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Title myPWA
Platform Windows, Unix
Price Commercial
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Website Visit Website of - myPWA
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Organizers
Hits 739
Description PHP/MySQL-based easy to install and maintain online personal information management software. Single or multi-user capabilities. Your Personalized Today Screen page puts your contacts and the info you need within easy reach. Your My Files page lets you manage files, uploaded, copy and move files, as well as, create folders. Your Personal Calendar page lets you make appointments and set up a schedule. Your Contacts Page acts as an on-line address book. The Email page allows you to send emails with file attachments. Use your To Do List to remind yourself of things. Use your History page to reference events logged by the site. User sharing capabilities. Message Board and Links section as well.


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Scripts Related to - myPWA

Script Name


Yaab (Yet Another Address Book) is a simple address book written in PHP. It supports MySQL and PostgreSQL. It supports basic commands, like adding new contacts, modifying already existing ones, deleting, viewing, and searching. Apart from these, Yaab now support sending messages to people in you address book. You can send them email, icq message, gadugadu message, and even a message directly to their mobile phone.


MyOrgBook is a free open source online organizer programmed with PHP and MySql. Some features include mult-user login, lost password emailer, contacts, todo/ scheduler, calendar, profile changer. MyOrgBook allows you to edit, delete update contacts and many more features.


PHP and MySQL driven organiser in the shape of a handheld computer. Modules, plugins and extra features will be available to add to the program's usefulness. Very useful for people on the move.

The Address Book

The Address Book is uses the power of MySQL and PHP to manage a flexible yet powerful address management system. There is no limit to the number of addresses or the type of information you can add per person; you can also sort entries into groups, export e-mail addresses, view a list of upcoming birthdays, and much more.


phpAbook is a simple, easy to install address book that uses MySQL to store contacts and user information. It has a completely customizable interface using CSS and dynamic images. It has the ability to add, modify, delete contacts and an admin interface for managing users.

Online Appointment Planner

The online appointment planner is a tool based on PHP and MySQL that can be used on the Web sites of companies for booking appointments online. The script allows customers to reserve an appointment with a staff member via the Company's homepage. Appointment and customer data can be edited in the administration area by the operator.


WBContacts provides an online contacts with a mysql backend, using 1 table for information storage. It's clean and simple and includes features such as add, delete, list and modify. Requires Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.


Geo-Contacts is an easy to use online contact database program. The script requires PHP and MySQL. In version 1.1 the script will have support for extended characters and a few more fixes and add-ons.


GBTask at its first version is a simple single page task manager. New tasks are added by filling up the form on the first page. The last task added is listed as the first one in the list. You can control the listing order by clicking on the little image (arrow up, arrow down) next to the task title. Order by timestamp, by name, by status (see it in action at Each task can be modified, (edit or delete) using the links on the right side. The manager is provided with a keyword based search, top-left search form. A task manager can hold very much information which means that our list will get too big to be easily handled, slowing down the process. This manager gives you the option to list as many or as few tasks per page by using the top-left corner form, type in a number and you'll then get that many items per page. Easy to be customized, GBTask has its background and link colors set as variables, this way you can add as many themes as you like and have it match perfectly to your web interface (see links at the top-right corner). Other (useful or not) information such as: last modification date, file size, numbers of lines in the source code, numbers of tasks per page, and a link to the source code can be found at the bottom of the manager.


wa-boo is a web based address book, sharable, multilingual with data import/export features. Based on PHP4 / MySQL, wa-boo is distributed under GPL licence. Main features : Create / access you address book on an Internet Website; Import / export your addresses from / to your email client and / or other addresses manager applications; Users and contacts groups management; Group's members messages send facilities (small mailing list utils, which won't replace a mailing list manager)' wa-boo is tunable (colors, fonts, content display, language)

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