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Title phpTest
Platform Unix, Windows
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - phpTest
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Tests and Quizzes
Hits 828
Description phpTest provides all of the functionality needed to create and administer tests online. An administrator can create different users, groups, and subjects to add questions to. Users can also have partial admin access to a specific group or subject. Tests can be scheduled by date and all results are saved and scored automatically. A variety of question formats are supported.


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Scripts Related to - phpTest

Script Name

Dodos Quiz Script

Dodo's quiz script allows you to make as many quizzes as you want without going thru the code each time. All you have to do is to fill out your question, some optional variables and your results for it to work. You may call the individual quizzes by using the quiz.php n="number of your quiz". It's superior to a javascript quiz because no one can peak at your code and cheat on the quiz! It is very simple. Please give it a try! You may also use this script to create math quizzes. Read more about that in the Math Quiz section.


GuruQuiz provides a complete solution for interactive games/quizzes whether your goal is to create a single game or many different games on many different subjects. Each game/quiz you create has its own set of options completely independent of other games. For instance, you can set the number of seconds a player has to answer a question, the number of questions they'll receive each game session, etc. Each of these options only applies to the

Quiz Manager

Quiz Manager is an easy-to-install, easy-to-administer mini-quiz/contest management software to automating your activity of adding quizes into your site. Once you set the times to run the voting, you can place the form as a dynamic server side include to your main page and it will know when to start a quiz campaign and when to end. It also has built in IP and cookie checking. Supports web-based easy installation.


This simple quiz script uses php and mysql. The questions are added, edited or deleted via an online admin area. The quiz is simple to install, easy to customise, and very robust. There is also a 5 page tutorial for anyone wanting to examine the php code and see how it was created.


Duck is a practice-testing system that ameliorates some of the most evil aspects of using quizzing software. Duck does not use a 'right/wrong' approach. Each response to a question can have unique feedback associated with it that is labeled as coming from the instructor. Students can interact with a question until they are ready to move on to the next one.

PHP Trivia

PHP Trivia is a MySQL-driven interactive trivia application written in PHP. It features: Add Multiple Sections, Under each section you can have as many questions as you like, Each question has 4 answers, You can edit Anything Listed (Sections, questions, and Answers), Gives Reponses for Right and Wrong Answers, You can set the number of retries, and Tallies the stats at the end (Number of Questions, Right Answers).

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