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Title maddogsplace Member System
Platform all
Price free
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Website Visit Website of - maddogsplace Member System
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » User Management
Hits 533
Description Member system that a site can be integrated into to.


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Scripts Related to - maddogsplace Member System

Script Name

Ditto UsersOnline

Ditto UsersOnline is a popular users online free PHP script for websites. The script will count the number of visitors currently visiting your site, in real time. Absoultely No delay. When a new visitor comes to your site or goes to another page, it will update, when they leave it updates also. It has excellent template system and is very user friendly. All you have to do is upload, chmod 2 files and it's done. A simple 5 second installation.

Free-PHP SimpleMember1.0

Simple Member 1.0 allows you to put up that much needed protective area on your web site where you don't want anyone snooping without first signing up. # Requirements -- PHP 4 ( -- MySQL (

Track Chilling Time

Track how much time you spend just chilling. Sort by Category or Date. You can edit/delete entries. Pretty simple system overall. I just hope someone else can use this too. Requires MySql. Version 2.5 makes having many entries a lot easier to sort through as you can now sort by just one day, or you can have then categorized by date, then edit by date. Now it even comes with a report page so you know how many hours and percentage goes into everything.


Sometimes it happens, that you want to give access to your visitors, and allow them to download files, give information about newest events. So maniausers is like a simple CMS, but it contains only few modules: files, news and users. It differs from other user systems, because administrator have to confirm new-user acounts. That means that you always be sure, what people will download and read information. You can make registration form any kind you what, because it includes form customizing feature.

Easy Member Access

Easy Member Access is member management application built based on PHP and Mysql Database backend. It allows you to protect unlimited number of web pages and unlimitted number of members. Comes with a powerful control panel which allows you to activate, pending, suspend desired users. You can even customize a registration form such as adding more fields or removing fields. Easy to modify templates, and much more.

Easy Site Protector

Easy Site Protector is an application built for pay site website. It is a membership management application that allows webmasters to build a dynamic pay site website. It comes with powerful control panel that allows you to generate dynamic registration form, create payment plans, protect directories and assign them to desired payment plans. You can even share your desired payment on multi-directories. Easy to install and use. It also supports end-user interface. Demo program is available at our site.


User Manage is a compact suite which can easily be used to any PHP script. We modeled it like a puzzle: there is the "core" that handles basic authentication, and then there are other modules that handle utility functions (e.g. a database handler that help top-level modules like the permissions handler). With usermanage, developers can build applications with the standard user authentication complete, and developers can drop-in modules to handle extra user information and add functionality.


A members area solution. Features: a password protected admin control panel where you can edit/view/delete users, an automated registration process (including an email confirmation, and automatic addition to the members area when confirmed), a form for users to email you, and the login form where members can login, then be fowarded to a page you specify (you can optionally setup individual pages for each user), cookies to remember people who have logged in, and much more. Does not use SQL database, all information is stored in DAT files. Comes with detailed installation instructions. Looks can be changed via. header and footer files.


this script is simple yet functional, include ready. a preview is found on should work with 99.9% of php and mysql versions currently active. have fun with it.


a multipurpose list for users to sign in. originally made to use for lan parties: users can sign in and the admin may set different states on them an even an checkin list for the entrance is included. but this can easily be extended to fit various other purposes where people should/need to sign in.

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