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Title myMp3DB
Platform *nix, Win 32
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - myMp3DB
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Music Libraries
Hits 826
Description myMp3DB indices your MP3 files on disk and puts ID3-tags and MPEG data into the DB. Can search for artist/title/album in filename/ID3, and list the xxx newest files. Or just browse your Folders and display/download/enqueue whole folders of your mp3 files. You can use it on a seperate server to serve your clients (m3u aware) or just run it on a single computer. You can download or/and enqueue the found files. Admin password to handle the update of the Database. Currently only available in German. If you have essential proposals to improve the script, email the author. The scripts are left quite simple, so you can easily adopt them into your environment!


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Scripts Related to - myMp3DB

Script Name

CD Collection

CD Collection is a simple PHP script that allows you to display your cd collection by artist, albums, and songs. New feature added 11-2-02 Admin section for entering cd collection data. It requires php and mysql. <a href="">Demo</a>

Digital Audio Database

DAD (digital audio database) is a Web-based browser of your audio-database and is part of the DAVE/DINA-project. You can play songs, create playlists (random or based on categories or chosen numbers), you can rate songs, add songs, change and so on. Also, a couple of perl-scripts to import your audio-parameters (album, filename etc) are included. <b>Update: First initial RPM-release</b>

MP3 Search/Archive

Complete set of PHP scripts for running mp3 search/archive site. The links are stored in MySQL DB. The archive can be browsed by letter ot searched by keyword. Checking and removing of broken links included. Demo available at:

PHP Script for indexing CDs

The program will index your CDs, ZIPs or even diskettes with a web browser interface. You'll need a working Apache server with PHP and access to a MySQL server.


MP3 Links allows you to run a MP3 links catalog with easy administration. Browse bands by letter, use a keyword search option. Admin can modify/delete/add/approve new submissions, check for duplicate entries, add a referral URL to each mp3 link that can point to the store with CD records or similar. 'Report broken link' option is included. The script is built on templates for easy customization of the design of your site. Custom modifications can be done per request.

MPEG Database

MPEG Database is a collection of PHP scripts and classes that allow you to catalog and search your MPEG files (MP3) and their header info utilizing a database (Currently coded as MySQL but easy to modify). Also included is a robust search engine. No code modification id necessary for the database builder, and only 3 lines of code need to be modfifed on the search engine (need to add the correct information).

Dynamic MP3 Lister

Dynamic MP3 Lister is a quick, easy way to share your web accessable MP3s. Just drop in the folder with the MP3s and load the page. This script will find and list them for you. Other features include: Per directory image headers, Search capabilities, MP3 streaming and MP3 information extraction for things such as playtime, bitrate, frequency and channel type. The list sorting order can be changed on the fly as well. <b>v2.0.1 update:</b> Fixed a bug where information for some MP3s would not be displayed, fixed urlencoding of filenames, and other minor bugfixes.


MyMP3s allows you to store the id3 tag information of your mp3 files in a MySQL database. You can specify a folder of which's mp3 files MyMP3s should store information in the db, and search you db after title, artist, genre and folder. This script is in alpha stage, but will soon be further developed. You can simply make changes so that it could be easily fitted to your needs.

FireStormBarCode Lite

Use a Cuecat or equivalent barcode scanner to quickly organize a collection of DVD's, Books, Music CD's or anything you want. Simply scan the bar code into this PHP powered program along with other information like name, type, and description. The script allows to search by barcode and other methods, delete, and edit items.

The DVD Database Project

This PHP driven application will allow you to set up an CLUGS for your site. Basically its an easy way of sharing and exchanging DVDs (other media will follow) with your friends.

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