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Platform Unix, Windows
Price Free (GPL)
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Search Engines
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Description performs a realtime fulltext-search over specified directories including subdirectories and returns a link and an extract of each file. htmlspecialchars are also supported.


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TailSearch is a simple meta script that grabs detailed aircraft and owner information from FAA's Aircraft Registry, based on an aircraft's tail number. The script will return information such as an aircraft's make, model, year, engine type, etc, and owner's name, address, phone number, etc.


The strength of this package is to index all sorts of things (websites, file systems, files, databases tables, ...). feed the indexer with information, and later query it. features: Boolean search operators like + - (and, not). Search for "fixed names" (eg "Bill Gates"). Stemming, metaphone, soundex, fast part-word searches like foo*, foo*bar AND *foo. Foreign keys (for db-related indexes). Stopword lists (multilingual). built-in mime-type handlers for html, pdf, doc and xls, ...


PhpDig is a very small PHP search engine that uses a MySQL database on backend. Features: indexes both static and dynamic pages; Spiders almost all links in html content, in hrefs, areamaps, frames; and Full text indexing. It could index pdf and ms-office files using external binaries. <b>1.6.2 Update:</b> Add support of others charsets than 8859-1, encoding 8859-2 added. PhpDig handles meta http-equiv cookie. Function phpdigTestUrl fixed. Css classes for classic mode fixed. Bug on noindex and nofollow fixed. Small API doc added. Error on database creation script on some versions of MySql fixed.

FTPhp Index

FTPhp Index is a free FTP indexer available written in php.The indexer engine will scan the whole FTP, looking for files and indexing them into a mysql database. Next versions will include new search functions.'s PPCPortal

Created for the UK search engine, PPCPortal is a search engine that allows sites to bid for keywords. Sites can be added for free, then they are able to upgrade to silver by adding a link back via a button. Sites can also be upgraded to gold, gold sites are able to bid on keywords and also upload a logo to be shown whenever their site shows in search results or on the directory pages. Gold sites can credit their accounts via depositing money into their account or by adding a search box to their site, and each search made from their site will earn the site owner 0.02 (variable).


I.N.A.S.E.C engine is a sophisticated and efficient Pay Per Click Search Engine Software which can be fully customized to the finest detail and simulatneously handle huge quantum of data very effeciently.

RiSearch PHP

RiSearch PHP - free search script for small sites (up to 5000 pages). Does not requre database for index storage. Main features: template driven output, indexing via the local filesystem or via http, simple and convenient query language.


NeonSearch is a Web search engine written in PHP that can be easily integrated into any site. From one form, visitors can search the Web using any of the following engines: AOL, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Netscape, MSN, Google, Lycos, MetaCrawler, Dogpile, Scrub the Web, Teoma, Web Wombat and Yahoo! Setup is simple and you can choose to have search results open with or without frames. If you elect to use frames, visitors will remain on your site and their search results will appear in a frameset. The top frame will contain a link back to the page they came from and an option to break out of the frameset. The bottom frame will contain the results of the submitted search.


Allows you to set up an easy index of your site so your visitors can search and easily find what they are looking for. You choose which pages to include in the index by adding the page names, URL and search words to the control panel. Control what keywords are found and on what page. When you add pages to the control panel to be searched you add the Title and Keywords so there is no confusion on the information found in the search.


BrightSearch runs on a secure, fast, and powerful MySQL backend to store all the information in it. The entire design of the search results page is 100% customizable and on screen instructions let you know how to add the different forms needed to your site with minimal effors and minimal editing needed.

Google Search


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