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Title phpBB 2.10 Forum Optimized and Validated
Platform All
Price FREE
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Website Visit Website of - phpBB 2.10 Forum Optimized and Validated
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous » phpBB Modules
Hits 586
Description This is the almost default version of phpBB 2.10 forum software created by the phpBB group but modified for HTML 4.01 transitional validation and search engine optimization. This also includes ScriptWiz's phpBB HTML Archiver and instructions on how to create the best meta density for your site and/or forum.


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Scripts Related to - phpBB 2.10 Forum Optimized and Validated

Script Name

What's My IP Address

This simple phpBB addon will allow members to view their own IP. It is an essential tool for those who always ask how they can find out what their IP address is. Also provides detailed whois information for them as well.

Easy phpBB Contact Form without users having to register first

This script will allow members to contact you without them having to login. A lot of users who are not registered to your forum usually complain when they have to create an account just to contact you. The Bonuses include that users are able to contact you without being able to see your email address to help prevent spam, and their IP address is logged. This is extremely easy to add to any phpBB forum since it takes less then 2 minutes to install or less.

Advanced Whois IP Address Lookup

This simple modification in your admin control panel will allow you to find out more information about the user's ip address on the who is online list.


This script fetch phpBB recent topics & most viewed from the phpBB database & display it with links to the specific forum topic on your website. You can place in anywhere.

Free phpBB Auto Host script

Want to offer your users a free phpBB forum like we do If you have a phpBB forum, simply register and download these folders and you can start offering free forum webspace, without anyone knowing we host them! The access their forums through your domain name, and the installation is done on your server! You can even set what the first topic, forum, and category is when they first install their forum! Not only that, you can also have your own Administrator account on these free forums instantly when your users install it! Here are the specifications : - You host the free forums! - People access their free forums through your domain! - You have an administrator on each of your users accounts! - You can add your own mods and templates, even adverts to earn revenue! - Simply upload a few files and comeplete - And the main one, Its all for only 50!

Online Virus Scanner for phpBB

This will simply add the Trend Mirco Free Online Scanner to your forums for your members to scan and remove possible viruses on their computers.

Easy Google Translator

This addition to phpBB forums will insert a form on your posting body that will translate text into different languages. Takes a second to install and comes in handy.

LadyPrism Forum Template

Orange and greens to match the faerie banner at the top, navagation links are buttons and the post buttons roll over to match the navagation menu. UPDATED: I fixed an error on the Pm's page, the new post image now works I have also updated the links colors just alittle to make them look neater.

Boyz Theme

A freebie

Mac Theme for phpBB

MacTheme is a new premium theme for phpBB 2.0.x. If you want your phpBB forums to look

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