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Title y-notes
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Organizers
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Description y-notes is a simple system which allows you to specify spots in your web pages to which your website's visitors will be able to stick notes. For the the web user, y-notes provide a convenient way to add annotations to a web site without having to go into the messy business of managing a large set of bookmarks. Also, the notes are kept at the server so that users can retrieve them at a later time and use them as a navigation aid. For the site maintainer, y-notes provides an easy and automatic way of gathering user feedback and improving the site design. The main component of y-notes is a tiny Java(tm) applet. Notes are stored on database managed through a CGI interface written in Perl.


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Scripts Related to - y-notes

Script Name


MyTimePunch is a small Perl script that allows you to create a simple time punch, similar to the time punch hanging in the breakroom at work. MyTimePunch uses a MySQL database on backend for data handling.


Agnostos is a simple web-based task management system, allowing you to maintain a set of todo lists for a number of people, departments and workgroups. Features include: Tasks can be assigned to individuals, workgroups, or departments (or any combination of the above); Tasks may be assigned priorities and due dates; Tasks may be sorted by status, priority or due date; Auditing data is recorded for each task (time and date of each change of status, priority, or individual, group or department to which it is assigned); Weekly Report Generation (produces a plain text report of all work done by a particular user, workgroup or department in the previous week).

Address Management Database (AMS)

AMS is an address management system consisting of a perl script and a configuration file for a sql database. Adresses can be searched, mantained and downloaded (CSV, Text-TAB delimeted, LaTeX table) from a server via WEB Browser. Supported SQL databases include msql, postgressql, mysql, etc.

Online Address Book

This is an On-Line address book for the traveling person, families, churches, businesses, schools, and/or other private or public groups where a common address book would be used. It features: Looks and functions very close to a real address book, Click on the 'Letter Tabs' to access the address page, Entries are auto-alphabitised by lastname (primary key) then first name (secondary key), By clicking on the letter at the top of the page, its very easy to add, update or delete entries, Advanced embedded JavaScript code for instintanious access to address pages, Virtually no limit to the number of entries, Optional/multible entries for home phone, fax, pager, & cell, and email, and Clicking on primary email address will start-up the email composer.

ToDo from CGI biz

This is a Web-based To Do list management system. Features include: Easy to Install and Use, Template Based Architecture, Administration Panel, Multi User Support, Instant List Editing, and Full Automation.

Address Book

It is a simple address database, consisting of only the following: id, name, phone, state, city, zip, street, misc, and email. It supports create, drop, edit, search, and uses a MySQL database on backend for storing data.


webnotebook is a small CGI script whose purpose is to replace the omnipresent stack of small pieces of paper which clutter every desk. It simply lets you add, view, edit, and delete each record via the browser. On accessing webnotebook you will see a "short" view of every "page" on the stack, presented as a table. You can quickly find information you want here. The "text" field is truncated to 150 characters to speed up displaying the table. It also comes with a search engine. It uses a MySQL database on backend and requires DBI/DBD perl modules.


This is a small console program written in perl, which allows you to manage notes similar to programs like "knotes" from commandline. You can add, edit, list and delete as many notes as you want. The notes are stored in a MySQL database.

Include Scratchpad

This script is basically, a message pad for yourself. It is web based so you can use it in a protected area of your web site for when you are away from your computer. You leave notes for yourself, ideas, name, phone numbers, etc. and you can retrieve all this information form ANY browser on ANY computer. This script uses SSI's.

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