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SuperLinkExchange Pro - User signs up for the exchange, In return the user is given a unique code to be placed on their webpages (their link on top of their exchange page through their code). If someone signs up through that users ID, the next unique code is given out and the previous link is moved down on the new user page, one position.// (JUST IMAGINE IF 100 USERS SIGNUP!...Thats 100 links pointing to your site!) You also have the ability to display how ever many links you like. THIS VERSION: webmaster admin was added (webmaster can display his/her banner at the top of all user pages). User Admin also added. Users can add up to 4 banners on their page, after that function disables itself. Much nicer page layout compared to FREE version. (UPON ORDERING VIA PAYPAL, YOU WILL BE BROUGHT UP TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE!!! NO WAITING!)
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