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Title jClientUpload (Upload Applet)
Platform linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
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Category Java » Applets » File Management
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Description jClientUpload is a client-side JAVA component (Applet or WebStart) that allows to upload files to a web or ftp server. This component could be integrated in any application whatever server-side technology (JSP/Servlet, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl/CGI). Front-end provides an upload progress bar, a cancel button, drag&drop support and copy/paste support. This new release provides FTP support, Directories upload, Very large (>2GB) HTTP uploads, Redirect URL after upload, WebStart support and more.


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Scripts Related to - jClientUpload (Upload Applet)

Script Name

U-Upload Cart - FTP upload applet

U-Upload Cart is an FTP upload applet that runs in a web page. This upload applet is tailored for image file uploads, providing an intuitive file selection interface, as well as image previews.

JUpload Applet

JUpload uploads multiple files at once to a webserver using standard POST request (see RFC1867 for technical details). It is a multi-threaded, more comfortable and customizable java applet version of the INPUT TYPE=FILE tags from HTML. It runs client-side in the browser (Microsoft, Netscape, Opera and more are supported). Free sample scripts included (ASP, PHP, JSP). Supports HTTPS, Upload resuming and caching proxies, image previewing and Plug-In modules.

U-Upload Pro, FTP upload applet

U-Upload is an FTP upload applet that runs in a web page. Powered by Unlimited FTP applet, U-Upload provides one of the fastest ways to upload files on the internet. U-Upload does not require a special server program or CGI in order to run like other upload components. It will connect to any standard FTP server, giving you full control over where files are stored. Some of the feartures include MacBinary support, automatic Zip, upload entire directories, and much more.

UnlimitedFTP Secure - Secure FTP applet with SFTP and FTPS support

UnlimitedFTP Secure is a secure FTP applet providing both SFTP and FTPS support. It has all of the features of UnlimitedFTP Pro, and adds secure FTP capabilities.


The new AppletFile 3.0 is packed with all the features you've been asking for including: Internationalized user interface for 12 different languages Improved support for SSL, Proxy and Authenticated uploading Easier to customize with more parameters and a full blown scripting interface Faster file transfers with our unique AutoZIPTM technology Control the user experience before, during, after file transfers Synchronize downloading updated files with our AutoSYNCTM technology Verify the integrity of your file transfers with builtin support for MD5 message digests See the Release Notes for a complete description of AppletFile 3.0 or download your free trial version today! If you are considering purchasing AppletFile, there's no better time than today.

Rad SFTP Applet

A Secure FTP applet with a graphical user interface and a file size less than 130 KB. Written in pure java, runs on all platforms. Does not require any additional downloads. In moving to version 1.20 several new features including multithreading has been added, yet the file size has decreased by over ten percent.

Rad Upload

A Drag and Drop upload applet. A progress indicator is displayed during the upload. Advanced features include recursive upload of directories and imposing upload limits on the client side. Works over HTTP and FTP. Version 1.19 introduced copy paste support. The Lite edition is available as a free download.

Secure FTP Applet

Secure FTP Applet is a secure FTP client component that runs within the context of your web browser as a Java applet. Secure FTP Applet can establish a connection using either standard FTP or the SFTP protocol for a secure connection. It is designed to let non-technical users exchange data with an FTP server while ensuring that all data exchanged is completely secure.

Jftp (Java FTP Multiple File Upload / Download Applet)

Jftp provides you with the ease of uploading and downloading files over the internet via FTP from within your very own web enabled applications. Jftp has methods to get the status of the transfer, running javascript method after transfer, changing filenames and much more. Jftp has enhanced documentation and live examples included.

iTree Pro-XQ Powertree

This is an "Explorer" style file manager tree that is cross-platform and designed to display in browsers as part of a web application. Numerous facilities are provided for editing and managing contents drawn from databases. This programme/applet is primarily designed for integration with your own in-house scripts and web application, so it has numerous "hook-in" features for communicating with your application and visually dovetailing with it.

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