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Title really very small file manager
Platform PHP4, Linux
Price Free (BSD)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - really very small file manager
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » File Management
Hits 480
Description This is a very small file manager written in PHP4. The author notes "I made it because there was not really small (one file) solution for this, written in PHP. The real idea for usage is to build extensible pseudo hosting solutions running on one and same user_id. The script is usable for putting in password protected folder in order to edit your own website, without FTP access (is really cool) The design is simple because I expect those file to be included in a template. The 'includer' must provide the authentication (and to set working directory and URL). The script works with PHP4/Linux and uses cookies and javascript on the client side. I also expect some problems with Netscape Navigator, but nothing found yet"


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Scripts Related to - really very small file manager

Script Name

PHP FTP Client

PHP FTP Client is a FTP client written in PHP designed to be used for accessing an FTP server from behind a firewall, or restricting FTP access to just the local machine for example. The library can also be used to maintain remote files. <b>Version 0.8 update:</b> Minor bug fixes to rename, move and delete commands.


Http2Ftp provides a web interface for connecting a local or remote ftp server. If your firewall does not allow you to make ftp to your server, you can use it locally. Or you may want all services be available from one interface. You can use Http2Ftp like a regular ftp client. You can remove or rename files and directories recursively, you can upload or download files, etc. Http2Ftp is multilingual. Currently, has English and Turkish support. You can easily edit http2ftp.php file to add a new language.

YaDI (Yet another Directory Indexer)

YaDI is a fast and functional file manager written in PHP4. It includes such functions as delete, copy, rename and upload files. The latest version includes multiuser support. Written in German.


RooFToP provides a complete web based FTP client solution. Currently features: Local Rename/Delete of Files/Directories, Remote Rename/Delete of Files/Directories, Local downloads to web browser, Local uploads to Remote Server, and Supports all JavaScript compatible browses with upload options.


QTOFileManager is a Web based file manager written in PHP. Features: Easy installation - Just drop the file in the base directory, Just one script file, Upload and delete files, Authenticate the user (optional), Edit a file (optional), Specify which file extensions can be edited, Add and remove directories (optional), Specify the max hard drive space allowed, Specify the max file size allowed, and Designate file names as being hidden.


Expow is a PHP script that generates directory indexes with file management functionalities. It can replace Apache directory autoindexer, generate indexes "on the fly", with visualization facilities and includes the file management ability. Viewing features: file listing in tables, tree view, frames(optional), intensive css and icon use, image preload, and Overlib support to preview thumbs of pictures. File management features: directory and file creation, file upload, url upload, and delete file/empty directory.


PHPBrowser is a small PHP script to browse in directories on a Linux file system. You can browse through all directories except the root directories. The navigation is easy with a simple web interface. All files (text, graphics, scripts) are downloadable. You can download all files in source format.


PHPFileExchange provides a web based file interchange system similar to that provided by and It features authenticated user login, user groups, read and write access control at the user and group level, user privilege levels, assorted logging options and a MySQL database backend. Files stored in the system are placed in folders, with the ability to create and remove folders. Access to folders may be controlled at the user and group levels.

FTP Script

Upload this script to your site, and you can login and move files to/from your server without using an FTP program. Especially useful behind a firewall which won't allow normal FTP access. To use this script, you must have PHP's FTP functions enabled.


This is a PHP application that lets you edit, browse, CHMOD, view, move, rename, copy, and create files/directories in any forms/tables enabled browser. (Option to create html skeleton-files.)

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