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Title phpAlumni
Platform Linux, Windows
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - phpAlumni
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Education
Hits 942
Description This script is for those sites dedicated to keeping information of alumni on a single high school, college, etc. It is meant to automate the entering of alumni data lists. Data is stored in a MySQL database and uses CSS for easy customization. This software can be modified including the footer as long as the footer contains the link and copyright information to KAB WEBs. This software is not public domain, shareware or freeware, but is being offered at this time for free. Demo available on home page.


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EduCreate - An Open Source, full-feature Education Management System used by academic institutions of all sizes to manage all aspect of their school campus from student enrollment to delivering online courses. EduCreate, is built with LAMP Technology.

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You've seen, and maybe even taken quizzes that include words that are scrambled. The letters in the word are not in the correct order and you had to rearrange the letters to spell the word correctly. With this is a niffty little script visitors to your website create printable scrambled word exercises for use in their classroom. Written in PHP. No database required.

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LearnExpress is a web application for creating & managing Online learning solutions. It was developed with PHP & MySQL. Complete, easy & versatile for users (students, teachers & administrators). Written in Spanish.


PHPExam is online examination management sytem. Features: student and staff management evaluation and analysis of tests. Being ported to Flash client system, volanteers can mail me at nellainet at yahoo dot com

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Using your ADMIN control panel, you will have the ability to control 100% of your website. You DO NOT need to know HTML to have the best looking website! Each one of your pages can be different using our selection of pre-made pages. You will also have the ability to create unique pages for each student. The student and parent can login using their username and password and review any comments that the teacher has added for that student. The parent will also have the option to leave the teacher a quick note, and the teacher can reply to that note as well. The site is a very nice tool for teachers to have a professional website that is EASY to update and also allows for excellent communications between the teacher, students and parents. Making changes only takes a few minutes! No need to spend hours and hours editing and updating your website.

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