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Title str_replace.c
Platform Unix, Win NT, ANSI-C
Price Freeware
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Category C & C++ » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Libraries and Classes
Hits 1349
Description A working libary for string_replace.


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Scripts Related to - str_replace.c

Script Name

Str Library

A high-performance, portable string class library for the C++ developer: Compatible with regular, MFC and ATL - based Windows applications; Works with gcc / g++ for all Linux and other GNU-supported platforms; Faster and more full-featured than STL std::string or MFC/ATL CString; Provides almost 100% plug-in replacement for alternative string classes CString (from MFC) and std::string (STL); Seamless Unicode and ANSI support; Included wizard adds string class support to your project in less than 5 minutes; Full source code and documentation; Royalty-free distribution. Str Library uses an innovative semi-automatic technology for sharing strings between threads that eliminates heavy CPU bus penalties associated with other implementations.


Cookie extraction functions. Ansi C functions which allow easy reading of client side cookies, for inclusion into c/c++ CGI program. Ideal for tracking and login applications and many other things beside.


VBMcgi is a free multiplatform CGI library in C++ that isolates the work of webmaster and webdesign. It features: 100% free, and comes with original source code; Designed from step zero to be multiplatform (tested on Windows and Unix) - All features included (form decode, cookies, and a lot more); It is the only CGI library in C++ that completely isolates the webmaster and webdesign - In pratical terms, this means that you can use commercial html design software (that saves sophisticated html code) such as DreamWeaver, Front Page, etc.; and The CGI programs can be short and very powerful, because the complex code is inside the VBMcgi library.


This library is consist of useful string manipulating functions including PHP 's explode and str_replace function.


Template2doc (Template to Document) is a set of string routines that simplifies the task of generating html pages. Instead of having all html sources stored in C-programs the html sources is stored as a html template document (file). This template document, which is a regular standard html document, contains specific keywords that tells the routines where to insert the produced data. Template2doc contains routines both for simple replacement of words as well as sophisticated insertion of table data. Although the template definition syntax is very simple, it contains the most essential functionality requirements. Of course, Template2doc works on any text document. However, it is specific designed and written for html documents in mind.

Parabase Web-Box Client

The Web-Box client is a HTML extention that can be used to create dynamic HTML pages. It includes support for commonly found HTML problems, such as forms, environment and visitor identification. A full real time database and 3-tier application support is available as an option.


cgi-util is a powerful, small C library that allows you to create CGI programs for websites. Supported functions include: Accepting a connection and parsing form data, Grabbing a field by its string value, by its integer value, by its floating point ("double") value,and by its boolean value, Embeding HTML files, Checking strings for correct e-mail syntax, and Closing up and freeing memory.


MizCGI is is a C++ library to make it easier to write CGI programs in C++. It includes 'exists' and 'isempty' functions, plus efficient handling of checkboxes, and easy setup.

GNU Cgicc

The CGI-LIB Library

CGI-LIB is a free ANSI C library that will facilitate the creation of CGI programs. The library is written entirely in C using ANSI C functions. The functions are easy to use and the source code is included.

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