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  • Format Numbers
       365045 Hits Since Jan 2004
    The easiest way to demonstrate format numbers is just have some sample code that tries evry permutat... (description truncated) Read More
  • ASP/SQL AverageNumber
       364918 Hits Since Jan 2004
    Generates an average number from a set of records, this code was written for an Access DB, Great for... (description truncated) Read More
  • Scripting.Decoder for Microsoft Encoding
       365476 Hits Since Jan 2004
    This code lets you decode your scripts. It comes in handy if you deleted the original file or wrote ... (description truncated) Read More
  • RC4 Class
       364716 Hits Since Jan 2004
    Applys Encryption/Decryption to strings. This version is more cleaned up and thrown into a nice litt... (description truncated) Read More
  • Mortgage Amortization
       365012 Hits Since Jan 2004
    Calculate mortgage info. Payment, Interest paid, Principal balance, in an amortization table
  • IsPrime
       364891 Hits Since Jan 2004
    Checks to see if a number is a primary number. Prime numbers are commonly found in encryption scheme... (description truncated) Read More
  • GUID Generator - 26 Characters
       365616 Hits Since Jan 2004
    The purpose is to use in generating e-commerce Order numbers, memberids etc MS Site server commerce ... (description truncated) Read More
  • Convert Bytes
       365730 Hits Since Jan 2004
    This code convert bytes into larger units such as kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes. I ... (description truncated) Read More
  • Base 64 Encode / Decode
       365388 Hits Since Jan 2004
    Base 64 encodeing is used to convert binary files to a "safe" form at for transporting fil... (description truncated) Read More
  • Convert Temperature Values
       364894 Hits Since Jan 2004
    Converts F to C and C to F
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