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Title t24
Platform PHP4
Price LGPL
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - t24
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
Hits 1553
Description The package t24 provides a highly customizable template parser written entirely in PHP4. With t24 it is possible to use nearly any kind of (ASCII-)input as template, e.g. plain text, HTML, XML, SGML, LaTeX, or even (uncompressed and unencrypted) Postscript and PDF. The engine is implemented as a recursive descent parser. It is possible with t24 to completely separate the visible layer from the PHP layer.


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Scripts Related to - t24

Script Name

WebKit Advanced

WebKit allows anyone with no HTML knowledge or design skills the ability to instantly create and easily maintain professional looking websites. WebKit allows anyone to create great looking sites with up to 25 pages and 25 menu items in an instant. When you have finished making the website, WebKit's AutoFTP function can automatically upload the files to your website.

Simple Articles

Simple Articles is a simple article manager. You can add/edit/delete articles, and add/edit/delete article categories, with the simple article manager. Articles appear as static .php pages using the .htaccess file, articles can span multiple pages just by inserting [new_page]. Can view how many times each article has been accessed. Needs MySQL, PHP, Apache (with .htaccess support and mod_rewrite).

Catviz Open Source Content Manager

Catviz is a very different PHP/MySQL Content Manager. It has a clean, object-oriented approach, full API docs, powerful security system (document security and application security), templating, webpages with free layout and unlimited images/multimedia files. W3C XHTML 1.0 and CSS compliant. Version 0.3.0 is now GPL-ed, it features statistics collection with a new barchart module, a registry, friendly URL's, selective loading of Javascripts, JIT interpreting of forms, a new (cleaner) theme, simplified theme directory structure and many small enhancements and bugfixes.

Content Control X - Light

||content manager: simple WYSIWYG Editor; create, edit, update and delete contents just in time; add images (standard dialog); add hyperlinks on text and images (standard dialog); ||navigation manager: create navigation item (menu only); rename navigation item; sort navigation items; delete navigation item; auto navigation item output; ||user manager: Change username; Change password; secute md5 passwords; (supported languages: english / german)

My Family Website

A complete family website, featuring photo albums, events calendar, family news and email accounts for all family members. Script can be purchased alone or several hosted versions are also available.

MosXML - XML Content Management

MOSXML is focused on creating a clearer definition between data, business logic, content and platform delivery. By separating each layer into a clearly defined role and providing specific interfaces each layer to interact with MOSXML will expose possibilities of completely separating content from multiple delivery platforms. Instead of presentation logic being applied directly to data processing logic MOSXML uses XML as an intermediate state for the content before presentation is applied. The XML document acts as a standard interface between processing and presentation thus allowing content to be formatted using XSL and distributed to separate platforms such as PDF, XHTML and WAP. Typical CMS features such as user, presentation and media management as well as comprehensive content management facilities. The core of the CMS is based on another open source project named Mambo OS.


CMS Master is a complete website builder, the most powerful and easy-to-use site editor with web-based interface. It allows you and your clients to update site content in a matter of minutes. Features include WYSIWYG editor, full control over design via template files, easy image and file management, customizable site navigation, module integration, and flexible licensing policy. Free demo trial also available!

News Admin

Easy to install content management system. Upload to your web server. Type setup.php. Enter your MySQL database details and hey presto. Add news stories, Edit news stories and Delete news stories. Upload and Insert images. Insert HTML tags with the quicktags system. Preview the articles. Create webpages with dynamic content using just 8 lines of code. Full support system with quick turnaround of calls.

TE CMS Deluxe

A feature rich yet comprehensive template based content management solution for company websites. Other than content pages, features like forum, news, calendar, FAQ, photo, polling, e-form, etc can be added to the website easily.


A wiki application specifically for documentation building. Uses Text_Wiki so it can convert from wiki to any other format (XHTML for now; RTF, DocBook, and others are planned). Multiple sub-wikis (areas), access control list, anonymous and authenticated users, hierarchical mapping, built-in comment system, and more.

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