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Wiser Bot - This is a complete IRC bot shell for use in making any type of IRC bot you wish. The script is ment to be only the bare-minimum that is needed to stay on IRC and log data. Modules are provided along side the bot that extend it's functionality to provide features such as quotes, games, networking abilities, etc. Modules are being developed as needed and there is also a full API availiable so you can create your own modules if you wish. <br /> Benifits: <ul> <li>Extenable</li> <li>Cross-platform</li> <li>Mysql Based</li> <li>DCC Connection support</li> <li>Changes take effect immediately.</li> </ul> And to be fair: Drawbacks: <ul> <li>Requires Mysql and a web server.</li> <li>Difficult, though not impossible, to run without command line access.</li> <li>DCC May not work with some hosts due to firewalls (Check with your hosting provider).</li> </ul>
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