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Title fxboard
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Discussion Boards
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Description fxboard is a fairly advanced free opensource php/mysql bulletin board system. Some of the features include: user registration, admin control panel, fully templated, delete and move threads, delete and edit posts, smileys, bb code (and auto bb code inserter), search, member list, users online count, and more.


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Scripts Related to - fxboard

Script Name


MDForums is a complete forum system based on PHP and MySQL backend. Features: Real time private messaging; Customizable user profiles; Full moderation and administration features; File editor for configuration files; Stylesheet support; Expanded and collapsed thread modes, flat and threaded post viewing modes; Two post formats; Private forums; Installation script for easy, trouble free installation. Requires a server capable of running PHP4 or better.


UBBThreads (formerly known as wwwthreads) is a highly customizable PHP message board software. Taking advantage of the flexibility and power of the PHP language, UBBThreads offers both the administrator and the end-user the ability to completely personalize the interface. In addition, the optimized SQL database back-end makes UBBThreads fast, reliable, and flexible.


YapBoard is a messaging board system written in PHP for Apache and MySQL. It supports automatic generation of user accounts, and aims to be simple and easily customizable.


edmoBBS is not a cluttered and complex board system with membership requirements. It is instead, simple and modern. The goal of edmoBBS is to meet the needs of webmasters looking for an easy to manage and easy to use general purpose board which uses PHP and MySQL for efficiency and speed. Multiple boards can be created and managed with the poweful admin features. edmoBBS is available in two versions: A fully functional FREE version, and a more refined commercial version for $50.00.


xBoard is a PHP/MySQL-based bulletin board system. Features: Customizable design (background, table colour, text colour, etc), Category support, xBCode, Moderators and administrators, File attachement, User profiles, Extensive search function, and many more. xBoard is written in German.


IconPhorum is an add-on for Phorum. It replaces the text-based navigation bar of Phorum with icons. The zip file contains english and french version.


discussion is a threaded discussion board. It is written in PHP and uses a SQL database to store posts. The primary code exists in its own class to make adding it to your site easy. Features include: multiple board capability, easy customization, admin front end, ubb code, four display types, bleeps bad words, duplicate post checking, optional javascript use, unread posts marked 'new', anti-crunch, user memory and automatic email replies. <b>20010820 update:</b> PEAR-related problems have been fixed + tested with access + mysql. Discussion now supports list caching. All HTML is valid 4.01 Transitional.

CyBoards PHP Lite

CyBoards PHP Lite is a lightweight PHP4/MySQL messageboard system with a threaded style similar to the classic WWWBoard. Features Include: Multiple forum support, Multiple index modes, Multiple read modes, Optional thread bumping, Admin/Moderator level web-based configuration/administration, Header/Footer templates, User-customizable time and forum modes, Image toggles, New message flagging, VIP flagging, User banning, Post deletion, Post locking, 'Sticky' posts, Message searching, Post expiration and Ban expiration, URL/Email auto-linking, and Email reply subscription. Localization support, Post Previewing, and Thread moving. <b>1.25 update</b>: Optional forum email subscription, 4 New index styles, 5 new sorting modes, New index display options; and Bug fixes.

LoudMouth Discussion Forum

LoudMouth Forum is a clean, robust, fully threaded forum built with PHP/MySQL and is available as a stand-alone package, or built into Mambo Open Source 3.0.6 and above. LoudMouth features the same clean admin interface as Mambo and the display pages are very easy to customize. New security integration with Mambo Open Source 3.0.6.

Yet Another PHP Bulletin Board (YapBB)

YapBB is a PHP/MySQL-driven software that allows you to set up your own forum board on your site. Some of its current features include: Full featured bulletin board system, Full configurability, server-side, Many per-user options using a cookie-based system, Different authentication levels, Optionally count the views for a topic to see how popular it is, Optionally spread out long topic-lists and topics over multiple pages to save on load times, A complete set of emoticons for us in messages, Special tags that allows you to mimic HTML functionality, Multiple moderators per forum, A hierarchical stucture of Categories, Forums, Topics and Posts, See which people are online on ICQ and send ICQ messages to those persons, See which people are logged in, Login once, and stay logged in until you closed your last browser window, Certain malicious pieces of texts are automatically filtered out, Complete control over HTML-tags in various fields, A password mailer, A special field in the user-table, which admins can use to store notes about certain users, and more.

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