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Title phpCNN
Platform Linux, Windows
Price $14.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - phpCNN
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Web Fetching
Hits 551
Description phpCNN is a set of PHP scripts that checks for news articles at time-intervals you specify, and grabs/parses the main news article posted on the main page. phpCNN then saves the information, including the article's picture, to MySQL. The layout and functionality is fully customizable.


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Scripts Related to - phpCNN

Script Name

YES.Net Song Grabber

YES.Net Song Grabber is a simply script that allows you to insert the current song being played on almost any US radio station and easily insert anywhere into your web page.

YES.Net Song Grabber

This simple script will grab the current (or last played) song played for most radio stations in the US. It can be displayed via script or written to file.

*mooSTAT lib

A class written in php to get realtime status from a HL(Half-Life,CounterStrike, etc.)/Quake3,RTCW/Tribes 2/Medal of Honor/UT2003 and more game-servers.


phpBuoy is a simple little PHP script which parses the realtime buoy data provided by the National Data Buoy Center and presents it in a nicely formatted HTML table. It's quite easy to use as a PHP or SSI include and the script can get data for any buoy listed on the NDBC site. There are complete customization instructions included within the file, including the ability to display data in metric or English measurements, select from 12 or 24 hour clock, and choose from American MM-DD-YYYY or International DD-MM-YYYY date formats.


This class pulls current weather and weather forecast information from's XML feeds. interceptvector provides comprehensive US and international feeds. The class can be used to easily add weather statistics and weather forecast information to any website that supports php. Comments and an example script are included. Released via GPL.

PHP News retriever

A PHP alternative to the BBC News retriever, this script also displays the BBC News headlines on your Web site. The current version can display topic-based news headlines from the BBC News UK or World service, e.g. sport, politics, arts, education etc. Foreign language versions are not supported.


gHeadlines grabs the latest top stories from the text version of Google News. Requires PHP. Easy to integrate into any existing website.

Emusic Download Manager

If you have an emusic account like I do, but are frustrated with the way how zinf saves downloads, then use this little PHP script to handle parallel downloads in the background for you. It organizes your artists and albums into separate directories so you can easily select them to burn or place in your MP3 player.


phpMySetiStats is a PHP script that allows you to 'grab' information from your personal statistics page. Additionally, it can display realtime information about running clients. Supports multiple languages. It uses MySQL on backend. Cron is also recommended.

Web Page Update Check

This class allows you to check to see if a particular web page has been updated recently. It doesn't show what the changes were, just the fact that it's been altered in some way since you last checked the site. Great if you want to provide a quick indication to users that some remote page has been updated.

Google Search


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