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Title stoic
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Web Traffic Analysis
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Description stoic is a Web server log analyzer written in Perl. It reports: logfile totals, daily totals, hourly totals, domains visiting, top n documents requested, top n sites visiting, status codes received, agent statistics, platform statistics, robots visiting, user site report, and user report. It also features: myriad AOL proxies broken down into one, major search engine requests are parsed, ignores sites listed in specified file, referrals are only collected if specified, country codes are matched with domains visiting, and more.


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Scripts Related to - stoic

Script Name

freq - lastlog analyzer

freq is a Perl script used to analyze the last log. It works on Linux systems, but may also work on other UNIX-based systems that have the same format for their lastlog. It can spit out information regarding how many times a user has logged in as well as what days, terminals, hours, and months are most popular for logins. In addition, it can sort this information alphabetically or ascending or descending by number of logins. It can even generate simple graphs.


Features include: Web based installation gets you up and running in seconds, Supports both Extended(combined) and Standard log file formats, Supports Extremely Large Log Files, Relative Date selection, The Date Range option accepts dates in almost every date format, Generates Reports for Page, IP,Top Level Domain,Hour, Day, Week, Month, Bytes Transferred, Referrer, Query Strings, Authenticated Users Browser and OS, Customizable Remove and View Only Filters let you focus on the data you want to see, Easy to use Interface lets you Generate Sub-Reports, Clean Log function, and much more.


Urchin is a high performance, fully automated website/webserver statistics analysis system that provides critical insight on a website's user activity. Urchin creates three types of reports: The Site Report, The E-mail Report, and The Server Report. These reports are beneficial to anyone interested in both a quality website and a quality experience for the end user. Urchin is available in two versions: Urchin ASAP (the free adware) and Urchin ISP (the ad-free $995).

Bestdam Logger Lite

Bestdam Logger is an CGI script written in Perl that compiles hit counts and detailed information about visitors to your Website and automatically e-mails this information to you. It executes "in the background" and is completely invisible to those who visit your site (except for the optional display of the hit counter). It compiles counts and detailed information about visitors to your Website including: their IP address, their host domain, the make and version of the browser they used, the operating system they are using, the pages they viewed, the URL of the site that referred them to yours, and the date and time of their visit.

Bestdam Logger Deluxe

This is a fully featured version of Bestdam Logger Lite, a Website visitor logger and counter. Main features include: "period" log reports, with count summaries, can be automatically e-mailed to you daily or weekly (or not at all), the e-mailed log reports, can be single- or double-spaced for ease of reading, if you choose the "Weekly" option you pick the day of the week they are sent, an optional "history" log can be kept, a culmination of the daily or weekly "period" logs, you decide which pages to include/exclude in the logging and counting, the counter can be "hidden" or displayed on the page, and the counter can either be displayed as text or you can use graphics digits.


Superstat takes a server's access log, and generates statistics including top requests, most frequently visited directories, top clients, and even and hourly breakdown of activity.


WhoDidWhat is a WWW statistics program. It reads log files generated by a web server and returns statistical information in either comma delimited text file format or HTML. It can also generate graphical plots for certain types of statistics.


This is a Web site traffic analyzer which logs visits to any of your pages by placing a simple, invisible tag. It also allows you to log referrals as well as total hits. You can track as many pages as you want. It uses ssi and doesn't require access to server log files.


MWH - Counter is a perl program intended for counting the visitors on your web-pages. It records hits to any number of Web pages you specify, sorts them out and presents them in nice formatted tables. Data include number of hits per page, host domain country, browser type, operating system and more. It requires SSI.


Fett is a web site logging tool. It can log multiple pages and it is very easy to configure, you only have one variable to change. Fett does not require SSI.

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