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Title Table Database Display via GetRows
Description This page demonstrates the capabilities how to display a table from a SQL statement a very fast and scaleable way using a recordset method called GetRows. GetRows that move many records and fields into a memory array. Once in the array it is accessed very fast. If you read the code closely you will notice it can free up the recordset and connection object earlier than the traditional loop thus freeing up those resources for other scripts. The array fields are accessed by number, a script at: shows how to combine the speed of getrows and simulate named fields using dictionary objects. In terms of why this is faster and reduces server resource consumption, read: to see an in-depth explanation. rips getrows to shreds speed-wise as the backend transfers one big string instead of a complex array structure but formatting is SOOOOO limited (unless you know Regexps like the back of your hand....)
Category ASP » SQL
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<%@enablesessionstate=false%> <%response.buffer=true%> <html><head> <TITLE>dbtablegetrows.asp</TITLE> </head> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <% ' displays a database in table form via GetRows myDSN="DSN=Student;uid=student;pwd=magic" mySQL="select * from publishers where state='NY'" showblank=" " shownull="-null-" Set conntemp=Server.CreateObject("adodb.connection") myDSN Set rstemp=conntemp.execute(mySQL) If rstemp.eof Then Response.Write "No records matched<br>" Response.Write mySQL & "<br>So cannot make table..." Call CloseAll Response.End End If Response.Write "<table border='1'><tr>" & vbCrLf 'Put Headings On The Table of Field Names For Each whatever In rstemp.fields Response.Write "<td><b>" & & "</B></TD>" & vbCrLf Next Response.Write "</tr>" & vbCrLf ' Now lets grab all the records alldata=rstemp.getrows Call CloseAll numcols=UBound(alldata,1) numrows=UBound(alldata,2) For rowcounter= 0 To numrows Response.Write "<tr>" & vbCrLf For colcounter=0 To numcols thisfield=alldata(colcounter,rowcounter) If IsNull(thisfield) Then thisfield=shownull End If If Trim(thisfield)="" Then thisfield=showblank End If Response.Write "<td valign=top>" Response.Write thisfield Response.Write "</td>" & vbCrLf Next Response.Write "</tr>" & vbCrLf Next Response.Write "</table>" %> </body></html> <% Sub CloseAll rstemp.close Set rstemp=Nothing conntemp.close Set conntemp=Nothing End Sub %>

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