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Title winblast2unix
Platform linux
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » File Management
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Description winblast2unix is a handy script written in Perl for dealing with files/directories you import from a Windows partition or Windows-made disk. What it does: - Translates all those pesky whitespaces and control characters in filenames and directories to the underscore character. - Options include translation of accented characters to english ones or complete stripping of them. - Executes a mass chmod on the files; 755 for executables, like directories, .exe, .dll and .com files and 644 for everything else. w2u has user "restriction" for multi-user environments, where all users of a common programs folder may not be trusted.


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Script Name General Description Document transloads files from the Internet to the specified FTP directory on your Internet Domain. No password or transload service is necessary since the program runs on your own Domain. Features auto-rename, multiple directories, identical file control, maximum file size, file extension control, logging...

The Unlinker

A quick and dirty tool to scan obsolete htm/html files and their linked images or other files without the need of looking for them throughout the entire site.

indexsoft Site-UP

indexsoft Site-UP is a multilingual web based file manager with build-in WYSIWYG editor. With help of Site-UP you can easy support your website using only a computer connected to the Internet and browser. Moreover indexsoft Site-UP with success can replace any FTP client and telnet or ssh access. Site-UP currently supports English, Dutch, Spanish and Russian languages.


A complete file management system, fully adjustable to your needs from a simple download list up to managing user access. It is possible to create new files using free WYSIWYG html editors (FCKeditor or htmlarea), create and extract .zip files, download/upload one or multiple files, and other tasks you need to manage a website without FTP access.

Hidden File Manager

HF Manager Pro is a full featured Perl script that allows you to create, view, edit and delete hidden files in any folder on your server. Includes an admin center and password protection.

iBULC - Internet Batch Up-Load Component

iBULC is a browser-based multiple file uploading component that can be integrated with any server-side program or script. Enable your employees, clients, and/or users to upload pre-defined file types and sizes to your server using iBULC client side upload software. Client-side software works on all versions of Windows and Mac OS X. Browsers supported include Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, and IE.


ffileman is a Web based file and directory manager. Features: You can edit, delete, rename, chmod and upload files; You can copy and move files and directories; Multiple selection of files and directories; You can download files; You can create and delete directories; Each file is shown with a windows style file type icon; File sizes and permissions are listed as well; and Simultaneous upload of 8 files. Multilanguage & Multiuser support.

WWW FTP Client

This WWW FTP Client provides a way to access FTP sites via WWW interface. Using it you can do almost everything you can do with a casual FTP client: browse directory tree, rename and delete files and directories, upload files etc. The main goal of this script is to provide access to FTP servers if you're behind a firewall not allowing FTP connections. So you can install it on a remote site, access by your browser and connect to the FTP servers where you get accounts.

WWW FTP Client Pro

WWW FTP Client Pro is a perl cgi script providing ftp client capabilities with the user interface in your browser. Just install it on a remote server and whether you are on a computer with no ordinary ftp client installed or you are connected to the internet through a firewall or a proxy not allowing ftp connections, WWW FTP Client Pro allows you to quickly and easily perform all your ftp tasks. This Pro version also allows to create new and edit existing text files, includes Site Manager and comes with multi-language support.


Podftp will change the way you think of FTP Clients. Podftp was made strictly for people who refuse to download FTP Clients. Some of Podftp was made for the people who wanted to upload a web-page, but didn't know how to install or work an FTP Client. Such features as: chmod, rename, edit, delete bin or ascii (text) upload, default port number, optional password protection, and much more. GREAT FOR ON THE FLY UPLOADS!!

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