; } showMouse(); } /*code for "ok" button of the box made by a click at "about" submenu of the right click popup---*/ test=isInRange(x,y,70,370,120,390); if(test==1 && click==1) { hideMouse(); setfillstyle(1,7); bar(45,175,150,415); showMouse(); } /*code for the Comment Flag that popups when the mouse cursor touches the title bar.*/ test=isInRange(x,y,12,12,getmaxx()-12,32); if(test==1 && click==0) { if(togFLG==0) { hideMouse(); setfillstyle(1,9); setcolor(14); bar3d(75,34,620,50,0,0); outtextxy(80,38,"Contact for further discussion: : Atul Prakash"); showMouse(); togFLG=1; } } else { if(togFLG==1) { hideMouse(); setfillstyle(1,7); setcolor(7); bar3d(75,34,620,50,0,0); showMouse(); togFLG=0; } } /*code segment for right click popup----------*/ if(click==0 && togR==1) { TOGR=1; } if(click==2 && togR==1 && TOGR==1) { hideMouse(); putimage(rpopx,rpopy,buff1,COPY_PUT); free(buff1); showMouse(); togR=0; TOGR=0; } /*-check box----------------------------------*/ test=isInRange(x,y,52,112,62,122); if(test==1 && click==1 && TOGS==1) { hideMouse(); setcolor(toggleC); if(togM==0) outtextxy(54,114,"+"); showMouse(); togS=1; TOGS=0; } if(click==0 && togS==1) { if(toggleC==0) toggleC=15; else toggleC=0; togS=0; TOGS=1; } /*-"intro" button--------------------------------------*/ test=isInRange(x,y,52,132,120,152); if(test==1 && click==1 && TOGB==1) { hideMouse(); if(togM==0) { setcolor(7); outtextxy(60,137,"intro"); setcolor(0); outtextxy(59,136,"intro"); if(toggleCC==7) { setfillstyle(1,toggleCC); bar(170,60,595,450); } else { setcolor(toggleCC); setfillstyle(1,7); bar3d(170,60,595,450,0,0); outtextxy(180,80,"This is a simple programme and its prime intention"); outtextxy(180,94,"is just to give a feel of how a very simple "); outtextxy(180,108,"window application could be developed using mouse."); outtextxy(180,122,"Try your hand to see how different things here "); outtextxy(180,136,"are programmed to interact!"); outtextxy(180,154,"It is basically an illustration of the file"); outtextxy(180,168,"named as keymouse.c"); setcolor(14); outtextxy(180,186,"So the main() function is kept very simple."); outtextxy(180,200,"The essence is, study keymouse.c thoroughly"); outtextxy(180,214,"and then have a look over the main()."); setcolor(14); outtextxy(180,245,"Here are shown: "); setcolor(0); outtextxy(180,265,"1.Drop Down menu"); outtextxy(180,285,"2.Check Box"); outtextxy(180,305,"3.Command Button"); outtextxy(180,325,"4.Right Click PopUp"); outtextxy(180,345,"5.Exit Icon of the Title Bar"); outtextxy(420,265,"6.Comment Flag"); setcolor(6); outtextxy(420,285,"Take the cursor to"); outtextxy(420,305,"the Title Bar to"); outtextxy(420,325,"see it."); setcolor(1); outtextxy(180,380,"A number of wonderful things can be done using such"); outtextxy(180,400,"techniques,..with the help of the keymouse.c file."); } setcolor(0); line(52,132,52,152); line(52,132,120,132); setcolor(15); line(120,132,120,152); line(52,152,120,152); } showMouse(); togB=1; TOGB=0; } if(click==0 && togB==1) { hideMouse(); if(togM==0) { setcolor(7); outtextxy(59,136,"intro"); setcolor(0); outtextxy(60,137,"intro"); setcolor(15); line(52,132,52,152); line(52,132,120,132); setcolor(0); line(120,132,120,152); line(52,152,120,152); } if(toggleCC==0) toggleCC=7; else toggleCC=0; showMouse(); togB=0; TOGB=1; } } /*------------------------------------------*/ closegraph(); restorecrtmode(); } /*This function checks if the coordinates(x,y) are within the range (left,top) ,(right,bottom)*/ isInRange(int x,int y,int left,int top,int right,int bottom) { if(x>=left && x<=right && y>=top && y<=bottom) return(1); else return(0); }

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