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Title C program to display bitmap images(*.bmp)
Author Krishna Chaitanya
Author Email krishnaiete2003 [at]
Description This program works well in windows 98.check out for WinXp and server2003.
enter the name of the bitmap file. tht file should be present in the current directory.
Category C » Multimedia and Sound
Hits 379171
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Code : #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <dos.h> #define DECLARE #define VGALOW 0x101 typedef unsigned int UINT; typedef unsigned char UCHAR; struct VgaInfoBlock { char signature[4]; short version; char far *oemname; long capabilities; unsigned far *modes; char buffer[238]; }; typedef struct { char red; char green; char blue; }RGB; struct VgaModeInfoBlock { UINT ModeAttributes; UCHAR WinAAttributes; UCHAR WinBAttributes; UINT WindowGranularity; UINT WinSize; UINT WinASegment; UINT WinBSegment; void (far *WinFuncPtr)(void); UINT BytesperScanLine; UINT XResolution; UINT YResolution; UCHAR XCharSize; UCHAR YCharSize; UCHAR NumberOfPlanes; UCHAR BitsPerPixel; UCHAR NumberOfBanks; UCHAR MemoryModel; UCHAR BankSize; UCHAR NumberOfImagePages; UCHAR Reserved1; UCHAR RedMaskSize; UCHAR RedMaskPosition; UCHAR GreenMaskSize; UCHAR GreenMaskPosition; UCHAR BlueMaskSize; UCHAR BlueMaskPosition; UCHAR ReservedMaskSize; UCHAR ReservedMskPosition; UCHAR DirectScreenModeInfo; UCHAR Reserved2[216]; }modeinfo; typedef enum { memPL = 3, memPK = 4, memRGB = 6, memYUV = 7 }memModels; typedef struct tagBMPHEADER { unsigned char bftype[2]; unsigned long bfsize; unsigned int bfres1,bfres2; unsigned long bfoffbits; unsigned long bisize,biwidth,biheight; unsigned int biplanes,bibitcount; unsigned long bicompression,bisizeimage,bixpelspermeter,biypelspermeter; unsigned long biclrused,biclrimportant; }BMPHEADER; typedef struct tagRGBQUAD { unsigned char blue,green,red,rgbreserved; }RGBQUAD; typedef struct tagBMPINFO { BMPHEADER bmiheader; RGBQUAD bmicolors[256]; }BMPINFO; DECLARE int maxx,maxy; DECLARE int xres,yres; DECLARE int bytesperline; DECLARE int curbank; DECLARE unsigned int bankshift; DECLARE int oldmode; DECLARE char far *screenptr; DECLARE void (far *bankswitch)(void); DECLARE int pcolor,xp,yp; DECLARE int ccolor; DECLARE int GetVesaMode(void); DECLARE void SetVseaMode(int); DECLARE void setbank(int); DECLARE void SetPalette(RGB pal[256]); DECLARE void vinitgraph(int); DECLARE void setwidth(int); DECLARE void vclosegraph(void); DECLARE void startaddr(int *,int *,int); DECLARE void vputpixel(int,int,int); DECLARE void SetPalette(RGB color[256]); DECLARE char *ReadMemString(char far *); DECLARE void showbitmap(char *infname,int xs,int ys); void Vesa(int state) { union REGS reg;; reg.h.dl=(char ) state; int86(0x10,®,®); return ; } int GetSvgaInfo(struct VgaInfoBlock far *buffer) { struct REGPACK reg; reg.r_ax = 0x4F00; reg.r_es = FP_SEG(buffer); reg.r_di = FP_OFF(buffer); intr(0x10,®); if(reg.r_ax==0x004F) return 0; else return 1; } char *ReadMemString(char far *pointer) { char string[200]; int i=0; while(*pointer) { string[i]=*pointer; pointer++; i++; } string[i]=0; return string; } int GetSvgaModeInfo(int mode,struct VgaModeInfoBlock far *buffer) { struct REGPACK reg; reg.r_ax = 0x4F01; reg.r_es = FP_SEG(buffer); reg.r_di = FP_OFF(buffer); reg.r_cx=mode; intr(0x10,®); if(reg.r_ax!=0x004F) return 1; else return 0; } int GetVesaMode(void) { union REGS in,out;; int86(0x10,&in,&out); return out.x.bx; } void SetVesaMode(int mode) { struct REGPACK reg; oldmode = GetVesaMode(); reg.r_ax = 0x4F02; reg.r_bx=mode; intr(0x10,®); GetSvgaModeInfo(GetVesaMode(), &modeinfo); xres = modeinfo.XResolution; yres = modeinfo.YResolution; maxx=xres; bytesperline = modeinfo.BytesperScanLine; bankshift = 0; while((unsigned ) (64 >> bankshift)!= modeinfo.WindowGranularity) bankshift++; bankswitch = modeinfo.WinFuncPtr; curbank=-1; screenptr = (char far *)( ((long) 0xA000 )<<16 | 0); return ; } void setbank(int bank) { if(bank==curbank) return; curbank = bank; bank<<=bankshift; _BX=0; _DX=bank; bankswitch(); _BX=1; bankswitch(); return ; } void SetPalette(RGB pal[256]) { union REGS reg; struct SREGS inreg;; segread(&inreg); = inreg.ds; reg.x.bx=0;; reg.x.dx=(int ) &pal[0]; int86x(0x10,®,®,&inreg); return ; } void vputpixel(int x,int y,int c) { long addr = (long ) y * bytesperline + x; setbank((int) (addr>>16)); *(screenptr+(addr & 0xFFFF))=(char) c; return; } void setwidth(int width) { union REGS in,out; = 0x4F06; in.x.bx=0x0000;; int86(0x10,&in,&out); bytesperline = (int ) out.x.bx; maxy = (int ) out.x.dx; maxx = (int ); return ; } void vinitgraph(int mode) { SetVesaMode(mode); setwidth(xres); return ; } void vclosegraph(void) { vinitgraph(oldmode); /* union REGS regs; regs.h.ah = 0x00; = 0x03; int86(0x10, ®s, ®s);*/ maxx=xres; } void startaddr(int *xs,int *ys,int mode) { union REGS in,out; = 0x4F07; if(mode==0) { in.x.bx=0x0000;*xs; in.x.dx = *ys; } else in.x.bx = 0x0001; int86(0x10,&in,&out); if(mode==1) { *xs =; *ys = out.x.dx; } return ; } char ISValidBitmap(char *fname) { BMPINFO bmpinfo; FILE *fp; if((fp = fopen(fname,"rb+"))==NULL) { printf(" Unable open the file %s",fname,"!!"); return 0; } fread(&bmpinfo,sizeof(bmpinfo),1,fp); fclose(fp); if(!(bmpinfo.bmiheader.bftype[0]=='B' && bmpinfo.bmiheader.bftype[1]=='M')) { printf(" can't read the file: not a valid BMP file!"); return 0; } if(!bmpinfo.bmiheader.bicompression==0) { printf(" can't read the file: should not be a RLR encoded!!"); return 0; } if(!bmpinfo.bmiheader.bibitcount==8) { printf("can't read the file: should be 8-bit per color format!!"); return 0; } return 1; } void showbitmap(char *infname,int xs,int ys) { BMPINFO bmpinfo; RGB pal[256]; FILE *fpt; int i,j,w,h,c,bank; unsigned char byte[1056]; long addr; unsigned int k; if((fpt=fopen(infname,"rb+"))==NULL) { printf(" Error opening file "); getch(); return 1; } fread(&bmpinfo,sizeof(bmpinfo),1,fpt); fseek(fpt,bmpinfo.bmiheader.bfoffbits,SEEK_SET); w = bmpinfo.bmiheader.biwidth; h = bmpinfo.bmiheader.biheight; for(i=0;i<=255;i++) { pal[i].red = bmpinfo.bmicolors[i].red/4; pal[i].green = bmpinfo.bmicolors[i].green/4; pal[i].blue = bmpinfo.bmicolors[i].blue/4; } vinitgraph(VGALOW); setwidth(1000); SetPalette(pal); for(i=0;i<h;i++) { fread(&byte[0],sizeof(unsigned char),w,fpt); for(j=0;j<w;j++) { c= (int ) byte[j]; addr= (long) (ys+h-i)*bytesperline+xs+j; bank = (int ) (addr >>16); if(curbank!= bank) { curbank =bank; bank<<=bankshift; _BX=0; _DX=bank; bankswitch(); _BX=1; bankswitch(); } *(screenptr+(addr & 0xFFFF)) = (char ) c; } } fclose(fpt); getch(); vclosegraph(); return 0; } int ColorToGrey(char *infname,int xs,int ys) { BMPINFO bmpinfo; FILE *fpt1,*fpt2; char fname[13]; unsigned char r,g,b,byte[1056],pal[256]; double e,grey; int i,j,h,w,pcnt=0; long size,curpos; strcpy(fname,infname); fpt2=fopen("Grey.bmp","wb"); if((fpt1=fopen(fname,"rb+"))==NULL) { printf("can't open the file %s",infname); getch(); return 1; } clrscr(); printf("Preparing taget file.."); fseek(fpt1,0,SEEK_END); size = ftell(fpt1) + 256; fseek(fpt1,0,SEEK_SET); fread(&bmpinfo,sizeof(bmpinfo),1,fpt1); curpos=ftell(fpt1); pcnt = (int )ceil((float) curpos *100.0/(float) size); gotoxy(25,1); printf("%d completed",pcnt); for(i=0;i<=255;i++) { r = bmpinfo.bmicolors[i].red; g = bmpinfo.bmicolors[i].green; b = bmpinfo.bmicolors[i].blue; grey = (double) 0.3 * (double ) r+ (double ) 0.11 * (double ) b + (double ) 0.59 * (double) g; if(grey-(int) grey >=0.5) grey++; if(grey>255) grey=255; pal[i]=(unsigned char ) grey; bmpinfo.bmicolors[i].red = (unsigned char ) i; bmpinfo.bmicolors[i].green = (unsigned char ) i; bmpinfo.bmicolors[i].blue = (unsigned char ) i; curpos++; } bmpinfo.bmiheader.biclrused=0; i = bmpinfo.bmiheader.bfoffbits; bmpinfo.bmiheader.bfoffbits=1078; fwrite(&bmpinfo,sizeof(bmpinfo),1,fpt2); fseek(fpt1,i,SEEK_SET); fseek(fpt2,bmpinfo.bmiheader.bfoffbits,SEEK_SET); w=bmpinfo.bmiheader.biwidth; h = bmpinfo.bmiheader.biheight; curpos = ftell(fpt1) + 256; for(i=0;i<h;i++) { fread(&byte[0],sizeof(unsigned char),w,fpt2); for(j=0;j<w;j++) byte[j]=pal[byte[j]]; fwrite(&byte[0],sizeof(unsigned char ) , w,fpt2); curpos+=w; pcnt = (int )ceil((float) curpos *100.0/(float) size); gotoxy(25,1); printf("%d completed",pcnt); } fclose(fpt1); fclose(fpt2); showbitmap("Grey.bmp",xs,ys); return 0; } void main() { char file[13]; memset(file,0,13); clrscr(); printf(" Enter the file name[*.bmp]:"); scanf("%s",file); if(IsValidBitmap(file)) showbitmap(file,0,0); else printf(" Not a valid bitmap file"); printf(" That's all folks"); getch(); }

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