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Title link2this
Platform Linux, FreeBSD, Win 2K, XP
Price  Free (LGPL)
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Website Visit Website of - link2this
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Miscellaneous
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Description Link2this is a simple php/MySQL class that helps the webmaster promote Link development. Link information like anchor text and descriptions are stored in a database. Once the output file is included or integrated into an exisiting site, users can get link information with a single click.


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Script Name

Bizzar Convert IP to Dec and Hex

I had a direct need for this at one time, and not being able to find a script on the internet to do it for me, I wrote my own.It will let you enter an IP address and give you the decimal and hexidecimal values in return.


A simple script that can be used to install more advanced php script. The gui is like the one of installshield.


Thi software provides a usefull GUI to handle the configuration and the execution of the phpDocumentor engine to create the documentation of your PHP softwares. It contains also phpDocumentor 1.3.0 and PHP 4.3.6, just install and run.


phpSync is a php script to syncronise / publish / deploy a website using normal FTP. It detects changes on your local machine and only uploads that what has changed, it does not use datetimes but MD5 hashes so using a server in a different timezone is no problem.


If you have 1.sensitive or important scripts, 2.scripts you sell,scripts you want to demo to clients on THEIR servers etc you need codeSECURE, with code secure you can make your scripts look gibberish to the human eye but still run perfectly on any server. Other features include, expire in X number of days,months,years, give software "unlock keys" to clients without which the software wont run and a LOT more...what are you waiting for <i><b><font color="#003366" size="+1">NEW in ver 1.3-encrypt html files too!</i></b></font>

PHP Print / Echo

PPE is a handy little script that allows you to enter in plain text or HTML, and get the PHP equivelant back. No more wasting time getting your text to be "code-ready", with PPE, you enter the text, and the script does the rest! PPE takes the text you enter, and formats it according to the options you choose. With PPE 1.0.0 release, you have the options for multiple end of line characters, use of the echo function, use of the print function, your own defined variables, and even tripple slash adding.

select menu php code generator

Select is a PHP class that allows you to create "select" drop down menus in an easy manner so that you can dynamically update your menu from a file or a database.

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