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Title phpWTF
Platform linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » FAQ and Knowledgebase
Hits 622
Description the phpWTF project: when you don't know what other's may not know. phpWTF provides a clean interface for a moderated question and answer forum. The html interface is customizable, and with fully w3c compliant output stylesheets can be used without a problem to customize look & feel.


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Scripts Related to - phpWTF

Script Name


FAQ747 is another FAQ management system. More properly it is a knowledgebase management system. First, just take a look at demo pages at its home site to see if this is a right FAQ management software for your site. Second, give it a try only if it looks good. Otherwise move on to another one. Simple to install. 1 click. That's it.

A Free Knowledge Base Software Package by myKnowledgeQuest

This is a free Knowledge Base Software which runs on PHP and MySQL. The knowledge base is easy to use and configure. The software allows authors to create knowledge base articals and administrators to apporve them for public use. End users can search the knowledge base using multpile criteria. Supports many freatures, and is totaly free.


kbEditor is a full-featured professional knowledge base and FAQ management software. Installation will take up only a few seconds and you will start building your own knowledge base system just in a few minutes. Unlimited categories with levels, knowledges with attachments, multiple administrator accounts, knowledge and visitor comment rating, comment posting, attachments, advanced statistics such as popular categories and knowledges, terms and glossary feature, auto-information feature, membership system, private categories for specific member groups are the only a few features from much moreÓ kbEditor will increase your customer satisfaction and reduce support load. Visit for online demo and much moreÓ


PhpTut is a new tutorial system that is designed to allow users add tutorials and to comment on them. With a full admin section, editing and deleting submitted tutorials are a breeze. Tutorials can be on anything, and with 3 different tutorial difficulties, fully functional sorting and searching, you cant go wrong with this script. Easy to edit the template, and users can fully comment on any tutorials that are written. With [img] bbcode on, users can post images along with their tutorials, and you can edit a rules page straight from your admin panel. With a fast and easy install script, you can install phptut in less then 1 minute! Requires PHP and MySQL ---------- Update: PHPTut 1.5 is released and the download link is updated. To see what the differences are go to our site. If you need to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5 please check the site as well.


With Faqtastic, you can let your visitors submit questions through your website, and then you can answer them in an admin panel! You are also able to ban ips, require questions to have a questionmark in them, get a email for each question, and much much much more!


Anyone can keep a changelog of edited files! Add / Edit / Delete Files & Folders easily. Have Unlimited Sub-Directories. Code is very neat and easy to read. It also has some protection for the end user so they don't have to resort to using phpMyAdmin to fix the problem :-D

Magia Faq

Magia FAQ makes creating, publishing, and maintaining Frequently Asked Questions easy. Website operators can make & maintain their own FAQ list, freeing the developer up for more profitable work. Features: a customizable FAQ display (design with your html editor), FAQ index, unlimited categories & FAQs, intuitive admin area, related questions, and much more. When combined with Magia Groupware the FAQ database is searched in response to each support request, speeding up support & service. FAQ can be deployed on your website, intranet, and extranet all at once! Coming Soon: Ask the expert - request clarification about a post FAQ from the author (with author email address protection). Magia FAQ is part of Magia Syndicator, an application in the Magia Business Suite. The price indicated includes website hosting and access to all 20+ applications.

A FAQ Generator PHP Script

Have you ever wanted to find an easier way to add your customer's frequently asked questions to your website This script will easily allow you to add topics, and questions to your new FAQ page! It is very easy to install, And comes with an administration section so that you can add the information to your page/pages directly from your web browser! Every site needs to have a FAQ page for the sake of its clients, and this script provides the easiest way to build one! Comes With Reseller Rights

WSN Knowledge Base

All pages (even admin panel) entirely customizable via the template system. Add custom templates, change where users are sent on redirects after actions, add new fields (and make them searchable). Use file attachments (as many as needed), show thumbnails of images. Member system can integrate with forums and other mysql. Advanced usergroup permissions. Visitors may rate, email, save, and discuss each article. Search engine friendly URLs option and static HTML file generation.

Softbiz FAQ and Knowledgebase Script

Softbiz FAQ Script reduces the burden of replying to similar and repetitive queries. It can also be used as a collection of articles/FAQ. FEATURES: multilevel categories; site stats; Customizable colors, fonts, styles, header/footer and outgoing emails; create and save new color schemes and icon sets. Admin can post attachments and specify related articles. Visitors can comment upon, rate, print, refer or discuss articles. WYSIWYG editor for posting HTML formatted articles. EXPERIENCE the power of this script before you buy! COMPLETE DEMO AVAILABLE. Donot go by what we or anybody else says.EVALUATE THE SCRIPT QUALITY YOURSELF before you pay anything.

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