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Title File Upload
Description Uploads a file to the server
Category ASP » Files
Hits 6230
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<html> <head> <title>File Upload</title> </head> <body> <%response.buffer=True Func = Request("Func") If IsEmpty(Func) Then Func = 1 End If Select Case Func Case 1 'You do not need to use this form to sen ' d your files. 'However you should not give your submit ' button a NAME or ID. %> <font face=verdana> <H2>Please Select a File To Upload.</H1> <FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" ACTION="saveany.asp?func=2" METHOD=POST id=form1 name=form1> <TABLE> <TR><TD>Type In the full path And name of the file To upload.</TD></TR> <TR><TD>-Or-</TD></TR> <TR><TD>Hit the [Browse] button To find the file On your computer.<BR><BR></TD></TR> <TR><TD>Then hit the [Upload] button.<BR><BR></TD></TR> <TR><TD><STRONG>File Name...</STRONG></TD></TR> <TR><TD><Input NAME=File1 SIZE=30 Type=file><BR></TD></TR> <TR><TD><Input NAME=File2 SIZE=30 Type=file><BR></TD></TR> <TR><TD><Input NAME=File2 SIZE=30 Type=file><BR></TD></TR> <TR><TD align=Left><Input Type="submit" value="Upload File"><BR><BR></TD></TR> <TR><TD>NOTE: Please be patient, you will Not receive any notification until the file Is completely transferred.<BR><BR></TD></TR> </TABLE> </font> <% Case 2 ForWriting = 2 adLongVarChar = 201 lngNumberUploaded = 0 'Get binary data from form noBytes = Request.TotalBytes binData = Request.BinaryRead (noBytes) 'convery the binary data to a string Set RST = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") LenBinary = LenB(binData) If LenBinary > 0 Then RST.Fields.Append "myBinary", adLongVarChar, LenBinary RST.Open RST.AddNew RST("myBinary").AppendChunk BinData RST.Update strDataWhole = RST("myBinary") End If 'Creates a raw data file for with all da ' ta sent. Uncomment for debuging. 'Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 'Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(server.mappath(".") & " aw.txt", ForWriting, True) 'f.Write strDataWhole 'set f = nothing 'set fso = nothing 'get the boundry indicator strBoundry = Request.ServerVariables ("HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE") lngBoundryPos = InStr(1,strBoundry,"boundary=") + 8 strBoundry = "--" & Right(strBoundry,Len(strBoundry)-lngBoundryPos) 'Get first file boundry positions. lngCurrentBegin = InStr(1,strDataWhole,strBoundry) lngCurrentEnd = InStr(lngCurrentBegin + 1,strDataWhole,strBoundry) - 1 Do While lngCurrentEnd > 0 'Get the data between current boundry an ' d remove it from the whole. strData = Mid(strDataWhole,lngCurrentBegin, lngCurrentEnd - lngCurrentBegin) strDataWhole = Replace(strDataWhole,strData,"") 'Get the full path of the current file. lngBeginFileName = InStr(1,strdata,"filename=") + 10 lngEndFileName = InStr(lngBeginFileName,strData,Chr(34)) 'Make sure they selected at least one fi ' le. If lngBeginFileName = lngEndFileName And lngNumberUploaded = 0 Then Response.Write "<font face=verdana><H2> The following Error occured.</H2>" Response.Write "You must Select at least one file To upload" Response.Write "<BR><BR>Hit the back button, make the needed corrections and resubmit your information." Response.Write "<BR><BR><INPUT type='button' onclick='history.go(-1)' value='<< Back' id='button'1 name='button'1></font>" Response.End End If 'There could be one or more empty file b ' oxes. If lngBeginFileName <> lngEndFileName Then strFilename = Mid(strData,lngBeginFileName,lngEndFileName - lngBeginFileName) 'Creates a raw data file with data betwe ' en current boundrys. Uncomment for debug ' ing. 'Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 'Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(server.mappath(".") & " aw_" & lngNumberUploaded & ".txt", ForWriting, True) 'f.Write strData 'set f = nothing 'set fso = nothing 'Loose the path information and keep jus ' t the file name. tmpLng = InStr(1,strFilename,"") Do While tmpLng > 0 PrevPos = tmpLng tmpLng = InStr(PrevPos + 1,strFilename,"") Loop FileName = Right(strFilename,Len(strFileName) - PrevPos) 'Get the begining position of the file d ' ata sent. 'if the file type is registered with the ' browser then there will be a Content-Typ ' e lngCT = InStr(1,strData,"Content-Type:") If lngCT > 0 Then lngBeginPos = InStr(lngCT,strData,Chr(13) & Chr(10)) + 4 Else lngBeginPos = lngEndFileName End If 'Get the ending position of the file dat ' a sent. lngEndPos = Len(strData) 'Calculate the file size. lngDataLenth = lngEndPos - lngBeginPos 'Get the file data strFileData = Mid(strData,lngBeginPos,lngDataLenth) 'Create the file. Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath(".") & "" & FileName, ForWriting, True) f.Write strFileData Set f = Nothing Set fso = Nothing lngNumberUploaded = lngNumberUploaded + 1 End If 'Get then next boundry postitions if any ' . lngCurrentBegin = InStr(1,strDataWhole,strBoundry) lngCurrentEnd = InStr(lngCurrentBegin + 1,strDataWhole,strBoundry) - 1 Loop Response.Write "<H2>File(s) Uploaded</H2>" Response.Write lngNumberUploaded & " files have been uploaded.<BR>" Response.Write "<BR><BR><INPUT type='button' onclick='document.location=" & Chr(34) & "saveany.asp" & Chr(34) & "' value='<< Back to Listings' id='button'1 name='button'1>" End Select %> </BODY> </HTML>

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