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Title vtup
Platform Unix WinAll
Price Freeware
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Upload Systems
Hits 611
Description Simple upload script with the options to list all uploads, or just upload. VTup will upload any file to the size and ext you allow, on the fly thumbnails will be created for JPG images using the installed an most servers. The JPG thumbnail creating script can be used on it's own. The upload script has a built in perl tutorial explaining each section of the script and how to upload with out etc modules. You can have the option to select the directory the files are uploaded into.


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Scripts Related to - vtup

Script Name


microManager is a file upload CGI script. Features: Allow/Deny specific file extentions, Limit file size in KB, Allow/Deny delete ownerright of files, Auto dropdown menu, Give the exact path to your upload dir, Password protected admin area, Useful to maintain a file upload/download site, You can use 5 copies of this script in 5 different DIR's - all with differnet settings and passwords, and Easy customizing HTML form (generated on fly by CGI). The latest version includes security update that does not allow uploading files with no extentions.

File Uploader

This Web based Perl cgi script allows you to upload any file documents (text, image, audio, etc.) to a directory available on your server. User must provide a valid password to use this utility. A function to list files in the upload directory is also available.

SPAds File Uploader

FEATURES: Works on Unix and Windows, with Netscape or Explorer! The program has options for limiting file sizes and types, uploaded file types can be set for All files, All files except executables, or just image files! SPAds (File Uploader) using perl only, can upload images only (.gif or .jpg) or any type of file! It can by omission exclude all, ( .exe), ( .dll) and ( .bat) files. Use with caution! The program has been rewritten to by pass some of the limitations of the that it used to work with. And to make it more flexable for the user!

Upload Pro with directory protection

Upload Pro with optional .ht protection is the most secure way for you and/or your clients to upload and share sensitive information or files. Includes Basic Authentication, password protection, member sign up, customer profile database, edit profiles, request as much info as you like in custom sign up form, customize the admin section, folder for each member, activate/deactivate members, create groups, autoresponders and more quality time saving features.

Upload Gold

Upload Gold is a robust client file upload manager with complete admin control. Includes member management, client login and file management, auto index page creator, options to member sign up, suspend functionality, receive customized email notifications, send personalized autoresponders, control member disk space and file types, publish member listing and index pages. Works with all file types including, xls, doc, pdf and images.

Upload Plus

File upload utility with autoresponder. Set file size and type restrictions as well as overwrite permissions and destination folders. Includes email notifications. User may upload to any admin specified folders on your server.

Controlled Access Upload Utility

Controlled Access Upload Utility, which allows Web browser users to upload files to a Web Server. Functionality includes: Restricted access via login name and password; Optional upload email notification to admin list; User-level upload, view & download control; User-level delete of existing files; User-enabled unique filenaming convention; COMMON upload directory; COMMON view & download directory; Admin-level control for adding users; Admin-level control for deleting user access and user directories; Upload restricted to user directory; Can upload 5 files at one time; Ability to restrict specific file extensions from being uploaded; Individual file size upload limit.

File(s) Uploaders

This script is combination of formmail script and file uploader. It allow you to process forms and upload unlimited number of files. Easy to configure and install.

Upload Lite

Easily upload files to your server from your web page. Set file size and type restrictions as well as overwrite permissions and the destination folder. Includes email notifications. Well commented, successfully tested on a broad range of ASCII and binary files as large as 36 megabytes.

Cgi Ftp Script

CGI FTP script runs from the browser and will transfer files from your server to the remote server, and download files from remote server to your server. Client enters their host, username, password, and a destination directory and the files are transferred at ethernet speeds even if they are only using a dialup account.

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