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Title phUploader
Platform linux, windows, freebsd
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Upload Systems
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Description phUploader is a script for uploading images or files to a server. It comes with the option for image or file uploads, or both. You can specify your own file extensions that are accepted, the file size and naming options. The script has the capability to setup folders and chmod on the first run for easier setup for new users. This was tested with Linux and WindowsXP (EasyPHP). This script is very useful for temporary file storage or simple sig and avatar hosting.


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Scripts Related to - phUploader

Script Name

Simplicity oF Upload

this simple system is easy to configure and is safe to use. some of the features it has: Multiple files upload, Extensions check, Extensions attributes, Max file size control, ability to change mode of uploaded files, FREE ;) the script is very simple (as its name says) and is heavily commented! so modifying it would be easy.. comes with readme file that will guide you in installing the script.

Passworded Upload

Password protection, easy to use upload, upload folder can be specified, information on installation in readme, very simple

Maian Uploader

Enables visitors to sign up for an upload account and upload files to your server. User and webmaster admin interfaces. Allocate storage for each visitor. Restrict file types. Templates and much much more......

BLooDY's Fileupload

This script can upload a list files simultaneously into the configured directory. It's password-proteced so that nobody else can upload any files. Only files with the allowed file-extensions can be uploaded. You can configure the max file-size. After upload you will get some information about each file: name, size in KB and Bytes, filetype, possibly errors and if the file is an image the imagesize. This script is multilingual. Englisch and German are included.

file uploader

Allows users to upload files to your website. I wrote this script to illustrate the basic operations required for file uploading, I don't recommend it be used as is, because people may upload programs and scripts. If you want only images to be uploaded, you may want to modify the extension of any file that doesn't have isn't a jpg, png, or gif.

reducedcomplexity uploader.class

With rc_uploader.class you can easily upload single or multiple files to your webserver. It cleans up filenames, has different overwrite modes in case a file already exists on the server (abort upload, auto-rename file, overwrite file). Also, filetypes and filesize can be restricted. An error reporting is available in english and german, with the possibility to print out messages directly to the screen or to use error codes for individual error reporting. Also, you can have the class send you a short report by email if uploads were processed.

PHP Upload class

Here my PHP file upload class. The features in the first release are: file-extension check, maximum file- size limitation and a flexible error reporting system. The class is extremely easy to use and comes together with an full working example. Sinds the second version is it possible to upload multiple files. Check the class file for all update information.


Uploader is a PHP script that lets you add a upload form to your website. It supports unlimited upload boxes.

Jax Upload Manager (Class)

Powerfull and easy to integrate Upload management class for PHP. Enables your visitors to upload and delete uploaded files (visitors can only delete files they uploaded theirself). checks file extension and size before upload. logging function, multi language support...


With this class, you can create a page to upload files (e.g. pictures) to a server. The main features are: - File size verification - Image size verification (in pixels) - MIME-type verification

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