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Title The Pacman returns
Author Vaqar Hyder
Author Email vihadier3567 [at]
Description This game is totally made using VDU memory. Graphics is not used atall. I mad this project during my First sem final exams.To be honest I cant take all of the credit But certainly made through combined efforts.
Category C » Games and Graphics
Hits 102567
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Code : #include<graphics.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<ctype.h> #include<dos.h> #include<time.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #define RIGHT 0 #define LEFT 1 #define UP 2 #define DOWN 3 void initialise(void); char endscreen(void); void startscreen(void); void music(int); void vline(unsigned char ,int,int,int,int); void hline(unsigned char,int,int,int,int); void drawbox (int,int,int,int,char); void gamescreen(void); void size (int,int); void writechar(char,int,int,int); void monitor(void); void getkeyhit(void); int testkeys(void); void readchar(int,int,unsigned char*); void bug(int *,int *,int *,unsigned char *); void movebugright(int *,int *,unsigned char *); void movebugleft(int *,int *,unsigned char *); void movebugup(int *,int *,unsigned char *); void movebugdown(int *,int *,unsigned char *); void killeater(void); int maze[25][80],score,row,col,ascii,scan,liveslost,delayfactor; int gd=DETECT,gm,midx,midy,maxx,maxy; int bugnumber , r[5],c[5],dir[5]; unsigned char charbelow[5]; char far *vid_mem= (char far *) 0xB8000000L ; void main(void) { char ans ; clrscr(); /* intialize randonm number generator wih a random value */ randomize (); startscreen(); while (1) { /* Initialize variables at thee4 start of each game*/ /*create opening screen*/ initialise(); /* Draw ther screen for the game*/ gamescreen(); /* monitor the movement of the bugs and the eater*/ monitor(); /*create ending screen*/ ans=endscreen(); /*check whether the user wishes to continue playing*/ if(ans== 'N') break; } } void startscreen(void) { char ch; int i; /* Intialize the graphices system*/ initgraph (&gd,&gm,"d:\tc\bgi"); /* get maximum x and y screen coordinates*/ maxx = getmaxx(); maxy= getmaxy(); /* calculate the center of the screen*/ midx= maxx/2; midy=maxy/2; /* draw a double-lined box*/ setcolor(GREEN); rectangle (0,0,maxx,midy); setcolor(BLUE); rectangle (2,2,maxx-2,maxy-2); setcolor(YELLOW); /* Draw two vertical lines*/ line (55,1,55,maxy-2); line (maxx-55,1,maxx-55,maxy-2); /*display the string "EATER" ,horizontally */ setcolor(6); settextjustify (CENTER_TEXT,CENTER_TEXT); settextstyle (4,HORIZ_DIR,8); outtextxy (midx,midy,"The PacMan"); /* Place the eater character at random on the start screen*/ int loop; randomize(); for(loop=0; loop<40;loop++) { gotoxy(rand() % 80,rand()%25); music(1); printf("%c",2); delay(100); } nosound(); /*play the starting music*/ /* Clear the area enclosed by the double-lined boundry */ setviewport (0,0,maxx,maxy,1); clearviewport(); /* Draw the screen for display instructions*/ setcolor(BLUE); rectangle(30,0,maxx-33,maxy); setcolor(YELLOW); for (i=15;i<=maxy-15;i+=15) { ellipse(15,i,0,360,6,3); ellipse(maxx-15,i,0,360,6,3); } setcolor(5); settextjustify (CENTER_TEXT,TOP_TEXT); settextstyle(4,HORIZ_DIR,5); outtextxy (midx,60,"INSTRUCTION"); /*display instruction*/ settextstyle(2,HORIZ_DIR,5); outtextxy(midx,110,"You goal:- To eatup all the CRUNCHY MUNCHY "); outtextxy(midx,130," UNDAY scattered throughtout the BHOOL BHULLYIAN "); outtextxy(midx,170,"Your task is not a HALWA! There are 5 Rascals chasing you "); outtextxy(midx,210,"The Eater.You have to watch out for the bugs "); outtextxy(midx,250,"To help you ,we have bestowed the PacMan with 3 Janums"); outtextxy(midx,290,"You can move around the BHOOL BHULLYIAN using arrow keys "); outtextxy(midx,330,"If you are ready to start, press any key"); setcolor(GREEN); settextstyle (DEFAULT_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,3); outtextxy(midx,400,"We wish you Best of luck"); /*Wait for key press*/ while(!kbhit()); /*Flush the keyboard buffer*/ if (getch()==0) getch(); /*Draaw the screen for asking user level*/ setviewport (0,0,maxx,maxy,1); clearviewport(); rectangle(midx-200,midy-60,midx+200,midy+60); settextstyle (DEFAULT_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,2); outtextxy(midx,60,"Select Speed"); settextstyle (DEFAULT_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,1); outtextxy(midx,90,"Slow(S)"); outtextxy(midx,105,"Medium(M)"); outtextxy(midx,120,"Fast(F)"); /*Get user level*/ /*flush the keyboard buffer*/ if ((ch=getch())==0) getch(); /*Set the value of variable delayfactor according to level selected*/ switch(toupper(ch)) { case'S': delayfactor=100; break; case'M': delayfactor=50; break; case'F': delayfactor=20; break; default: delayfactor=100; } if(delayfactor==100) outtextxy(midx,midy,"Slow(S)"); if(delayfactor==50) outtextxy(midx,midy,"Medium(M)"); if(delayfactor==20) outtextxy(midx,midy,"Fast(F)"); /*Change over to text mode*/ while(!kbhit()); closegraph(); restorecrtmode(); } void music(int type) { float octave[7]={130.81,146.83,164.81,174.61,196,220,246.94}; int n,i; switch(type) { case 1: n=random(6); sound(octave[n]*4); delay(50); break; case 2: for(i=6;i>=0;i--){ sound(octave[i]); delay(54);} nosound(); break; case 3: sound(octave[6]*2); delay(50); nosound(); }} char endscreen() { char ans; initgraph(&gd,&gm,"d:\tc\bgi"); rectangle(0,0,maxx,maxy); rectangle(2,2,maxx-2,maxy-2); settextjustify(CENTER_TEXT,CENTER_TEXT); settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,3); if(liveslost==3) { outtextxy(midx,midy-30,"Bad Luck!!"); outtextxy(midx,midy,"Try Again");} else { outtextxy(midx,midy/2,"You really are a"); settextstyle(DEFAULT_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,6); outtextxy(midx,midy,"GENIUS!!"); } settextstyle(TRIPLEX_FONT,HORIZ_DIR,3); outtextxy(midx,midy+midy/2,"Another game(Y?N)..."); while(!(ans=='Y'||ans=='N')) { fflush(stdin); ans=getch(); ans=toupper(ans); } closegraph(); restorecrtmode(); return(ans); } void initialise(void) { int j; /*initialise row and column of EATere*/ row=12; col=40; r[0]=3;c[0]=76; r[1]=3;c[1]=12; r[2]=12;c[2]=4; r[3]=14;c[3]=62; score=0; liveslost=0; bugnumber=0; for(j=0;j<4;j++) { dir[j]=0; charbelow[j]=250; } } void gamescreen(void) { int i ; size(32,0); /*hide cursor*/ /*Fill the screen with the specified color*/ drawbox (0,0,16,79,12); //draw the horizontal lines of the maze /*Draw the titbits*/ hline(205,1,0,0,79); hline(205,1,2,2,20); hline(205,1,2,22,38); hline(205,1,2,42,61); hline(205,1,2,63,77); hline(205,1,4,2,20); hline(205,1,4,22,61); hline(205,1,4,63,77); hline(205,1,17,0,79); hline(205,1,15,2,38); hline(205,1,15,42,77); hline(205,1,13,0,12); hline(205,1,13,65,78); hline(205,1,13,16,61); hline(205,1,11,2,14); hline(205,1,11,62,77); hline(205,1,8,16,61); hline(205,1,6,2,38); hline(205,1,6,42,77); hline(205,1,7,63,77); hline(205,1,9,63,78); hline(205,1,7,2,14); hline(205,1,9,1,14); /*Draw the columns of the titbits */ vline(186,1,0,0,16); vline(186,1,79,0,16); vline(186,1,40,0,2); vline(186,1,40,4,6); vline(186,1,14,12,14); vline(186,1,40,13,15); vline(186,1,63,12,14); vline(186,1,40,9,11); vline(202,1,14,15,15); vline(202,1,63,15,15); vline(203,1,40,0,0); vline(203,1,40,4,4); vline(203,1,40,8,8); vline(203,1,40,13,13); vline(187,1,79,0,0); vline(201,1,0,0,0); vline(188,1,79,17,17); vline(200,1,0,17,17); vline(204,1,0,9,9); vline(204,1,0,13,13); vline(185,1,79,9,9); vline(185,1,79,13,13); for(int vlin=16;vlin<=60;vlin+=2) vline(186,1,vlin,10,11); gotoxy(51,24); printf("Press Esc to stop the game"); gotoxy(2,24); printf("Point: %3d",score); /*Place the five bugs at strategic Positions*/ writechar(2,3,76,15); writechar(2,3,12,15); writechar(2,12,4,15); writechar(2,14,62,15); /*Play Music*/ music(2); } /*Draw a box filling the required area*/ void drawbox (int sr,int sc,int er,int ec,char attr) { int r,c; char far *v; for(r=sr;r<=er;r++) {for(c=sc;c<=ec;c++){ v=vid_mem+(r*160)+(c*2); *v=250 ; v++; *v=attr;}}} /* Write character and its attributes into memeory */ void writechar(char ch,int r,int c,int attr) { char far *v ; /*calculate address*/ v=vid_mem+(r*160)+c*2; *v=ch;/*store ascii code*/ v++; *v=attr;/*store attribute */ } /*draws horizantal line*/ void hline(unsigned char ch,int attr,int r,int c1,int c2) { int c; for(c=c1;c<=c2;c++) { writechar (ch,r,c,attr); /*if tibit placed at row r and column c, set corresponding element of array maez[][]to 1*/ maze[r][c]=1; } } /*draws vertical line */ void vline(unsigned char ch,int attr,int c,int r1,int r2) { int r; for(r=r1;r<=r2;r++) { writechar(ch,r,c,attr); /*if tibit placed at row r and column c, set corresponding element of array maez[][]to 1*/ maze[r][c]=1; } } void size(int ssl,int esl) { union REGS i,o; i.h.ah=1;;;; int86(16,&i,&o); } void monitor(void) { int key ; unsigned char ch; while(1) { /*place eater at specified row and column */ writechar(1,row,col,14); /*move bugs around until a key is hit */ getkeyhit(); /*if all 3 lives of the eater are lost */ if(liveslost==3 ) break; /*place a space in the position currently occuped by the eater*/ writechar(' ',row,col,1); /*update the position of the eater*/ key =testkeys(); /*if invalid key pressed*/ if(key==0) { /*write backeater in its orignal position */ writechar(1,row,col,14); } else { /*read character at the position whixh the eater is to occupy */ readchar(row,col,&ch); /*if character read is tibit ,increment score and sound music*/ if(ch==250) { score++; music(3); } if(ch==2) killeater(); /*if character read is bug , kill the eater */ if(liveslost==3) break; /*print the latest score*/ gotoxy(2,24); printf("points : %3d",score); /*if all the tibits are eaten up*/ if(score>=692) { /*erase the last tibit*/ writechar(' ',row,col,1); break; } } } } /*moves the bugs aroubnd until a key is hit */ void getkeyhit() { union REGS i,o; int count; /*unti a player hits a key, move each bug in turn*/ while(!kbhit()) { /*introduce delay*/ delay(delayfactor); bug(&r[bugnumber],&c[bugnumber],&dir[bugnumber],&charbelow[bugnumber]); /*if all 3 lives of the eater are lost*/ if (liveslost==3) return; /*goto next bug*/ bugnumber++; /*start with the first bug if allfive bugs have been moved*/ if(bugnumber==4) bugnumber=0; } /*issue interrupt to read the ascii code and scan code od the kay pressed*/ i.h.ah=0;/*store service no*/ int86(22,&i,&o);/*issue interrupt*/; scan=o.h.ah; } /*reports which key has ben hit*/ int testkeys(void) { switch(scan) { case 72:/*up arrow*/ /*if path is not present in the specified direction */ if(maze[row-1][col]==1) return(0); /*update row of eater*/ row--; break; case 80:/*down arrow*/ if(maze[row+1][col]==1) return(0); row++; break; case 77:/*right arrow*/ if(maze[row][col+1]==1) return(0); col++; break; case 75:/*left arrow*/ if(maze[row][col-1]==1) return(0); col--; break; case 1:/*esc key*/ exit(0);/*terminate the programm*/ default: return(0); } } /*reads the character presennt at the row r and volumn c into ch*/ void readchar(int r,int c,unsigned char *ch) { char far *v; /*calculate addresss*/ v=vid_mem+(r*160) +c*2; *ch=*v; } /*moves the specefy bug in the appropriate direction*/ void bug(int *r,int *c,int* dir,unsigned char *ch) { int trials=1,flag=0; char temp; /*select a valid direction which takes the bug closer to eater in each if statement the 1st condition checks whether the movement in that directionwould move the bug closer to the eater , whereas the 2nd condition checks if the maze permits a movement in that direction*/ if(abs(*r-1-row)<abs(*r-row)&&maze[*r-1][*c]!=1) *dir=UP; else if(abs(*r+1-row)<abs(*r-row)&&maze[*r+1][*c]!=1) *dir=DOWN; else if(abs(*c+1-col)<abs(*c-col)&&maze[*r][*c+1]!=1) *dir=RIGHT; else if(abs(*c-1-col)<abs(*c-col)&&maze[*r][*c-1]!=1) *dir=LEFT; /*check whether the direction chosen contains another bug , if so find an alternate direction*/ while(1) { switch(*dir) { case RIGHT: /*if there is a path to right of bug*/ if(maze[*r][*c+1]!=1) { /* read the character to the right of the bug*/ readchar(*r,*c+1,&temp); if(temp==2) { /*if the character is again a bug find alternate direction*/ if(maze[*r][*c-1]!=1) *dir=LEFT; else { /*if patch exists to the top of the bug*/ if (maze[*r-1][*c]!=1) *dir=UP; else { /*if path exist below the bug*/ if(maze[*r+1][*c]!=1) *dir=DOWN; } } } else { /*if there is no bug to the right of the bug being considered , move the bug right*/ movebugright(r,c,ch); flag=1; } } else { /*since there is no pat in the RIGHT directio , try another path*/ *dir=random(4); } break; case LEFT: /*if there is a path to the LEFT of the bug*/ if(maze[*r][*c-1]!=1) { /*read the character to the ;eft of the bug*/ readchar(*r,*c-1,&temp); if(temp==2) { if(maze[*r][*c+1]!=1) *dir=RIGHT; else { if(maze[*r-1][*c]!=1) *dir=UP; else { if(maze[*r+1][*c]!=1) *dir=DOWN; } } } else { movebugleft(r,c,ch); flag=1; } } else { *dir=random(4); } break; case UP: if(maze[*r-1][*c]!=1) { readchar(*r-1,*c,&temp); if(temp==2) { if(maze[*r][*c+1]!=1) *dir=RIGHT; else { if(maze[*r][*c-1]!=1) *dir=LEFT; else { if(maze[*r+1][*c]!=1) *dir=DOWN; } } } else { movebugup(r,c,ch); flag=1; } } else *dir=random(4); break; case DOWN: if(maze[*r+1][*c]!=1) { readchar(*r+1,*c,&temp); if (temp==2) { if(maze[*r][*c+1]!=1) *dir=RIGHT; else { if(maze[*r][*c-1]!=1) *dir=LEFT; else { if(maze[*r-1][*c]!=1) *dir=UP; } } } else { movebugdown(r,c,ch); flag=1; } } else *dir=random(4); break; } if(flag==1) break; trials++; if(trials>15) break; } if(*r==row&&*c==col) killeater(); } void movebugleft( int *row,int * colm,unsigned char *ch) { if( *ch==0) *ch=0; writechar(*ch,*row,*colm,12); *colm=*colm-1; readchar(*row,*colm,ch); if(*ch==1) *ch=' '; writechar(2,*row,*colm,15); } void movebugright(int *row,int *colm,unsigned char *ch) { if( *ch==0) *ch=0; writechar(*ch,*row,*colm,12); *colm=*colm+1; readchar(*row,*colm,ch); if(*ch==1) *ch=' '; writechar(2,*row,*colm,15); } void movebugup(int *row,int *col,unsigned char *ch) { if( *ch==0) *ch=0; writechar(*ch,*row,*col,12); *row=*row-1; readchar(*row,*col,ch); if(*ch==1) *ch=' '; writechar(2,*row,*col,15); } void movebugdown(int *row,int *col,unsigned char *ch) { if( *ch==0) *ch=0; writechar(*ch,*row,*col,12); *row=*row+1; readchar(*row,*col,ch); if(*ch==1) *ch=' '; writechar(2,*row,*col,15); } void killeater(void){ int r,c; r=row; c=col; writechar(1,row,col,112); writechar(1,23,15+liveslost*3,14); music(2); liveslost++; if(liveslost==3) return; row=12; col=40; writechar(1,row,col,14); }

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