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Title This Program Draw Graphs of Arithmatic Functions like 2x^2
Author Mamoon ur Rasheed
Author Email mamoonr [at]
Description this is a c++ project designed for turbo c/c++ compiler,
draws graph,it can also store values for future use. it can draw upto
graphs of different functions at one time. hope Fully it will help
begineers a lot to learn.
it only takes value like x,2x^2.
Category C++ » Mathematics
Hits 374866
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#include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<graphics.h> #include<string.h> #include<fstream.h> #include<dos.h> int i; ////////////////this class will make the first page of my program////////// class firstpage { public: void driver() { /* request auto detection */ int gdriver = DETECT, gmode, errorcode; /* initialize graphics and local variables */ initgraph(&gdriver, &gmode, "..\bgi"); /* read result of initialization */ errorcode = graphresult(); /* an error occurred */ if (errorcode != grOk) { cout<<"Graphics error: "<< grapherrormsg(errorcode); cout<<"Press any key to halt:"; getch(); exit(1); /* terminate with an error code */ } } void front() { int midx, midy; int stangle = 45, endangle = 135; int radius = 100; midx = getmaxx() / 2; midy = getmaxy() / 2; setcolor(getmaxcolor()); midy-=150; midx-=120; int midx2=midx+65,midy2=midy; int n=5,m=6; for(int i=0;i<30;i++) /* draw arc */ { setcolor(n); arc(midx-90, midy, stangle-10, endangle+10, radius-40); setcolor(m); arc(midx2-90,midy+=2,stangle-10,endangle+10,radius-40); } setcolor(10); settextstyle(0,0,2); outtextxy(midx-120,midy2-30,"Grapher"); settextstyle(1,0,2); outtextxy(midx-90,midy2+30,"PARO SOFT"); settextstyle(10,0,2); outtextxy(midx-20,midy2+45,"BASIC GRAPHS"); settextstyle(0,0,1); outtextxy(midx+200,midy2+95," (ALL RIGHTS RESERVERD) "); int xmove1=getmaxx()/4,ymove1=getmaxy()/2,xmove2=(getmaxx()/2)+130,ymove2=getm axy()-150; settextstyle(0,0,1); setlinestyle(0,0,3); rectangle(0,0,632,479); rectangle(getmaxx()/32,getmaxy()-30,getmaxx()-27,getmaxy()-8); rectangle(xmove1,ymove1,xmove2,ymove2); xmove1+=20;ymove1+=10; outtextxy(xmove1,ymove1,"welcome to Graph Maker"); ymove1+=20; outtextxy(xmove1,ymove1,"Version : 1.0 "); ymove1+=20; outtextxy(xmove1,ymove1,"Developer : Mamoon Ur Rasheed" ); ymove1+=20; outtextxy(xmove1,ymove1,"E-mail :"); int no1=24,no2=453,no3=48,no4=467; int a=50,b=457; for(i=0;i<=28;i++) { bar(no1,no2,no3,no4); setcolor(WHITE); outtextxy(a,b,"PLZ WAIT"); delay(150); setcolor(0); outtextxy(a,b,"PLZ WAIT"); // setcolor(0); // line(42,452,42,468); no3+=20; // no1+=21; a+=20; } outtextxy(220,457,"press any key to continue"); } }; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / //value class that contains information about the values of //x axis and y axis values and have other protected data that is useful for //the drawing of graph and other calculation on the values of x and y axis ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / class value { protected: float x[24],y[24]; static float xmean,ymean; int mnx,mny,mxx,mxy,xzero,yzero; public: value() { for(i=0;i<24;i++) {x[i]=i-12;y[i]=i;} } value(int a) { for(i=0;i<24;i++) {x[i]=i-12;y[i]=x[i];} } void getvalue() ; void showvalue(); void minmax() ; void xymean(); void setxymean() ; }; float value::xmean=0; float value::ymean=0; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //class that will have the function to initialize the graphic drive // //and will draw the xy lines along wiht xy values. this class has the // //ability to draw two type of graph ,1.curve graph ,2.linegraph // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class graph:public value { public: graph(): value() {} graph(int a): value(a) {} void graphicdriver(); void xylines(); void xyvalues(); void linegraph(); void curvegraph() ; }; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // //this class contains such type of function that can get the values of /// //yaxis from an entered fuction from the user/////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // class func_value_extr:public graph { public: func_value_extr(): graph() {} void getfunctype(); void ax(); void ax_c(); void ax_bx_c(); void write_obj(char*); void write_obj_multi(func_value_extr*,int); void copy_data(char*); void read_obj(char *); }; //////////function belongs to the value class//////////////////// void value::getvalue() { cout<<"enter the value of x and y (max 24 each) "<<endl; for(i=0;i<24;i++) cin>>x[i]>>y[i]; xzero=-3000;yzero=-3000; } void value::showvalue() { cout<<"values of x and y "<<endl; cout<<"x y"<<endl; for(i=0;i<24;i++) cout<<" "<<x[i]<<" "<<y[i]<<endl; cout<<" x axis value = "<<xmean<<"y axix value = " <<ymean<<endl; } void value::minmax() { mnx=x[23];mxx=x[23];mny=y[23];mxy=y[23]; for(i=0;i<24;i++) {if(x[i]<mnx) mnx=x[i]; if(x[i]>mxx) mxx=x[i]; if(y[i]<mny) mny=y[i]; if(y[i]>mxy) mxy=y[i]; if(x[i]==0) xzero=i; if(y[i]==0) yzero=i; } } void value::xymean() { float temp; if(mxx>(-mnx)) temp=mxx; else temp=-mnx; xmean=temp/12; if(mxy>(-mnx)) temp=mxy; else temp=-mny; ymean=temp/12; int no; float expo; no=xmean; expo=xmean-no; if(expo<0.1) xmean=xmean-expo; if(expo>=0.5) {xmean=xmean-expo; xmean++;} else if(expo>=0.1) {xmean-=expo;xmean+=0.5;} if(xmean<1) xmean=1; no=ymean; expo=ymean-no; if(expo<0.1) ymean=ymean-expo; if(expo>=0.5) {ymean=ymean-expo; ymean++;} if(expo>=0.1) {ymean-=expo; ymean+=0.5;} if(ymean<1) ymean=1; } void value::setxymean() { cout<<"enter the value for x-axis "<<endl; cin>>xmean; cout<<"enter the value for y-axis "<<endl; cin>>ymean; } ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / ////////////////////////end of value class functions/////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / ///////////////////////starting of graph calss function//////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / void graph::graphicdriver() { int gdriver = DETECT, gmode, errorcode; /* initialize graphics and local variables */ initgraph(&gdriver, &gmode, "c:\tc\bgi"); /* read result of initialization */ errorcode = graphresult(); /* an error occurred */ if (errorcode != grOk) { cout<<"Graphics error: "<< grapherrormsg(errorcode); cout<<"Press any key to halt:"; getch(); exit(1); } } void graph::xylines() { setbkcolor(9); setcolor(4); setlinestyle(0,0,3); line(7,getmaxy()/2,getmaxx()-7,getmaxy()/2); line(getmaxx()/2,7,getmaxx()/2,getmaxy()-7); setlinestyle(0,0,1); int n=7,n2=getmaxy()/2,n3=5; for(i=0;i<25;i++) {setcolor(1); circle(n,n2,2); circle(getmaxx()/2,n3,2); n+=26; n3+=26;} } void graph::xyvalues() { float xval=0,yval=0; char xptr[25]; char yptr[25]; int no,expo; float expo_float; char temp[10]; int xmove=(getmaxx()/2)+26; int ymove=(getmaxy()/2)-26; outtextxy((getmaxx()/2)-9,(getmaxy()/2)+4,"0"); setcolor(15); for(i=0;i<12;i++) {xval+=xmean; no=xval; expo_float=xval-no; expo_float*=100; expo=expo_float; if(expo!=0) {itoa(no,xptr,10); strcat(xptr,"."); itoa(expo,temp,10); strcat(xptr,temp);} else itoa(xval,xptr,10); if(expo==0) {settextstyle(0,0,1); outtextxy(xmove,(getmaxy()/2)+5,xptr); } else { settextstyle(0,1,1); outtextxy(xmove,(getmaxy()/2)+5,xptr); } xmove+=26; yval+=ymean; no=yval; expo_float=yval-no; expo_float*=100; expo=expo_float; if(expo!=0) {itoa(no,yptr,10); strcat(yptr,"."); itoa(expo,temp,10); strcat(yptr,temp); } else itoa(yval,yptr,10); settextstyle(0,0,1); outtextxy((getmaxx()/2)-10,ymove,yptr); outtextxy((getmaxx()/2)-10,ymove,yptr); ymove-=26; } xval=0;yval=0; xmove=(getmaxx()/2)-26; ymove=(getmaxy()/2)+26; for(i=0;i<12;i++) {xval-=xmean; no=xval; expo_float=-(xval-no); expo_float*=100; expo=expo_float; if(expo!=0) {itoa(no,xptr,10); strcat(xptr,"."); itoa(expo,temp,10); strcat(xptr,temp);} else itoa(xval,xptr,10); if(expo==0) {settextstyle(0,0,1); outtextxy(xmove,(getmaxy()/2)+5,xptr);} else {settextstyle(0,1,1); outtextxy(xmove,(getmaxy()/2)+5,xptr);} xmove-=26; yval-=ymean; no=yval; expo_float=-(yval-no); expo_float*=100; expo=expo_float; if(expo!=0) {itoa(no,yptr,10); strcat(yptr,"."); itoa(expo,temp,10); strcat(yptr,temp);} else itoa(yval,yptr,10); settextstyle(0,0,1); outtextxy((getmaxx()/2)-18,ymove,yptr); ymove+=26; } } void graph::linegraph() { float xline_val,yline_val; float x1,y1,x2,y2; setcolor(222); for(i=1;i<24;i++) { if(x[i]>=0 ) {xline_val=x[i]/xmean; xline_val*=26; yline_val=y[i]/ymean; yline_val*=26; x1=(getmaxx()/2)+xline_val; y1=getmaxy()/2; x2=x1; y2=(getmaxy()/2)-yline_val; line(x1,y1,x2,y2); delay(200);} else if(x[i]<0 ) {xline_val=-(x[i]/xmean); xline_val*=26; yline_val=y[i]/ymean; yline_val*=26; x1=(getmaxx()/2)-xline_val; y1=getmaxy()/2; x2=x1; y2=(getmaxy()/2)-yline_val; line(x1,y1,x2,y2);delay(200);} } } void graph::curvegraph() { float xline_val,yline_val,x1,y1,x2,y2; xline_val=x[0]/xmean; xline_val*=26; yline_val=y[0]/ymean; yline_val*=26; x1=(getmaxx()/2)+xline_val; y1=(getmaxy()/2)-yline_val; for(i=1;i<24;i++) {xline_val=x[i]/xmean; xline_val*=26; yline_val=y[i]/ymean; yline_val*=26; x2=(getmaxx()/2)+xline_val; y2=(getmaxy()/2)-yline_val; line(x1,y1,x2,y2); delay(200); x1=x2;y1=y2; } } ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / //////////////////end of value graph functions //////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / ///////////starting of func_value_extr class functions///////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / void func_value_extr::getfunctype() { cout<<" choose function type "<<endl; cout<<"^n^n+c^n+bx^n+c "<<endl; char choic[20],c='y'; int choice; i=0; while(c=='y') { cin>>choic; clrscr(); if(choic[0]=='1'||choic[0]=='2'||choic[0]=='3') {if(choic[1]=='

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