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Macurious Spider Search - This search engine searches web pages on a single site, or anywhere on the Internet. This search engine can index your own website as well as copy links from other website. It comes with administration tools, which is protected with password. This search engine can do multiple indexing, single indexing, automatic and semi-auto indexing. It also supports muliple language including 2 bytes characters such as Chinese and Japanese words are fully supported. You can customize your own layout and designs of the search page with non-english language as well. It uses template HTML file, you just edit them like normal HTML. Multiple template pages are supported as well. Macurious Spider also includes useful features such as, hits counter for every search, adult's contents filter, banner rotation, links promotion, keywords highlighther, random text, dynamic contents, easy-drop-down menu and more. All these features use a set of exclusive HTML tags, which is easy to insert into your template files.
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