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Title no more spam
Platform Linux, Win NT
Price GPL
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - no more spam
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Email Systems » Email Utilities
Hits 566
Description no more spam checks each pop3-account added to the mySQL-DB for the keywords entered in the spamfilter. All entries of the Whitelist are passed through without any filtering. Some of the checks are: correct message-id, "to", "from" and "date"-field, fake-mail check (yahoo, hotmail...), base64 coding... There are a couple of rules more. Please have a look at my site and take a look at the demo.


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Script Name


A easily installed, feature-rich email form that includes built-in (optional) JavaScript validation and a dynamically generated "thank you" page that thanks the sender by name.

Web based Email Extraction By Wcws Internet

Email extraction from major search engine such as Google , Yahoo, Altavista , Lycos. Wcws Email Extraction also allow you to select from which engine you wanted to extract results from. For e.g. if you mention the term test our software will only extract email which contains test on the pages all email addresses will be saved in a text file in a very organize format such as if you process the extraction on 04-06-04 which means month-date-year , our software will save the text file as 040604 plus the search term name. In the text file the email address will be stored as On top of that the web site address will be saved on different file and they will saved as :- You can also run the software either manually or via cron. We do provide an option in the software such as if you dont wanted to allow the domain extension such as .edu e.t.c.. you can mentioned that in the extension box and our software will skip those extension and only save the extension which you allow to do so. Admin Area In admin area you will see how many you've gathered - And from what search term - @ what date -

eMail Mailer and Tracker

Send your email campaigns, online newsletters, email advertisements, through emailmother and receive real time reports detailing when each email is opened. Know the percentage of opened emails with a click of a button. eMailmother also manages and automatically deletes your unsubscribes from EVERY campaign as part of its spam policy. No need to read instructions it takes only 3 clicks. The eMail service is for small and large businesses who want to know if their online marketing programs are working. WEb hosted option starts at $34. Additional Option - We can place application on your server at an agreed cost plus a licensing fee.

Email Marketing Tool for Web Professionals

The system provides easy visual methods of editing a template to create each HTML email, simple management, import, and export of contacts, and visual reporting on bounces, opens, and clickthroughs unsurpassed by any tool in its class. For the Designer, The system provides step-by-step guidance in integrating HTML Email templates created in the Designer's authoring tool of choice (e.g. Dreamweaver, GoLive, or any html editor), and identifying areas of the templates which should be dynamic (editable by the client). Features include: Unsurpassed Statistics and Reporting Quickly Add Contact Forms Visual Editor for HTML Email Email Personalization and Alternatives Easy Import/Export Automatic Newsletter Archive Generation Step by Step Guides Flexible Mailing List Subscribe and Unsubscribe Helpful Contact Management ASP or Download-and-Install Click-Response Statistics Content Manager Integration: Landing Pages and More

eLouai's Opt In Script

The Opt in script is set up as an email distribution list only. Only the administrator can send emails to this list. Includes form script and guide on how to set up Mailman to be a distribution list.

Attache Mailer

Attache is the perfect solution for webmasters seeking to impliment an advanced form mail system into their website. Attache is fully costomisable and can be easily altered to suit your needs. It also allows you to send anonymous email which is good when filling complaints to organisations and the like. Also comes with a multiple-sends feature. Attache is a very simple to use advanced emailer for webmasters and the like.

Attache Email Bomber

Send fake emails from any email address to any email address with attachments! Also come with email bombing support which allows you to send multiple emails to a person with attachments to really create some chaos. This script is easy to use and easy to modify and is a must for webistes who want to use formail and get info from costomers or for internet hooligans who want to create a bit of havoc!


Did you ever want to offer a real Newsletter-Service on your Website but didn't know how to realize this easily No Problem! NewsletterManager is your solution. It allows you to manage an (almost) unlimited number of email-addresses and send as many Newsletters as you want (with an unlimited number of attachments!).

Email validator

This is a simple email validating script that uses a regular expression to check the submitted email for syntactical correctness. One of the most correct regular expressions used.

PHP POP3 Class

This is a PHP class for connecting to a POP3 mail server, retrieving messages and message information, and running other POP3 commands on the server. It comes with a guide on how to integrate it into scripts, along with a demo script which demonstrates its capabilities.

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