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Title INITool Object
Description The INITool Object allows an ASP programmer to work with INI files
on the server.

No exposed properties.

You must call the Load() method before calling any other methods of the


saves any changes made to the INI file after the last call to the Load()
method. Overwrites an existing INI file or creates a new INI file if the
file doesn't exist.


purges the internal hash table of header/key/value combinations. If the
Save() method is called, this will clear the ini file and replace it with
0 bytes of data (will not delete the file). The internal hash table contains
no valid data after the Clear() method is called. You must call Load() to
repopulate the hashtable after calling Clear() if you wish to continue
working with INI files...

object.Remove(header, key)

removes a key/value combination from a specified header in the internal
hash table. If save() is called, this key/value combination will be removed
from the specified header in the INI file.

object.Write(header, key, value)

creates a new header/key/value combination or updates the value of an
already existing header/key/value combination. If the header doesn't already
exist, it is added to the internal hash table along with an attached key and
value. If the header already exists but the key doesn't, the key is created
under the already existing header. If the header/key combination already
exists and has a value, the value is reset with the newly entered value.
Changes to the actual INI file do not take effect until you call the Save()

variant = object.Read(header, key, defaultvalue)

reads the value of a specified key in the specified header. If the header
or key doesn't exist, defaultvalue is returned. Otherwise the value of key
is returned.


remnants of debugging. prints the contents of the internal hashtable at
that particular moment. all existing and newly created header/key/value
pairs are stored in this hash table after the load() method is called.
Calling the Read(), Write(), Remove() and Clear() methods affects the
internal hash table only and not the actual INI file. The actual INI file
is not over-written until the save() method is called. The internal hash
table is cleared only when either the clear() or load() methods are called
or when the INITool class is created or set to nothing.


loads an INI file's header/key/value combinations into an internal hash table
so the data can be more easily worked with by the class. If the INI file
specified in absolutepath doesn't exist, the internal hash table representing
the INI file's contents will be empty. You can add to the loaded INI file with
the Write() method. You commit to changes or create a new INI file by calling
the Save() method. Load() must be called before any other methods of the class.

array = object.Headers()

returns an array containing all header names in the INI file specified
in the Load() argument. Use the VBScript inherent function IsArray to
test the return value to see if it contains any valid data.

array = object.Keys(header)

returns an array containing all key names under the header specified in the
header argument in the INI file specified in the Load Argument. Use the
VBScript inherent function IsArray to test the return value to see if it
contains any valid data.
Category ASP » Files
Hits 3225
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<% Class INITool Private dHeaders 'Scripting.Dictionary Private fso 'Scripting.FileSystemObject Private gblPath Private Sub Class_Initialize Set dHeaders = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") dHeaders.RemoveAll End Sub Private Sub Class_Terminate dHeaders.RemoveAll Set dHeaders = Nothing End Sub Public Sub Load(ByVal fPath) 'load file into dictionary by header Dim f, s, key, value, dKeysVals, lastHeader dHeaders.RemoveAll gblPath = fPath Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") If fso.fileexists(fPath) Then Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(fPath, 1, False) While Not f.atendofstream s = Trim(f.readline) If Not Left(s, 1) = ";" Then If Left(s, 1) = "[" And Right(s, 1) = "]" Then lastHeader = Mid(s, 2, Len(s) - 2) If Not dHeaders.Exists(s) Then dHeaders.Add UCase(lastHeader), lastHeader End If Else If Len(Trim(s)) > 0 Then key = Left(s, InStr(s, "=") - 1) value = Right(s, Len(s) - InStr(s, "=")) If Not dHeaders.Exists(UCase(lastHeader) & _ "~" & UCase(key)) Then dHeaders.Add UCase(lastHeader) & _ "~" & UCase(key), value End If End If End If End If Wend f.Close Set f = Nothing End If Set fso = Nothing End Sub Public Sub DumpHashTable Dim Item Response.Write("<PRE>") For Each Item In dHeaders.Keys Response.Write( Item & vbCrLf ) Response.Write( dHeaders.Item(Item) & vbCrLf & vbCrLf ) Next Response.Write("</PRE>") End Sub Public Function Read(ByVal header, ByVal key, ByVal defaultvalue) Dim s s = "" If dHeaders.Exists(UCase(header) & "~" & UCase(key)) Then s = dHeaders.Item(UCase(header) & "~" & UCase(key)) End If If s = "" Then s = defaultvalue Read = s End Function Public Function Write(ByVal header, ByVal key, ByVal newvalue) If Not dHeaders.Exists(UCase(header)) Then 'create header dHeaders.Add UCase(header), header End If If dHeaders.Exists(UCase(header) & "~" & UCase(key)) Then 'update value of key dHeaders.Item(UCase(header) & "~" & UCase(key)) = newvalue Else 'add key/value combo dHeaders.Add UCase(header) & "~" & UCase(key), newvalue End If End Function Public Sub Remove(ByVal header, ByVal key) If dHeaders.Exists(UCase(header) & "~" & UCase(key)) Then dHeaders.Remove UCase(header) & "~" & UCase(key) End If End Sub Public Function Headers() Dim Item, s For Each Item In dHeaders.Keys If UCase(Item) = UCase(dHeaders.Item(Item)) Then s = s & dHeaders.Item(Item) & "~" End If Next If Len(s) > 0 Then s = Left(s, Len(s) - 1) If InStr(s, "~") Then Headers = Split(s, "~") Else Headers = "" End If End Function Public Function Keys(ByVal header) Dim item, s, re, tmp Set re = New RegExp re.ignorecase = True re.pattern = "^" & header & "~" For Each Item In dHeaders.Keys If re.test(Item) Then tmp = Mid(Item, InStr(Item, "~") + 1) If Trim(tmp) <> "" Then s = s & tmp & "~" End If End If Next Set re = Nothing If Len(s) > 0 Then s = Left(s, Len(s) - 1) If InStr(s, "~") Then Keys = Split(s, "~") Else Keys = "" End If End Function Public Sub Clear dHeaders.RemoveAll End Sub Public Sub Save() Dim Item, oRs, header, key, value, last, f Set oRs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") oRs.Fields.Append "Header", 200, 100 ' 100 char limit on headers oRs.Fields.Append "Key", 200, 65 ' 65 char limit on keys oRs.Fields.Append "Value", 200, 255 ' 255 char limit on value oRs.Open For Each Item In dHeaders.Keys If Item <> dHeaders.Item(Item) Then If InStr(Item, "~") > 0 Then header = Left(Item, InStr(Item, "~") - 1) key = Mid(Item, InStr(Item, "~") + 1) value = dHeaders.Item(Item) oRs.AddNew oRs.Fields("Header").Value = header oRs.Fields("Key").Value = key oRs.Fields("Value").Value = value oRs.Update End If End If Next Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(gblPath, 2, True) If Not oRs.BOF Then oRs.Sort = "Header asc, Key asc" oRs.MoveFirst While Not oRS.EOF If last <> oRs.Fields("Header").Value Then f.WriteLine "[" & oRs.Fields("Header").Value & "]" last = oRs.Fields("Header").Value End If f.WriteLine oRs.Fields("Key").Value & "=" & _ oRs.Fields("Value").Value oRs.MoveNext Wend Else f.write "" End If f.Close Set f = Nothing Set fso = Nothing oRs.Close Set oRs = Nothing End Sub End Class %>

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