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Title phpBB - Passport
Platform phpBB 2.0.4-6
Price GPL
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - phpBB - Passport
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous » phpBB Modules
Hits 629
Description phpBB-Passport is the next step in the phpBB World. Are you annoyed with constantly signing up to every forum you goto, approve your account, and filling out the registration, and the rest of the hassel that goes with it. Well thats all going to change with phpBB-Passport! When you signup for your phpBB Passport account, all your details including AIM, Signiture, and settings, are saved. When you goto a forum and you see the phpBB-Passport logo on the forum, simply click it, and login with the same login name and password as with your phpBB-Passport, even if your not registered! When you login, your details are automatically transfered, and you are instantly logged in, its just like having a username and password for all forums without signing up! This can be added to any phpBB forum free of charge!


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Scripts Related to - phpBB - Passport

Script Name


This mod will list all your members email addresses from your phpbb database, within the admin cp


This will add six additional colors to the drop down box, when posting/replying to a message or private message on phpBB.

Add a Search Box to your Forums

This mod is the 3rd version of the highly popular search the web module for phpbb. this is the first of it's kind allowing users to search the web via your phpBB board at the same time as staying on your forums. Very easy to configure just add two lines to your overall_header.tpl files.

Amazon Search Mod

Allow visitors to search Amazon without leaving your site. Insert your Amazon affiliate ID and recieve commissions on your sales as well.

Search the Web MOD

search_the_web for phpbb adds a search form to your forum's alowing users to search the web in a new window while staying logged in at your forums.. This allows visitors to surf the web but stay active and online at your site at the same time. Enjoy!

Template Creator for phpBB

This script automates the creation of board templates for phpBB. Enter the new template name in the form and the script automatically copies all files to the new template and internally updates the files with the new template name. After running the script, go to Styles Admin > Add and click Install. To change the board over to the new template go to General Admin > Configuration and select the new template. The "subSilver" template must exist in the templates directory to use this script.


phpBBToGo is a turnkey solution for transforming phpBB into a highly customizable, mobile web site Content Management System (CMS).<p> phpBBToGo is a free (donations accepted) phpBB mod that displays phpBB forums in a mobile web site friendly format.<p> phpBBToGo will allow users to view your phpBB content, on their Palm or other mobile device, anytime anywhere - even without a mobile internet connection!

Search the Web MOD

Search the Web MOD for phpBB will add in a search the web feature button on your forums in the header area.

Admin Comments

When you are in the ACP and you edit/view a user's account at the botton will be a big text box where you can write comments and notes without the user knowing

Coppa Blocka

Block under 13's from signing up after clicking 'Under 13'. It can be very handy to keep away kids from pressing back and signing up. Only takes 3 - 5 mins to install!

Google Search


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