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Title kaun Banega Lakhpati
Author suchan badyakar
Author Email suchanb2000 [at]
Category C » Games and Graphics
Hits 82190
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Code : #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<dos.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<graphics.h> void draw_screen(); void end_cong(); void sound_p1(); void sound_cong(); void main() { int chosen,ans,act,act1,m; long int money; int qqq; m=0;money=0; randomize(); draw_screen(); textcolor(YELLOW); printf("T H I S P R O G R A M H A S B E E N M A D E B Y: S U C H A N"); sound_p1(); printf(" enter your bank account number:"); scanf("%d",&qqq); for(int n=1;n<=12;n=n+1) { clrscr(); chosen=random(25); switch(chosen) { case 0: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHEN WAS ABRAHAM LINCOLN ASSASINATED ?"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.1865 3.1871"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.1866 4.1800"); act=1; break; case 1: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHEN WAS ABRAHAM LINCOLN ASSASINATED ?"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.1865 3.1871"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.1866 4.1800"); act=1; break; case 2: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHO GAVE THE SLOGON 'DO OR DIE'?"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.GEORGE BUSH 3.LALJI PRASAD"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.MAHATMA GANDHI 4.SALMAN KHAN"); act=2; break; case 3: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHO INTRODUCED INDRAJATRA IN NEPAL ?"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.PRATAP SINGH 3.GUNAKAMADEVA"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.JAY PRAKASH 4.NARENDRADEVA"); act=3; break; case 4: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHO ESTABLISHED 'DAKSHINKALI'?"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:JAYA PRAKASH 3.SADAR SINGH"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.AMARSHIN THAPA 4.PRATAP MALLA"); act=4; break; case 5: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("FATHER OF COMPUTER"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:charles babbage"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.buwank.c. 4.tribuwan"); act=1; break; case 6: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("HOW FAR IS NEPAL FROM SEA?"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.5362 3.100"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.1127 4.5213"); act=2; break; case 7: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHICH IS THE LARGEST DISTRICT OF NEPAL"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.ROLPA 3.DOLPA"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.PALPA 4.MALPA"); act=3; break; case 8: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("LAND OF EXTREMES..."); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.EUROPE 3.AUSTRALIA"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.AFRICA 4.ASIA"); act=4; break; case 9: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("LAND OF DARKNESS..."); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.AFRICA 3.EUROPE"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.ASIA 4.AUSTRALIA"); act=1; break; case 10: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("NEW WORLD..."); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.NORTH KOREA 3.SOUTH KOREA"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.NORTH AMERICA 4.SOUTH AMERICA"); act=2; break; case 11: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("LAND OF TAMPLES...."); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.CHINA 3.NEPAL"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.INDIA 4.PAKISTAN"); act=3; break; case 12: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHEN DID WORLD WAR II ENDED?"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:1948 3.1940"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.1952 4.1945"); act=4; break; case 13: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("KABUL IS THE CAPITAL OF"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:AFGANISTAN 3.BANGLADESH"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.ALGIORS 4.ARGENTINA"); act=1; break; case 14: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("BIG B. IS..."); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:ABISAKH B. 3.SHARUKH B."); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.AMITAB B. 4.KABINDER B."); act=2; break; case 15: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("BRAZIL'S CAPITAL..."); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:BRAZILLA 3.BRACILIA"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.BRACILL 4.BRACOLIO"); act=3; break; case 16: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("YOUTH YEAR.... "); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:1982 3.1984"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.1983 4.1985"); act=4; break; case 17: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("FILL IN THE BLANK,16TH______"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.DEC 3.JULY"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.JAN 4.FEB"); act=1; break; case 18: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("GUN POWDER WAS FIRST USED IN."); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:NEPAL 3.AMERICA"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.CHINA 4.INDIA"); act=2; break; case 19: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("IN 5 RING,WHICH REPRESENT ASIA"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:BLUE 3.YELLOW"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.GREEN 4.RED"); act=3; break; case 20: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("INVENTER OF REMOTE CONTROL PROCESS.."); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.SIR S.MAXIM 3.SARETY RAZOR"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.HARRY BERRY 4.A.M.LOW"); act=4; break; case 21: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHO WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO SAY'JAY NEPAL' "); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1:SHUKRARAJ SHASTRI3.PRITHIVI NARAYAN SHAH"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.RAN BAHADUR SHAH 4.DHARMA BHAKTA MATHEMA"); act=1; break; case 22: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHICH KING UNIFIED NEPAL?"); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.BHUPATENDRA MALLA3.RANJIT MALLA"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.PRITHIVI NARAYAN 4.PRATAP MALLA"); act=2; break; case 23: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHEN WAS SUNDHARA BUILT? "); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.1881 A.D 3.1885 A.D"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.1883 A.D 4.1887 A.D"); act=3; break; case 24: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHO BUILT THE GOLDEN TAP? "); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.PRAKASH THAPA 3.AMARSHING THAPA"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.SUBASH THAPA 4.BHIMSEN THAPA"); act=4; break; case 25: gotoxy(35,10); cprintf("WHAT IS KHOKANA FAMOUS FOR? "); gotoxy(35,12); cprintf("1.OIL 3.VEGETABLE"); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf("2.GHEE 4.RICE"); act=1; break; } printf(" "); scanf("%d",&ans); if(ans==0) { if(m<3) { switch(act) { case 1:gotoxy(53,12); cprintf(" "); gotoxy(53,13); cprintf(" "); break; case 2:gotoxy(34,12); cprintf(" "); gotoxy(53,13); cprintf(" "); break; case 3:gotoxy(35,12); cprintf(" "); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf(" "); break; case 4:gotoxy(53,12); cprintf(" "); gotoxy(35,13); cprintf(" "); break; } m=m+1; printf(" "); scanf("%d",&ans); } else { printf("Sorry,NO 50-50 left,but you can call your friend"); scanf("%d",&ans); if(ans==0)n=13; } } if(ans==act) { money+=1000; printf("Correct,You have won "); printf("Rs.%d0",money); if(money==12000) { end_cong(); getch(); } } if(ans!=act&&ans!=0&&ans!=5) { delay(300); printf("afos,you lose "); if(money<4000) printf("You have won nothing"); else if(money==4000||money<8000) printf("You have won RS.40000"); else if(money==8000||money<12000) printf("WOW!,You have won RS.80000"); if(money>4000) printf(" your money has been transferred to your bank account"); getch(); n=13; } if(ans==5) { printf("You have won "); delay(300); printf("Rs.a%d0",money); n=13; } getch(); } } void end_cong() { int gd=DETECT,gm; initgraph(&gd,&gm,"c:\tc\bgi"); int x,y; x=getmaxx()/2; y=getmaxy()/2; for(int i=1;i<=6;i++) { clrscr(); setcolor(i); settextstyle(GOTHIC_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,i); outtextxy(x-300,y-200,"CONGRATULATION"); delay(300); } settextstyle(GOTHIC_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,3); setcolor(RED); outtextxy(x-320,y,"You got it all"); outtextxy(x-320,y+20,"Your money has been transfered to your bank account...."); sound_cong(); nosound(); delay(500); closegraph(); } void draw_screen() { int gd=DETECT,gm; initgraph(&gd,&gm,"c:\tc\bgi"); int x,y,w; x=getmaxx()/2; y=getmaxy()/2; for(w=0;w<50;w++) { setcolor(w); setfillstyle(SOLID_FILL,w); rectangle(x-200,y-75,x-175,y+75); floodfill(x-180,y,w); line(x-175,y,x-100,y-75); line(x-175,y,x-100,y+75); rectangle(x-50,y-75,x-25,y+75); floodfill(x-35,y,w); ellipse(x-25,y-35,270,90,75,34); ellipse(x-25,y+35,270,90,75,34); rectangle(x+175,y-75,x+150,y+75); floodfill(x+165,y,w); rectangle(x+175,y+50,x+225,y+75); floodfill(x+180,y+60,w); setfillstyle(SOLID_FILL,w); circle(x-300,y-250,25); floodfill(x-300,y-250,w); circle(x+300,y-250,25); floodfill(x+300,y-250,w); circle(x+300,y+250,25); floodfill(x-300,y+250,w); circle(x-300,y+250,25); floodfill(x-300,y+250,w); setfillstyle(SOLID_FILL,w); circle(x-250,y-150,50); floodfill(x-250,y-150,w); circle(x+250,y-150,50); floodfill(x+250,y-150,w); circle(x-250,y+150,50); floodfill(x-250,y+150,w); circle(x+250,y+150,50); floodfill(x+250,y+150,w); outtextxy(x-200,y+100," KAUN BANEGA LAKHPATI"); } clrscr(); settextstyle(GOTHIC_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,5); setcolor(BLUE); outtextxy(x-150,y-200,"INSTRUCTION"); setcolor(RED); settextstyle(DEFAULT_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,2); outtextxy(x-300,y-10,"1.Rs.10000 5.Rs.50000 9.Rs.90000"); outtextxy(x-300,y+15-10,"2.Rs.20000 6.Rs.60000 10.Rs.100000"); outtextxy(x-300,y+30-10,"3.Rs.30000 7.Rs.70000 11.Rs.110000"); setcolor(GREEN); outtextxy(x-300,y+45-10,"4.Rs.40000 8.Rs.80000 12.Rs.120000"); setcolor(BLUE); outtextxy(x-300,y+60+10,"enter 1-4 for answering "); delay(150); outtextxy(x-300,y+75+10,"enter 0 for 50-50 option "); delay(150); outtextxy(x-300,y+90+10,"enter 5 for withdraw "); getch(); closegraph(); } void sound_p1() { for(int g=0;g<2;g++) { sound(500); delay(300); sound(400); delay(180); sound(450); delay(450); sound(350); delay(180); sound(400); delay(180); sound(350); delay(180); sound(400); delay(180); } nosound(); } void sound_cong() { for(int g=0;g<2;g++) { sound(350); delay(300); sound(400); delay(200); sound(450); delay(400); sound(500); delay(200); sound(350); delay(180); sound(400); delay(180); sound(350); delay(180); sound(400); delay(180); } nosound(); }

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