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Title vCard
Platform n/a
Price Free for non-commercial use
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Website Visit Website of - vCard
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Email Systems » Email Utilities
Hits 595
Description vCard generates VCF files for importing personal data into vCard-compatible programs. version 1.x for php 4, version 2.x for php 5


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Scripts Related to - vCard

Script Name


DuplicateCheck is a script that will check any list of email addresses, find all duplicates, and write out only the unique addresses to a new file.

ECdelivery file transfer system

No software to install, Replacement of FTP files transfer, More security files transfter solutions, Large email attachment replacement,Easy to use interface, Access your files anywhere with internet connection, Keep secondary backups of your important files, Enhance your company image

Mailbox cleaner

Script: Mailbox cleaner Version: 1.0 Author: Gledison Souza Homepage: Date: 08/16/2003 Description: This simple script clear all e-mails of an pop3 account. Attention: Use this software at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damage caused. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation Instructions: 1-Remove ".txt" extension of this script. 2-Configure the script with your POP3 server, login and password. 3-Put this on your server. 4-If you are sure, run the script on your server by http connection. 5-Your mailbox is now empty! Be sure you want to clear your mailbox! It's irreversible!!!


SZMail is a simple mail wrapper for easy e-mailing with PHP. SZMail supports all the common headers like bcc, cc and prioroty. SZMail uses sendmail and will not work on win32.


Use Mailcloak on any web page to hide email addresses and record the IP address of senders. When a link is clicked it is decrypted and logged by a server-side script and then sent back to the email client. An optional filtering label is added to the subject line and a certification receipt is inserted at the top of the email. Monthly logs are stored in CSV format and can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet or imported into a database. Client encryption tool runs on any computer with a browser. Certification and reporting require a web server with PHP.

cybercanton Anti-Spam Script

When a new message is sent to you, Anti-Spam Script determines if the sender is authorized to send you emails. If the sender is authorized, the email is immediately sent to your inbox. If the sender is blocked, the email is deleted and your inbox is kept spam free. If this is the first email from the sender, the email is held in a temporarily holding area on our website and the sender is sent an email with a verification link that he/she must click. The sender only needs to click the verification link once, and their email, and all future emails that they send you, will immediately be placed in your inbox. also with With Filter List Management, you simply enter words or phrases that you do not want delivered to your inbox. You have complete control of your inbox. You can configure your inbox to reject email by Subject, To, From, Sender, Header, or Body.

Potential Creations Forms Processor

A forms processing utility that emails the contents of a form to you. Includes spam gaurding features, and field validtion. Supports the ability to send an attachment uploaded from a form . Easy to install, options (including validation) configured via html!

Spam Assassin PHP POP3 Proxy

If you hate spam and are looking for a Free reliable way to tag it as it comes into your mailbox - then try this pop3 proxy written in PHP it has been especially written to work with the world trusted spam testing PERL software Spam Assassin.

1love mass_mail

Provide a plain text file list of email addresses, (or names and addresses), as many as you like, just one per line. Enter a message with optional file attachment and/or "autogreeting". Click "Go!" to mail every address on the list. Very simple to configure & install, a single file requiring only path info for root, webhost & a temp directory and that PHP be configured to use sendmail.

Stop Spam!

An easy-to-use alternative to posting your email address on your website. Stop Spam! is designed to let you have a contact form on your website so visitors can email you without you have having to hard code your email address into your web page. This prevents email harvesting robots from getting your email address. Your email is totally hidden from public view.

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