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There are three National Education boards in India. But mostly people are aware about only CBSE. That is primarily because CBSE is the most widely recognized and accepted national board in India. While CBSE affiliated boards are in the excess of 25,000, there are under 3000 schools affiliated with the rest of the two boards. The most popular and largest Education Board in India is Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE). Parent organization of CBSE Board is Ministry of Education, Government...


AuraStats Provides complete indepth analysis and information on domains. We crawl the web to collect the data and then use our proprietary algorithms to make sense out of that. We have processed several terabytes of content to present this first version of AuraStats. Our servers and engineers are working incessantly to augment our data, and we will keep adding more and more content in the coming updates. Our database is specially focused towards the domains used by Businesses as their official...


Cell Number is a tool that allows you to search and find complete details of mobile and telephone numbers of almost all countries in the world. We have arranged this website as a Telephone directory, where you can drill down from Country to Specific Area, Location, Pin Code, etc. This way, we are able to present the most exhaustive telephone directory / yellow page for even the remotest corner of the world. Our database of contact numbers is always evolving and we keep adding more geos,...


To identify the mobile numbers that which mobile number is of which service provider and of which area , for that there is plan which is called telephone numbering plan which describe the information about any mobile number in India. All mobile number in India start with 9, 8, 7 or 6 which are based on GSM, WCDMA and LTE technologies. In 10 Digits Indian mobile number statring four digit identifies the telecom circle and last six digits identifies the subscriber. A telephone numbering plan is a...

5. is one of the Largest Yellow Pages and Business Directory of India. We have more than 10 million listings on our website, with detailed information, statistics and analysis about them. We have also tried segregating our website listings in proper categories. All the listings are bundled with detailed Frequently Asked Questions, throwing more light on the same. With detailed information about Tourist Places, Schools, Institutes, Hospitals, Shops, Religious Places, Gyms, and just...


Postal Code, also known as Zip Code or PIN Code in some countries, is an alphanumeric pattern, mostly digits or letters or both. Postal code is known in different courtries by different names. Most of the Postal codes are numeric, while some of them also have alphabets in them. This is included in the postal address so that sorting and delivery of the mail and parcels is faster. Some postal codes are separated with a space, some by a dash ("-"). Since postal codes are usually assigned to a...


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