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Title ffileman
Platform Unix
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - ffileman
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » File Management
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Description ffileman is a Web based file and directory manager. Features: You can edit, delete, rename, chmod and upload files; You can copy and move files and directories; Multiple selection of files and directories; You can download files; You can create and delete directories; Each file is shown with a windows style file type icon; File sizes and permissions are listed as well; and Simultaneous upload of 8 files. Multilanguage & Multiuser support.


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Scripts Related to - ffileman

Script Name

WWW FTP Client

This WWW FTP Client provides a way to access FTP sites via WWW interface. Using it you can do almost everything you can do with a casual FTP client: browse directory tree, rename and delete files and directories, upload files etc. The main goal of this script is to provide access to FTP servers if you're behind a firewall not allowing FTP connections. So you can install it on a remote site, access by your browser and connect to the FTP servers where you get accounts.

WWW FTP Client Pro

WWW FTP Client Pro is a perl cgi script providing ftp client capabilities with the user interface in your browser. Just install it on a remote server and whether you are on a computer with no ordinary ftp client installed or you are connected to the internet through a firewall or a proxy not allowing ftp connections, WWW FTP Client Pro allows you to quickly and easily perform all your ftp tasks. This Pro version also allows to create new and edit existing text files, includes Site Manager and comes with multi-language support.


Podftp will change the way you think of FTP Clients. Podftp was made strictly for people who refuse to download FTP Clients. Some of Podftp was made for the people who wanted to upload a web-page, but didn't know how to install or work an FTP Client. Such features as: chmod, rename, edit, delete bin or ascii (text) upload, default port number, optional password protection, and much more. GREAT FOR ON THE FLY UPLOADS!!

SiteMgr YAP

SiteMgr YAP is a set of perl scripts that let webmasters give their users the chance of managing homepages from the browser. The users of SiteMgr YAP may create their homepages from the editing window, or upload html files from their local machines to the web server. They also have the possibility of deleting, renaming and copying files or directories. Navigating through the directories, and seeing the generated pages is also very easy with SiteMgr YAP. The main script, sitemgr, is bassed on Sanford Morton's sitemgr perl script.'s FileManager

FileManager is an easy to install, use, and manage your server files without an FTP program. You can administer your server's files everywhere with a browser and an internet connection. You can create new folders, upload new files, edit existing files, delete files you dont want, and much more. FileManager supports many different access levels.


Site Master is web based and platform independent file manager, which provides visual control over directories and files on your web host using just a web browser via intuitive and user friendly interface. It can help you to organize and control either individual web site or entire host with no need to use FTP or Telnet clients. Site Master is very easy in installation and use. It generates pure HTML pages with no images in order to reduce bandwidth

WebUMake File Manager

WebUMake File Manager is a small, single script product, that is very powerful indeed. It gives you control over your directories and files allowing you to delete, rename, copy, move, create and set permissions on directories and files. You can also upload files, view and edit files, password protect directories (if running Apache). You can search for files and directories on your website/server and get a tree view of all the directories.

Upload Pro with ht protection

Upload Pro with optional .ht protection is the most secure way for you and/or your clients to upload and share sensitive information or files. Includes Basic Authentication, password protection, member sign up, customer profile database, edit profiles, request as much info as you like in custom sign up form, customize the admin section, folder for each member, activate/deactivate members, create groups, autoresponders and more quality time saving features.

Rapid WebShell

Fully Featured file manager to maintain websites/edit html files online, lock directories. Features for Users: Online file manager; Web Based Editor for Advanced Users; User insertable Guest Book; Users can upload their own files via their web browse; Upload and edit HTML files online; Password Protect Site and/or sub-directories; Multiple sub-directories/files. Administration Features: Support for sendmail and SMTP outgoing email; Instant account authorization; User url-authorized account creation via alternative email address or Manager moderated account authorization; Easily configurable signup questionnaire with required; Password reset via email request; Configurable file upload extensions; Restrict signups to a particular email domain.

Innovate Web Control

Innovate Web Control lets you manage your websites through your browser. Log into the program using your ftp account details and upload, delete and edit files directly. The integrated content manager will divide your existing files into head and body parts. The body can be edited using an intuitive toolbar and point and click system. The header files can currently only be edited in source code mode.

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