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Title ASP Form Maker
Description Creates an HTML form given an ADO recordset. Uses different controls (textbox, checkbox, textarea) for different datatypes. Determines maxlength property based on datatype. Keeps some useful info in hidden fields.
Category ASP » HTML Formatting
Hits 320176
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.moreTblTags .moreCaptionTags .moreCellTags .moreRowTags Other: .uniqueField - defaults To 0. change If needed. .print(rs) - prints one record from the recordset. ' ' Returns:uses response.write to output ' nicely formatted HTML (with tabs and lin ' efeeds). ' ' Assumes:Tested on all JET/ADO datatype ' s. Extensive SQL server testing coming s ' oon. Should work though. There are some hidden fields With no value that you can update With JS If you like (example 'selected field'). You should use cascading style sheets To format the form. NS & IE Event management In Next version. ' ' Side Effects:Writes query string to a ' hidden field if you don't use a view. Does Not correctly determine maxlength For numeric types (except short Int, And Byte). ' <% 'TO DO: ' cross-browser event handling (caption ' onclick, field on change) 'shouldn't use HTML tags for formatting, ' use CSS 'verify with all SQL Server types. 'add 'goto hyperlink' and 'sendmail' ico ' ns if field contains (only) a url 'fix maxlength. shows number of bits for ' numbers. ' end to do Class CRecordEdit Public moreTblTags Public moreRowTags Public moreCaptionTags Public moreCellTags Private m_iPKFld Public Property Let uniqueField(ByVal p) m_iPKFld=uniqueField End Property Private Sub class_initialize() m_iPKFld=0 End Sub Public Sub Print(ByRef rs) With response .write "<TABLE" .write " " & moreTblTags .write ">" & vbCr Dim fld For Each fld In rs.fields .write vbTab & "<TR" .write " " & moreRowTags .write ">" .write "<TH" Select Case fld.type Case 3,17,2,131,5,6,4,130,129,202,200,72,7,135,203,201 .write " onClick=""" & & ".focus();""" Case 11 : .write " onClick=""" & & ".checked=!" & & ".checked;""" 'boolean End Select .write " " & moreCaptionTags .write ">" .write .write "</TH>" .write "<TD" ' .write " " & moreCellTags .write ">" Call showControl(fld) .write "</TD>" .write "</TR>" & vbCr Next .write "</TABLE>" .write vbCr & "<INPUT type=""hidden"" name=""query"" value=""" & rs.source & """>" .write vbCr & "<INPUT type=""hidden"" name=""dateAccessed"" value=""" & Now() & """>" .write vbCr & "<INPUT type=""hidden"" name=""uniqueField"" value=""" & rs.fields(m_iPKFld).name & """>" .write vbCr & "<INPUT type=""hidden"" name=""changedFields"" value="""">" .write vbCr & "<INPUT type=""hidden"" name=""selectedField"" value="""">" .write vbCr & "<INPUT type=""hidden"" name=""selectedValue"" value="""">" End With End Sub Private Sub showControl(ByRef fld) Dim name,val,maxLength,width,ftype val=fld.value maxLength=fld.definedSize width="" ftype=fld.type 'took out widths, use CSS Select Case ftype Case 7,135 'dates maxLength=22 ' width=21 Case 3,4,5,6 maxLength=99 'should figure this out actually Case 2 'adSmallInt (-32,000) maxLength=7 ' width=7 Case 72 'GUID maxLength=38 ' width=43 Case 17 'byte maxlength=3 ' width=3 End Select Select Case ftype Case 3,17,2,131,5,6,4,130,129,202,200,72,7,135 'regular text With response .write "<INPUT" .write " type=""text""" .write " name=""" & name & """" .write " value=""" & val & """" If Len(maxLength)>0 Then .write " maxlength=""" & maxLength & """" ' if len(width)>0 then .write " s ' ize=""" & width & """" .write " onFocus="";""" .write " " & moreCellTags .write ">" End With Case 203,201 'memo With response .write "<TEXTAREA" .write " name=""" & name & """" .write " rows=""4""" .write " cols=""40""" .write " onFocus="";""" .write " " & moreCellTags .write ">" .write val .write "</TEXTAREA>" End With Case 11 'boolean With response .write "<INPUT" .write " type=""checkBox""" .write " name=""" & name & """" .write " value=""true""" If val Then .write " checked " .write moreCellTags .write ">" End With Case Else Response.Write "<Binary>" End Select With response .write vbCr & vbTab & "<INPUT type=""hidden"" name=""" & name & "UNDERLYING"" value=""" & val & """>" .write vbCr & vbTab & "<INPUT type=""hidden"" name=""" & name & "ADOTYPE"" value=""" & ftype & """>" End With End Sub End Class %>

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